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August 7, 2002

Greetings Dear Ones,
It is a time of mixed energies and illusion. It seems that one minute all things are in sync and the next moment there are interferences. This has caused for many, a sense of imbalance. There is much fluctuation in the Universal process at this time as in the usual state of all things in existence there becomes a time of adjustment. This requires an adjustment of our awareness as well.

It is to know what the illusion is. The illusions are. And to look beyond for what is.

It seems to me at this time that we are being required to make a leap in consciousness. Some of us will do this kicking and screaming the entire way, while others will simply shift with ease.
I remind you to continue breathing and allow all that is to bring you to all that you are. We must remember that our journey in this manifestation is but temporary, and that we are eternal beings of Light. Perfect in every way. As All Things are, We Are.

There are many reasons for the state of flux that we feel at this time. We are on the brink of awakening to new and heightened realities. We are experiencing incoming energetics that are different than anything we have known on many lifetimes. We are moving at warp speed as time is speeding up and our realities are being challenged by our rapid pace. Comprehension is not as it was.

Comprehension is taking on new meaning as we are beginning to understand energetically for that which we have only used our mental selves. We are becoming Universal Beings in an evolutionary process that is unique to the now.

Our realities are constantly challenged by our new perceptions. That which we knew to be all that is true is no longer existent in the same way in our awareness. Instead, new awareness's are coming forward. In the way that we know, feel, think, are. Our physical densities are changing and we are becoming lighter in structure. As this occurs, we are gaining access to higher aspects of consciousness that ever before (at least since the Beginning).

And so, if you find yourself struggling within your sense of reality, let go of the rope and go with the flow. We are being carried by a current that is far greater than we can imagine…

Be in peace. Be only love.   Namastè    Meg

Online Channeling August 7, 2002

Antallah, Antui anshallah. It is in the Light of Sacredness. Greetings. We come to you once again with messages of the self. Messages of your Sacred Spirit. That which is beyond your human-ness. That which is your self in Truth.

You are not as others define you. You are not as you have defined yourself based upon the values of others and those values which are contained within your environment. You are that which is of the One. That which is all things, all things being you.

It is within your emotionalities your fears, that you become lost, Dear Ones. It is within the prison of your manifested bodies that you fail to see that which is the Truth of yourselves. Look further. You are not that which you have perceived, but far more.

Those things that you perceive to be your limitations are not based upon Universal Law, for Universal Law allows all things to Be as they are without judgment or guilt. Universal Law simply stated allows that… that which is must become that which is drawn from the collective experience of the One and one's participation in that collective experience.

Since you as human beings are continually emitting energies of all types, there has come to your realities a sense of confusion, of chaos. Many of you feel lost on your paths home, and yet, deep within yourselves there is an inkling that there is so much more if you simply knew the way.

Dear Ones, you are the way. You are all that is. You are the light manifested. You are.

To perceive powerlessness in your journeys as challenges confront your Being is an illusion born of human-ness. It is that which you have been given by others who came before you, setting standards through their evolutionary processes of losing touch with the reality of higher consciousness, and you are believing these illusions each time that you believe yourselves to be anything other than perfection.

And so it is that each of you must work from your center selves. Your essence of the One for the freedom that you seek. For it is freedom of your Spirit that allows you to move beyond the stuck-ness of your perceptions that you are merely human and less than perfection. 

It is that your world is escalating in change. It is that within your world, the totality of consciousness has become separated from the sense of the One. You have maintained a sense that you are your own worlds all tied up in a neat little package that came with no instructions. And so it is that we come to assist you in your rememberings.

As you have been that which is Light from the Beginning, it is that you must simply step aside of your perception of that which is an individual and move toward letting go of your attempts to control that which is. These attempts are born of fear and mistrust for that which is not known to control that which is, create pockets of energetics around you and within your world that are disharmonic Universally. These disharmonics prevent the natural flow of the harmonic rhythms of the energetics which move through you as a part of the normal Universal processes, leaving you feeling imbalanced and uncertain in your journey.

In the prevention of the natural Universal flow, your physicalities are affected. They become in less than comfort. This perpetuates and becomes a cycle of imbalance and discomfort that spreads to all of the dimensions in which you exist.  Remember. You are Light. That light remembers all things. In such a way, that which you experienced in past lives carries forward to the now. That which you experience in the now is carried forward throughout your existence. 

You have the choice to release your own disharmonics, to create a healthful journey of perfection, or to continue the keeping of them.  Herein lies the apex of freedom of Self.

That which is all things is a living organism of which you are an integral part.

To be anything other than a participating part of the Universal process is to block that which you are intended to receive and that which you are meant to be.

As we have given previously, you are that which is light manifested in the here and now for an experience which is necessary for the growth and forward movement of your soul in its journey home.

And so it is that to operate from your essence allows the natural processes of your own journey to occur.

To operate from an individualized perception limits your experience by virtue of the energies created from your own expectations and or fears. Instead, set out your intent to the All and know that you are now merely participating in the process of the reality that you have already created.

If you intend to participate within the limitations of your expectations and fears set out with your intent, then that is all that you will have. That which you fear. That which you expect. That which is depriving you of the fullness of your experience. We also remind you that when you experience your doubts, fears, the illusion of less than perfection, that you are not breathing.  When you are holding your breath, you are inhibiting the natural flow of the Universal energies.

It is to breath easily and to look within and trust that which you inherently know in your Rememberings, for you see Dear Ones, within the light that you are created of, is the memory of all times and all things in the process of those times. You are constructed of all that is.

It is not that you will find recognition of your light self within your mental whirring. Your essence is contained within your Sacred Self. That which you will find in the area of your Sacred Heart.  Breath into your essence.  Feel it expand and grow as you nurture that which is you in Truth.  Move beyond your physical and sensory experiences to a higher place of consciousness.  That place within which all Truth is contained.  That which is and of the Light.

In such a way, your answers await you, and they exist as answers in Truth far beyond the illusion.

Do not be persuaded by the opinions of other beings such as yourselves, for they, too, struggle to find that which is their own Truths in Being-ness.  And in that journey is often contained judgment, or personal agendas born of that which came before them.

You will not find your higher consciousness in books or lessons. You will not find your Truth in that which is created of your human-ness.  You will find your higher Truth in all things that are contained within you.  Beyond the illusion of self is a reality of the One. And in the One there are no mistakes or misperceptions.  No lessons of a third dimensional type.  Only that which is harmony with all things.

For when the pure of heart meets with the pureness of being in all its innocence is born an existence of harmony with all things.

As your world is changing around you, and others speak to you of preparedness, what will that mean to you?   How is it that you can prepare for anything other than this moment, which is all there is?   To be truly prepared in any moment is to be in touch with the Sacred Self.  That which is and of the Light containing by virtue of its existence all things which are you.  Therein lies all that you will ever need upon your journey.

In your interrelations with others, you must remember that each is operating at the level of progression that they have reached within their own journey. Each has developed a different set of skills for their existence of the moment.  Those skills may not be harmonic with your reality and do not need to become a part of your accepted reality.  Your reality is created from that which you have allowed it to be.

Instead of the drama that others have allowed in their own creations of reality, remain within that which is the Truth as you know it to be. It is to be an example of that which is of the One. For as you maintain the integrity of the One, you share that integrity with all others by virtue of your existence from that place. It is your base of strength in which there is no place for fear.  Your foundation of power and the courage to be all that you are. That which is an existence within the integrity of Truth within the One.

We return to Light.     Namastè

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