Love is a State of Being

written by Ronna Herman <>
Posted Sat, 11-May-2002 18:39:39 GMT

              From Archangel Michael * LM-05-2002 - Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, can you feel the pulse and beat of new Creation? It is all around you. Feel the rhythm that is building within your heart-your heart rhythm is changing. Feel the rhythm beneath your feet as the pulsations of your Mother/Father Earth begin to change as well-ready to receive the new energies that are coming directly from the Prime Creator and filtering down through those great Beings of Light who have been your mentors and shining examples for so long. There are many of them, and you know them by various names, but one thing they all have in common: they are pure, radiant Divine Emissaries of the Creator-your personal connections to the All-That-Is. We are so amazed that you still battle, argue and judge each other, as HU-mans try to claim supremacy; one over another, claiming theirs is the only true God, and that they follow the true way or teachings. Oh, the damage that has been wrought in the name of God, and even in these times of advancing en-LIGHTEN-ment, it is still going on.
Many beautiful Beings of Light have come to show you the way down through the aeons of time, each bringing teachings or a philosophy that were appropriate for a particular era. Yes, there are some differences, and as we have often said to you, there are many paths which lead back to Creator-consciousness, but in essence, they all have the same basic components: unconditional love for all Creation, including yourselves (which means non-judgment), compassion, gratitude, wisdom, truth, valor, and a desire to serve and to create for the highest good of all. It may be difficult for you to stay focused on the higher truths and observe all that is taking place from the vantage point of a master, while there is so much turmoil, unrest, and violence going on in your world. But that is what we implore you to do. We ask you to, each day, go into your Pyramid of Light which holds the hologram of the world and sit in your crystal chair with the millions of your brothers and sisters who are there, and to radiate unconditional love to the Earth and all humanity. While there, if you will practice the Infinity Breath, as we have taught you, it will magnify your endeavors, and we tell you, beloveds, you will help to create miracles beyond measure.

This is a most important time in your solar system
. The harvest for your past year's endeavors had been gleaned, categorized and magnified a thousand-fold. Now is the time for it to be returned to you in the form of new cells of God-consciousness or unmanifested Divine potential.  What will you do with these gifts?   What is your vision?   What is your passion?   We watch as you dig deep within to stir up and transmute the old negative thought forms, and you are doing a magnificent job of transmuting those energies which no longer serve you. Yes, we are aware that these changes can be uncomfortable; that at times, many of you are riding high on the waves of change, and then you dip into the valley of despairBeloveds, we have often told you that it would not be easy, but the rewards would be so grand and beyond anything you could ever imagine. Many of you are proving the truth of these words, and yet, many of you are still fearful to step out into the unknown-you go just so far and then you pull back-fearful of the changes you will have to make and the things/people you will have to let go of or move past.
We have given you many tools to assist you in creating your wondrous new world, but you must use them faithfully. Becoming a masterful co-creator in harmony with the Divine Plan is no part time endeavor-it requires a full-time commitment. And, once you step onto the path of higher awareness, you cannot go back to your old way of being, for the past is closing behind you and is no longer accessible. Is it any wonder that those who dare not go forward feel as if they are living in a "null zone," a stagnant place where everything is out of sync-a place of fear and doubt? No matter how many inspirational messages you read or how many seminars you attend, if you do not move forward and partner with Spirit/your Higher Self, you will not succeed in the game of transformation. It is a time to be bold and to be willing to do whatever it takes to claim your rightful place in the Peace March of the New Age.
Some have asked, "What is love?" Within the life and the breath of the Creator, that first active force, the first Essence, is the awesome energy of love. It is an intrinsic part of you, but it can be qualified and it can be made conditional.  It can be used to bind, to hinder, to control. Yes, it is an emotion, but it is so much more; it is an active force, a way of thinking, and a state of Being.  That is why we say, instead of your prayers of supplication, send forth the radiance, the essence of adoration, that which is the pure love of the Creation.  That is why we say, when you go into your Pyramid of Light, do not ask for this to be stopped, or that to happen or something to be changed. Instead, radiate the pure Essence of the Creator, which is Divine Unconditional Love, and you will be performing the greatest service possible.  That may be difficult for some of you, because you have been taught that love is conditional,  that you have to be a certain way, or do certain things in order to be worthy of love.   We tell you that this is not so.   When you come from your God-center, the Essence of who you are, when you feel the rightness of what you are doing, when you see through eyes filtered with love and live in non-judgment, both of yourself and others, then you are projecting the Essence of unconditional love-Creator love.
We have also observed that many have moved back into a place of fear. This is one of the pitfalls of reclaiming your mastery. When your lives change too rapidly, and you are forced out of your comfort zones, some seek to retreat, and so they will not have to accept the responsibility for their decisions, they blame others. It is more comfortable to blame others, and so they look outside themselves for the source of their discomfort and fear.
Again, we tell you that your fears are stored within, and they are rising to the surface to be transmuted into Light.  If you are filled with Light and surrounded in a cocoon of God-consciousness, nothing of lesser Light can penetrate that shield and have any effect on you.  On the way to en-LIGHTEN-ment, there are many paths and many truths to choose from, beloveds.  Your task is to seek your highest truth and always make the highest choices.  Glean from the plethora of information that is being offered what rings true for you, for what you accept as your truth, you must live by.  Accept only that which makes your heart sing and generates a feeling of expansion and well-being, that is empowering and non-restrictive.  If you are not sure about a concept that is being presented, set it aside and ask your Higher Self to validate the information if it is to be your truth, and in some way, it will be proven or disproved for you.  Spiritual discernment is one of your greatest tools during these swiftly changing times.  Levels upon levels of higher more refined truth/information are being brought forth. This refined information does not invalidate what has been given before; it is being offered so that you can expand your wisdom and your understanding of the workings of the Creator, the Cosmos and Universal Law.  You are moving into spiritual adulthood, and it is time to let go of those concepts which no longer serve you.
One of the most recent tools we have given you will help you greatly in seeking and living your truth, as well as manifesting those things that you desire for the betterment of all.  You will learn to use  METAVISION  (expanded, intuitive envisioning)  when you perfect your skills as an ALPHA MASTER.  Functioning within this level of awareness unlocks the deep unconscious and subconscious minds and connects you directly to your Higher Mind/Self, which will assist you to easily transmute and change negative, limiting thought patterns which are keeping you from realizing your genius potential and your greatness.  Please set these thoughts firmly within your consciousness:

