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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
11 Imix, 19 Uo, 11 Ik    9/3/02              9/24/02 below

Greetings! We come again with much to tell you! Momentous and longed-for events have moved another step closer to being manifested. Most important is the official recognition of our existence and the positive role that we have played in shaping your new transitional government. Before this announcement is made, several new governments will have come to power across your globe. A major series of abundance offerings will also have been made. These programs will allow a new financial and banking system to be put into place that will bring you into partnership with those who long have covertly ruled you. Moreover, it will begin a period during which many of the truths surrounding the tragic events of last year will be fully revealed. This information will be given not to initiate a new round of hate and retribution, but, rather, to allow you to practice divine forgiveness and divine grace. You must remember and apply the words of your Ascended Masters. This is a time for truth and for a righteous action that will bring humanity together as never before.

      You, dear Hearts, arrived upon this blue orb to spread Love and Light to humanity.  You came to bring a message of forgiveness to this realm and to the rest of physicality. This purpose forms the core of your divine mission.  It is the reason your Local Spiritual Hierarchy allowed you to incarnate upon this world.  Many others have come who do not share this vision.  Your mission has been to transform them and to teach them about the Light.  We have traveled to these beautiful shores from many distant worlds to assist you.  This act set in place a first contact unlike any other.  For more than a decade, this first contact mission has learned a great deal about you and has adapted to that knowledge's requirements.  Consequently, this mission has lasted longer than earlier ones.  We salute you for what you have done and are now busy doing.  You and your many earthly cohorts are immeasurably changing your world.  You are offering to billions of your fellows the opportunity to live in freedom, sovereignty, truth and abundance.  Be proud of this, and proclaim it gladly among yourselves.

      We have arrived to divinely secure these inalienable gifts. Freedom is your natural state of being. Once you have attained it, you will understand the prodigious responsibilities that it demands. You will also realize, intuitively, the unfolding of the divine Four Laws of galactic society. It is an essential part of our first contact mission to convey this to you. Sovereignty is yet another of the Creator's sacred gifts, signifying the immense divinity possessed within each one of you. In you, dear Ones, glows a spark of the divine. That sacred spark is your immortal Soul. It is linked to all sentient life and symbolizes your constant influence upon each other. Let this interaction be favorable and filled with mutual benevolence. All of you hold pieces of the puzzle that, once assembled, will infinitely improve your society and your beloved Mother Earth. Truth and abundance are the conditions under which all of the afore-mentioned will manifest and maintain the highest good. Your transforming society needs the loving supervision of the divine. Our first task will be to implement the decrees of our heavenly supervisors.

     As a result of this process, we have arrived at this very moment in your history. This time is totally unlike any other. The last vestige of the forces of darkness upon your world is consumed with great panic. Now, their present unauthorized efforts to maintain power are unraveling at a rapid rate. Even the tragic events of last year are proving insufficient to keep their grand charade going. Soon, the heinous acts that they have perpetrated during the past few decades will be revealed. These events are yet another sign of your great victory. With a minimum of bloodshed, you will topple a system that commands your total allegiance and is resolved to plunge you into a condition that resembles slavery. By doing so, you will establish a level of freedom and Truth that has not existed in your realm since the latter days of Lemuria. Consider what you have done, and how you accomplished it. A coalition, consisting of a benevolent group of these same secret rulers, the all-powerful decrees of Heaven and our auspicious arrival, has come together to bring you a new and glorious reality.

      Yet another essential element of this operation dwells within each and every one of you. Your daily rituals and meditations, and your heartfelt desire for our shared success, have greatly enhanced the potential for a most favorable outcome. We wish to congratulate you and ask you, now, to listen attentively to your inner voice. This voice will tell you to forgive and forget any lurking hatred for those who so deeply have hurt you, your family and friends. This is a time for past wounds to be healed. Express, through your life, the divine grace and heavenly dispensations that have delivered you from this dark realm. Declare this Love by joining together to assist your community as harmoniously as you can. Be prepared to lend your talents and to give of your knowledge as freely also as possible. This is a time when great abundance will sweep before you, when poverty and want, finally, will end.

