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Welcome to Weather Report Number Eighteen. Children of Light by Ron Baker and Robert Baker
This particular Weather Report explores the final four-month cycle of 2002, a year Gabriel is calling a "Year of Integrating Duality and Soul Relationships!"
As stated in the last Weather Report, we are making another major shift is taking place as we enter 2002. We have now moved out of a three-year cycle of Purification (1999 - 2001) and have moved into the first year of a Seven Year Cycle of Integration/Tribulation (2002 - 2008).
This continues to be the most crucial time of choice we have known in our recorded history.

Gabriel has been speaking to us since 1990, bringing clear information about this time of unprecedented opportunity. However, he has also made it quite clear that the opportunity to shift into deeper levels of freedom and personal fulfillment requires that we each look deep within.
We include this segment of Children of Light to facilitate that inner journey, giving clues to the energetic movements that are attempting to take place at particular times. With clear information, we are empowered to make conscious choices.
We are in a time of unprecedented planetary evolution, more accelerated than anything we have known in our recorded history. It is no doubt apparent to people around the world that CHANGE is the watchword of the day. It is also vital to remember that within change, it is our CHOICES that will determine what our world will become.
We are POWERFUL as individuals, particularly as we join together with others who are working to claim the power of their individuality in love.
We have discovered from working with thousands of people in various parts of the world that there are many similarities we all share in the process we are going through as a planet. That is comforting, for it reminds us that we are not alone. In facing the challenges that are presented to us as we move into our present opportunity of planetary initiation, focusing on the similarity of our worldwide humanity will be of great help.
Physical and Emotional Symptoms:
"When the moon is in the 7th house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars. Then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius."
Many people will remember these lyrics from a popular song of the 1960's - written for a musical called "Hair." What many people may not know is this was based on a Nostradamus quatrain or prophecy about this very time.
What even more people may not realize is that this very alignment took place in July, 2002. On July 3, Jupiter came into alignment with Mars. And on July 11 and 12, the Moon moved into the seventh house in the zodiac chart, fulfilling an event which Nostradamus saw as the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.
Just a few thoughts about why this heralds the new energies of Aquarius:
Jupiter has 12 moons. One of those moons is called Io, which has energetically held the codes of the Ascended Mastery (the codes of creation and the history of our solar system). Those codes began to be released when Jupiter experienced a MAJOR explosion in 1994. However, this alignment with Mars, in conjunction with the Moon in the 7th house prepares us for the activation of all 12 moons of Jupiter.
These 12 moons align with our planet and our individual bodies in many ways. The aspect I will share for this report is that they reflect energetically the 12 levels of our individual and planetary light body. This light body is activated consciously as we gradually connect and integrate the energies of soul and Spirit consciously in the physical. This is done primarily as we open and activate the 12 mind/power centers of our bodies through our 12 major glands (endocrine system). This is the energetic process of initiation that our planet is encouraging in each one of us at this time.
As these alignments activate these 12 energy bodies of Jupiter, we begin to activate our own personal energy/light body in a more direct way, bringing us more fully into a time of initiation - initiation of self-mastery.
Only as we respond and allow ourselves to move into deeper levels of self-mastery will we be able to create the world of peace and love talked about in the 60's song. This will be done primarily by making the choices that allow our nervous systems to move out of the myths of survival we have known into a much higher level of sensitivity.

As discussed in many different ways in the previous Monthly Weather Reports, we will move into the higher levels of our personal and planetary potential by looking within and responding to our defense, fear, shame, fear and guilt. These are the wounded experiences of our emotional and mental bodies. These negatively charged energies have held us in the limitations of a particular level of learning on our planet as a whole.
We have known a world of fear and separation. We can see the symptoms of separation everywhere - separation between groups, religions, races and countries for instance. This separation comes mainly from the rigid system of right and wrong we have held onto as a replacement for trusting individuality. This system has been based on whatever our parents taught us initially in order to fit into the family system.
The problem is that one person's system inevitably will conflict with another's. When this has happened, we have typically challenged THEM to change - so that we could feel safe with our own limitations. We have been a world afraid to risk trusting our inner truth as individuals, allowing others to do the same.
Opting for this system of duality has left us as a world at war - fighting out of fear to hold onto our sense of separation. What we may not have realized is that the separation we have felt necessary on the outside merely reflects the separation we have felt inside at this point in our planetary development. We have been a world steeped in a system of ideals - taught who we "should be" in order to be acceptable. The problem is that we have not been taught how to tap our deepest resources, based on a fear of trying new things and being "wrong." Therefore, we have always fallen short of the ideals we have set up, which has left us feeling deeply ashamed on many levels.