As an Alpha Master you will have more confidence, a strong sense of self-esteem, and you will know that you are in control of your world and your future. Learning how to quickly move into and maintain an Alpha State of consciousness is the key to tapping into your inner wisdom, your Higher Selves, and connecting with your angelic helpers. When you visualize good health and wellness, you set in motion energies which influence the very cells of your body, including your DNA. When you view the problem from the vantage point of wholeness and see perfect Light permeating throughout your body, you change the chemistry of the thought forms within, whereby you can effectively change whatever caused any problem/discomfort/dis-ease in the first place. You will also connect with your Body Elemental, and soon you will have its assistance in reclaiming the healthy, vital, youthful body as was designed aeons ago (your Adam/Eve Kadmon Light Body). First you will magnetically "lighten and perfect" your etheric body, which will gradually manifest in your physical body as well.
Now let us assure you that most of you will not immediately be able to function in or maintain the stated level of Alpha awareness. If you follow the procedure and practice the process, with your Higher Self as your guide and facilitator, you will gradually attain the level that is appropriate for you. You will maintain an alert awareness so that you can function properly in your everyday world as you gradually perfect your METAVISION/ALPHA skills. Soon, you will be able to move in and out of the different states of consciousness at will, eventually, even a THETA state during your meditation exercises. You are retraining the brain and it will take time to make the shift.
IMAGINATION, SENSITIVITY, AND DEDICATION are three important factors in one's ability to use METAVISION to attain and maintain an ALPHA STATE of awareness. An open mind, a good attitude, and a willingness to practice the techniques as given are pre-determining factors for your success in attaining your goals as an Alpha Master. When you effectively learn the process, you will find that it is easy to maintain a feeling of peace and tranquility. Stressful situations will no longer affect you, as you learn to become an observer and quickly move through or resolve any challenging situations, while garnering the lessons they have to offer in the process. Therefore, you will feel more relaxed, you will be more focused and have more energy. Positive auto-suggestions are instilled while in a deeper Alpha or Theta state, but they will be executed and maintained while in a light Alpha state and when you are fully awake, conscious and in control of your faculties.

By using the gift of your Pyramid of Light/Power in the fifth dimension, you add a powerful and effective element to your programming for the future. You must have a clear, detailed picture of what you wish to manifest. You must seek to know your true intent; align with your Higher Self and ask only for the highest outcome for the benefit of all. During the programming process, while in your Pyramid, ask your Higher Self to show you any hidden blocks (guilt, fear, or other deeply embedded emotions) that are keeping you from attaining your goals. You are in the process of clearing all the distorted beliefs, imbalances, and programming that go back to your earliest incarnations in the physical vessel. You can began again with a clean, new slate-envision yourself as an empty vessel waiting to be filled with the Cells of New Creation. Now that you are gaining a new expanded awareness and learning how the universal laws work, you have an opportunity to tap into your personal "God-power" and create any kind of world you can envision. Please view the changes in your lives as a learning experience and an opportunity to grow and expand in consciousness. As you reclaim your mastery and you are more confident in the results you can create, you will find yourselves not only looking forward to change but instigating it as well.
We ask you, beloveds, to hold out your symbolic chalice in order that you may receive the blessings awaiting you. Yes, you are entitled, you are worthy, and with our help you can do or become anything you can envision or desire. The Warriors of Light and Peace are gathering, and so we ask you to step forward, brave ones, and take your rightful place among us. Come, we will walk beside you and smooth the way. You are loved most profoundly, I AM Archangel Michael.
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