      This is a time for you to transform all limiting personal and ancestral thoughts and allow the great Light that is you to be freely seen by all. These developments will accelerate the routines that Heaven and our Galactic Federation medical teams are carrying out on you. One of our processes is to assist you in letting most of these thought-forms transform naturally, as you integrate the many aspects of your Light Body into your physical, mental and emotional bodies. We have transformed over 95 per cent of these thought-forms in each of you. Although more work will be done soon, some of it is reserved for you, and we ask you to do it now. Be aware that, because our heavenly supervisors wish to accelerate the entire operation, we are now carrying out our adjustments on you in a series of waves.

      These waves affect specific body parts and are capable of releasing high levels of toxins into your field. We plan to transform most of them as swiftly as possible. Nonetheless, this process does cause a number of similar ailments or accompanying pains that you will notice as a group. Simply remember to remain calm and understand this procedure. We are moving you through a lengthy series of changes in a very short period of time. Often, challenging restrictions such as these require us to monitor you very closely and, with our technology, to limit most possible reactions to these intense changes in your various bodies. In this, we have largely succeeded. However, because a few of you have experienced violent reactions, we have deployed special medical teams to relieve you, your family and friends of pain and suffering.

      As we prepare for the final steps in this complex mission of first contact, dear Hearts, be aware that your present reality is moving toward a magnificent transformation. As we have mentioned in earlier messages, this operation is dedicated to our successful reunion with you. We are your space family and we have come to usher you into a new era. There, at last, you will end your present amnesia by mutating into fully conscious Beings of Light. Finally, you will be able to fulfill your obligations to Mother Earth and to this solar system. You will also be ready to take part in unfolding this present sixth Creation. A wondrous and extraordinary destiny awaits you, dear Hearts. As we have said many times, first contact is simply the final, positive sign that it is indeed unfolding. Soon, we shall all be together and the great celebration, finally, will begin!

      Today, we have shown you that truly remarkable events are about to transpire. We ask you to remain centered, focused and committed to what awaits you. Ahead, dear Hearts, waits a new and transformed reality that is beyond your imagining. Part of that reality will be the culmination of first contact. Bear always in mind that together, we shall be victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, in your heart of hearts, that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
6 Ik, 0 Tzotz, 11 Ik    9/24/02          

Greetings! We come again with more interesting things to tell you. Now, the magic moment that we have longed for awaits you. It is important, then, that we give you a more detailed look at what we intend to do. For us, your first contact has been a very long-drawn-out process, which Heaven requires to prepare you and your global society for our coming. During the past few years, first contact has become heavily entwined with the many changes that your global governments are to announce. These broadcasts will reorder your world immensely and allow us to complete the final stages of first contact. To that end, we have arranged for our liaison teams to follow your governmental announcements, after a day or two, with a series of our own. As part of these programs, you will have your first direct contact with the ruling council of the former Anunnaki (now the Annanuki of the Light). Moreover, the ruling councils of Inner Earth will present you with a timely message concerning your true history and your glorious future. Then, our ships will finally dance freely in your beautiful blue skies.

      This being done, spaceship Nibiru can alter its present course and begin its slow transformation into your solar system's outermost planet. The solar Elohim will lovingly carry out this task. Jupiter will take on a new glow, as will Venus and Mars. Venus will begin to rid itself of its present hot, acrid atmosphere and re-form the one it dearly loved. It was, after all, more than a million years ago that an outrageous act of war turned Venus into a parched and near-lifeless wasteland. Heaven will joyfully reverse this most senseless and appalling act. Gradually, a new solar system will appear that eventually will become your primary responsibility. Together with the cetaceans and the Planetary and Solar Hierarchies, you will serve as caretakers of this reality. You, dear Hearts, are here to bring in this realm's full potential. You have come to use this beautiful piece of physicality as your base and your home. From here, you will venture out into the cosmos and, fortified by your knowledge and wisdom, transform and unfold its glorious potential. You bring so much to this endeavor, and we shall rejoice when your magnificent abilities are linked, once again, to our own.