This whole system of separation and ideals has not allowed us to experience the joining of our humanity with our spiritual, higher nature.
The reality is we have been in a two-thousand year cycle focused on learning about separation through duality and idealism. We have mostly learned through the pain of separation - about what does not work and what does not fulfill. However, we have also brought ourselves as a whole to a very high level of development in the personality - particularly a development of the mental body. That development has brought us to the point when we are ready to move beyond separation and defense!
In order to move into this state of oneness, we must first become aware of all that is out of balance in our own lives and in the world around us - so that we are empowered to respond and grow into more fulfilling choices. That is what we have been experiencing in the world as of late - the revelation of the corruption of duality, judgment and separation. We can see it in the wars and terrorism. We can see it in the corrupt governments and aspects of religion. We can see it in the economic system, driven by greed and materialism.
As we now enter more fully into the Age of Aquarius, we need to wake up to the choices that will allow us to create a world of peace and love.
So let's look at some of the ways we might respond and at some of the energies that are working with us to create these healing shifts...

As a reminder, we have been in an energetic acceleration or initiation process as a planet since 1997. If you have been following the information shared at Children of Light, you will remember that we have moved through all seven initiations, reflecting the seven levels of consciousness in our seven energy centers. However, we have only been introduced to the energies of initiation on the first two levels.
In other words, though there are seven initiations, each initiation has seven levels. Birth, Baptism, Transfiguration on the Mount, Renunciation, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension. We have at this stage been introduced to all seven initiations on two levels.
The year of 2002 has brought us into the third level of each of the initiations. We began 2002 by moving primarily through the third level of the Birth and the Transfiguration. As we enter these final four months, we move into the third level of the Resurrection.
Notice that we say we have been introduced to these energies. Just because a person is exposed to a thing does not make for an integrated experience. If you join a gym and encounter all kinds of weights, tools and a pool, it does not mean you are an athlete in great shape. You must learn how to make the choices that will allow the tools that are at your disposal work for you. It is the same with these initiated energies. They are downloading into our atmosphere and our lives. However, it is now up to each one of us to work with these energies, learning to integrate their waking effect into our lives.

This year has been filled with various challenges and opportunities. It has been a major time of death and rebirth - death of the old paradigm of survival and separation and rebirth into a deeper connection with the heart and our authentic core selves. As we now reach the Resurrection, deeper layers of self will seek to rise from the ashes of what we have worked through and let go of in the previous months of 2002 (the issues of fear, shame, guilt, judgment, etc. that have been held in the Shadow of our lower, survival self).
As we work directly with our wounded emotions and negative belief systems, a deeper authentic truth begins to rise. We also release the density of negative energies in our bodies, which allows us to awaken to higher levels of sensitivity. As we do, we move out of the defense and separation of these emotional and mental bodies and into a higher sensitivity of intuition and knowing. This is the experience of the SOUL realized one layer at a time.
There is so much happening at this time that the Weather Report could be endlessly long and involved. I will do my best to pick out the highlights. For instance, on July 20 the star Sirius aligned with the Sun and planet Earth in a powerful way. This Sirian gateway is vital to our planet's evolution. One of its primary influences is that it opens us to the power of the feminine within each one of us. Another way to say this is that it awakened the energy of the Goddess or feminine aspect of creation. This is the power and creativity for manifestation, connecting us more fully to energy that is "pregnant with possibility."

The influence of this Sirian vortex will now work with our new planetary ray, the 7th Ray of Consciousness, to transform our sexual energy into a higher level of creative awareness at this time. Misuse of our sexual energies has been one of the greatest symptoms of our planet in need of healing. We have typically used this energy to conquer or seek validation, neither of which have allowed us to come together in value. It has typically brought us into destruction through controlling those around us.

Our sexual energies are now being encouraged to join with the love force of the heart for the first time in most people consciously
. This will take place as we allow the love force to penetrate the depths of our lives to reveal deeper truths of the limitations we have perpetuated in fear. We can then respond and heal our fear by practicing the qualities of the heart more consciously - such as the qualities of compassion, clear choice, forgiveness and acceptance.
The bottom line of the human experience is that we have reached the time to move out of the illusion of unsafety, separation and defense. These guiding energies will continue to create opportunities for us to learn to reach out to one another with our hearts.
We can do this through more destruction and come together out of tragedy. Or we can realized that seeing ourselves threatened by individuality has been a tremendous folly. If we try and diminish someone else's individual choices out of the judgment of right and wrong, we are telling ourselves that our own individual choices may not be acceptable or sacred either. This, of course has been based on an inner child's fear of hell and punishment at the end of this life. We don't have to worry about going to hell - when we are in separation, fear and defense we are already in hell - which is a state of being separated from our true, authentic soul self, from our hearts.
As we move into this time of Resurrection initiation, deeper aspects of this authentic sense of self will be attempting to rise.

One of the first effects we will see as we transition in August from the Transfiguration into Resurrection (September - December) is deeper revelation and breakdown of all that is out of balance. In the world around us, this will involve corruption in our major systems, such as governments and religions. We are already seeing many "secrets" revealed, such as in the Catholic Church. This will continue to happen as the energies of the Goddess and the 7th Ray work their healing magic. However, this will also reveal that which is out of balance for each one of us.
It is easy to look outside the self and to judge and blame. "Can you believe THEY have been doing that? Can you believe they have controlled and manipulated us/me?" Though we must all be held accountable for our choices, these larger institutions are not the problem. They are symptom of the problem. The place of power is to see all choices as reflections of our own lives - looking to the ways we have each made fearful, manipulative choices. Just as "they" need to take responsibility for their old choices, as well as making shifts, so do each one of us. The convenient system of shame and blame has left us as emotional children, unempowered and afraid. It is time to grow up and look to ourselves as the source of change and healing.
As we decide to respond with the power of one, looking to our own lives and becoming more impeccable about our choices, we become a part of a healing, higher resonance. This will also allow us to take back our power. We have been a world primarily caught in our comfort zones like little children, wanting the powerful big people to do all the work, to make it all right for us. However, we must wake up and realize we have given our power away and are in many ways unconscious of that which is truly going on around us.

So as we look to that which is out of balance, we need to do our best to look with compassion at the symptoms of distortion and fear - just as we would do with a child who is working his/her way through a certain level of learning and limitation. This is the first step we can take to heal and prepare our lower self. As we look at our lives, we need to play the compassionate role of parent to our wounded inner child - guiding and encouraging with aspects and qualities of the heart. In that way we encourage ourselves into the light and fulfillment of our higher selves (accessed in the heart).
In August we will continue to see corrupt companies being called on the carpet, so to speak. The levels of deceit that come from deep fear must be brought out into the open. We are likely to see this awakening in many directions - from the military and its agendas, to the CIA and the FBI (as well as similar organizations in other countries).
We will also continue to see the symptoms of a larger agenda of control masked in the guise of a war on terrorism. For instance, the war in Iraq is primarily motivated out a desire to control the world's largest oil reserves. (More on this in the articles on world events coming as soon as we can get them out.)
In this transition month we will continue to experience powerful symptoms in the body - for there are many energies at work to move through the blockages that exist energetically. This will continue to put us into a time of questioning - what works, what doesn't, what is truly important and what is not.
There will also be an acceleration in discoveries in science. This is a reflection of each one of us as well. As we look to deeper truths within, we reveal deeper aspects of creation and the magic of that possibility. Science will mirror our awakening and will reveal truths that have been there all along (held in the density of the darkness in which we have lived and survived).