      Once these tasks have been completed, you will embark on a truly wondrous task - that is, the alteration of the present state of your reality. You will be given technologies that spring from several sources. First will be those that your former rulers either suppressed or kept secret. They will range from pollution-ending devices and formulas, to energy generators and new ways to transport goods, materials and, most importantly, you. You will discover new systems for communications and food preparation. Next, we will show you technologies that will bolster your efforts and end your need to use animal and plant products as food sources. Instead, you will learn a way to convert energy directly into the things you love to eat and the clothes that you most wish to wear. You will also see a revolution in environmentally friendly housing: your communities will transform as they are constructed overnight. You will become aware of the way your new intentions assist Mother Earth, enabling you to create more livable societies and, most significantly, more joyful places in which to live.

     The Moon and its advanced laboratories will be opened to you. We have created a most extraordinary environment in which you can appreciate the true workings of physicality. We plan to use these places as locales where you will gain knowledge of the operation of planets, stars and even galaxies. These wondrous aspects of Creation are alive, and need our help to exist at their fullest potential. The entire universe is a living aspect of the Creator. You need only to have the operator's manual explained to you. Thus equipped, you will discover how to symbiotically interact with your home-worlds and with their sun. You will realize that you truly are physical Angels and that your great work relates to Heaven's endeavors throughout physical Creation. We have carefully put this procedure in place. Through it, you will understand how sentient physical Beings can copy the natural action of Creation, and become aware of your own infinite potential.

      Yet another facet of these events will involve your further realization of the monumental changes occurring within you. You, dear Ones, are mutating into a new human - a galactic human. This human has broken through the limiting consciousness that has long shackled you to a dark world. This human will enlarge its focus to include the cosmos, and will learn its true connection to the Creator and, indeed, to all of life. This Being will not limit itself and is capable of knowing what is needed to unfold Creation, according to the divine plan. This Being is also connected to Heaven and to the infinite Life-streams that formed its soul force eons ago. This Being understands that it came to this world to learn about limitation and about darkness. Now, it will understand how, with the aid of Heaven, it can return to full consciousness. The veil drawn long ago by the dark ones on your world is vanishing. This knowledge ultimately will become public, and will prepare you to accept your glorious future.

      You will also discover the interrelationship between your own mutations into a new species, and Mother Earth. Your changes are the catalyst she needs to create a newer and even more beautiful world. She recognizes that she needs to alter her surface and her electrical, magnetic and gravitational fields at a pace consistent with your changes. She, in turn, knows how your consciousness shift will affect her. At last, the guardian triumvirate that she needs will be complete. You will become caretakers of her Lands. Land, water and air will feel free to transform and a new Earth will be born! Its surface will little resemble that which you know now, and its interior will also change. Its crystal core will glow with joy, its atmosphere will complete its life-saving crystal firmaments, and its waters will flow, ice-free, from pole to pole.

      Your Sun and her hyperactivity are another sign of what you are encountering. Your reality is imploding on every level. That collapse, in turn, is spawning a new and multi-dimensional reality. Rather than being limited to three dimensions, it encompasses realities beyond your knowledge. You will form a nexus that will take you to 5th, 6th, and even 8th dimensional realities. They will merge into your own. With this immense integration, stars, galaxies and even aspects of physical Creation unknown to you will become an integral part of your existence. Heaven and its glorious Beings, and even its multitudes of grand Councils, will also be an important part of your daily life. From this, you will produce a unique and vibrant galactic society that will invite all of Creation to its doors. Envision all of what you will truly accomplish!

      You, dear Hearts, are amazing Beings of Light whose potential is infinite in scope. The coming events will unleash this vast reservoir and allow you to achieve your present life goals. These lofty aims were imprinted in you by your life contracts, and by the divine grace and dispensations of Heaven and the Creator. Your future will unite physicality with Heaven. Regard your new resources as merely the means to expand yourselves and to carry out what you came here to achieve. Thus, first contact is simply one of the many events that enable you to step forward on the galactic center stage and make a significant impact. This process is reaching a point at which you can end your mass denial and connect with each other on a truly global scale. Use this approaching time to recognize your potential and build your galactic society. Embrace the excitement!

      Today, we have examined what lies ahead for you and for us. We look forward eagerly to events that are now unfolding. Soon, we shall formally contact you and initiate the final stages of your homecoming. We, your spiritual and space families, ask you merely to remain focused and fully committed to your success. Remember that, together, we shall be victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings! Remember in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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