One of the primary areas that is vital for us to respond to as we move forward is the exploration of alternative energy sources. We have been made into a world that is oil dependent - by those who seek to gain and control through this dependency. But we need to seek new ways to fuel our world and our lives. One such method that has already been explored is the use of the hydrogen cell.
Work is already being done in the world of transportation. However, as these alternatives arise some people will fight the change (such as the oil and automobile industries). Rather than fight them or make them wrong, we need to realize they are merely acting out their own survival fears through control and manipulation. However, it is VITAL that we each take more responsibility and get more involved in speaking up and encouraging creative solutions.
We need to realize that as the light continues to expand, bringing up what is out of balance or in fear, those seeking to control the masses will strengthen their efforts. They fear losing control. They will do all they can to take away our awakening sense of individuality with individual rights. If we remain passive, unresponsive and in fear, we will let them continue to pass laws and take away our civil rights. We need to stop this magical thinking that all will be fine. We need to stand in the power of our truth and ask for what we need from our governments and religions, as well as the other systems that make up our world. It is our world, after all. It is just that until we find the courage to stand as individuals, we still feel like the world belongs to the "big people," just as a child feels it is all up to the parents.

As we move into September, things will continue to reveal layers of truth (if we are willing to wake up and see).
For instance, the US government is now proposing a project called TIPS. This is nothing more than a re-institution of the tactics used in Nazi Germany. They are trying to recruit one million citizens to sign up to keep an eye out on things (in the guise of protecting us all). This will be a system to keep a watch on the people, so that they can more effectively control as things continue to accelerate. We need to stand up and speak for our rights.
Whether these things get passed or not is up to the people. We must never forget that. As a matter of fact, I was at an event the other night with a handful of aids to some Senators. They told me that the calls and letters make a big difference. The Senators for the most part are very interested in what the people are saying and what they are asking for. We need to take the time to voice our concerns.
One powerful way we can make a difference is to turn the distorted energies of their agendas, such as last year's September 11 event into a healing opportunity.

That is why we have created WorldWide Meditation: Transforming 911! Please help us spread the word on this event - so that millions can come together, with a focus of reaching out to one another with love and support. (click on the underlined words above for more details)
As we transition from August into September, there will be many symptoms in the head and in the throat regions. This is created primarily from the download of Spirit that began in the Transfiguration.
We will also be joining the first of three bridges in this month - all preparing us for the Resurrection of aspects of our deeper selves. This bridge is taking place between the third and fifth chakras. The focus will be on bringing our creative energies into an individual sense of self. Again, an encouragement to let our individual feelings and truths be heard in ways that focus on creative solutions.

This creative focus will affect our sexual energies, encouraging them into a higher expression. Creativity and merging in true relationship.
In our relationships we will tend to be focused on issues that are unresolved, that need forgiveness (one of the qualities of the heart). We may also feel our sexual identity being restructured - no longer attracted our acting out in the same ways. The old ways will seem to lose their kick.
It will be a time when we will naturally seek deeper connections, letting go of more aspects of illusion and glamour. It will also be a time to seek deeper truth and a sense of deeper personal power. Anything that does not resonate with truth will rise all around and within our own lives.
This energetic bridge will create symptoms in the stomach region and throat for some, as energies are activated and preparing to be cleared for the higher bridging and connections. This may also involve the jaw and shoulder blade region.
Another issue that has risen to the forefront brings us to the underwater sonar. This is being used as a defense weapon. However, if we do not do something to speak up, it will literally destroy the dolphin and whale population on our planet. These beings have literally held the codes of the higher records energetically on our planet. They are connected directly to Sirius and are an important link to the downloading of the Goddess energies and the awakening soul. The powers that be would love to create a block in this connection.
We will continue to hear more about the mid-East focus - with agendas of oil not spoken about. What we need to realize is that 16 of our 18 allies have spoken
AGAINST the US invading Iraq. We will quickly find ourselves the enemy, not the ally if we continue forward unconsciously. These choices have nothing to do with the desire of the people. They have to do with agendas of a few. We need to speak up, I will repeat more and more often as we move forward.
We will share one web site where you can speak out about this war issue:
As we move into October, we create a second bridge. This involves the fourth chakra and the sixth. This connection to the higher energies and soul plan (held in the 6th) will bring an increased sensitivity and awareness. The five sense will be heightened. This is an opportunity to move into deeper awareness of intuition and knowing.
This will be a time of much activation in the head, as the pineal and pituitary glands are activated more fully. More nerve fluids will be produced, giving us the higher sensitivity.

Activity will also focus on the heart.
This connection to higher will naturally challenges the lower aspects of will that are connected to defense. We will see this personally, as well as reflected in the world around us.
We will look at our issues of love, at our illusions and at our fear of intimacy and connection.
We will also move into more soul connections, as we are prepared to do so. This could bring a much needed sense of clarity about the changes we are going through. Up to this point, there has been a sense of being in between worlds - not fully fitting in the old, but not quite grounded in anything concretely new. This time will bring a greater sense of peace and connection.
We will find ourselves more fully connected to a sense of the whole as well. Oneness. Connection.
We may see unrest in the world, with the attempts of the US and Great Britain to continue their agendas. For instance, China and Turkey may get involved.
This will be a month when people will focus more on solutions, however. This comes from a connection to the soul plan on deeper levels. WE will realize that selfish interests do not work any longer.
It will be a more inward month, realizing more fully the importance of PROCESS.
As we move into November, we move into a bridge of the first and seventh chakras. This will ground the lower and higher even more fully.
The Divine Plan and a sense of seeking our places in World Service will rise. There will be new, unexpected turns, focus and direction available to us as we access this Divine Plan energy.
Whatever is focused on world service and the good of the whole will flourish more fully. There will be a greater sense of soul intuition again this month, as more of the authentic self rises with these bridges.
There will be symptoms in the head, the base of the spine, lower back, naval region, legs and hips. There may be a sense of vision coming to many, as well as a sense of purpose.
There will be activation of the crown chakra, which will activate the primary glands in the head again, which will continue to activate the 12 power centers of the light body connection.
We may see continued conflict rising, as what is in duality in the world is energetically poked and prodded. South America, Israel and the Arab nations are all places where governments and agendas of oil may create conflict. Pakistan and India may also prove to accelerate in conflict.
If we are in a place in our process of conflict, we may feel a sense of being purposeless, meaningless. We may also find ourselves seeking immediate gratification or validation to balance these rising energies.
However, for those who continue to work through their issues, this will be a time of deeper soul connection, merging more fully, more creative than ever, with a greater intention and purpose to serve the good of the whole.
As this whole time of Resurrection is about bringing us into a deeper, conscious relationship with ourselves and one another - it will be a time of increased threat to the false sense of self and it will be a time to celebrate a true sense of individuality as the authentic self arises through the qualities and practice of the heart.
These are some of the primary things we can expect as we move forward.

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible with this healing information. However, we have also shared a concern about the need to gather specific tools with which to respond and integrate these energies.
Though these Monthly Weather Reports are helpful, we feel it is vital to be able to put the pieces of the puzzle into a larger context of healing for you and those you love.
The most complete way we have of offering more specifics of the entire personal and planetary movement, as well as what we can expect each step of the way is by putting Gabriel's words into a clear and specific process.
The first layers of that information have been outlined and shared in Ron's book, Revelations for a Healing World, Book One.
It has already proved to help hundreds and hundreds of people all over the world. We hope that you will consider it as a tool to nurture and educate those around you at this time.

Or you may want to consider a personal Gabriel reading - to find out how these shifts and changes apply directly to your life. It can be very empowering to discover some of your personal patters, so that you can make the new choices you find necessary, moving out of limitation. Though Robert's schedule is very full, you can request an hour reading by phone. Robert can be reached most conveniently by email (GabrielLt@aol.com) or by phoning 212-662-8631.
To email Robert:
Finally, we include a website where those of you who live in the United States can go to let your voice be heard as issues continue to rise. This site will allow you to discover exactly who your representatives are. We suggest that the most powerful place to let your voice be heard is to your CONGRESS PEOPLE AND SENATORS.
The only way to let those we have elected know how important our personal freedoms are is to speak up. We have received a number of emails from people asking what they should say. We suggest that you simply speak from your hearts.

So this is the Monthly Weather Report for now! We hope that you will find it helpful in your life or for those around you. We ask that you help us nurture and educate by telling your friends about Children of Light   http://www.childrenoflight.com

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