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by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

       Lightworkers have been working for decades to pave the way for this Cosmic Moment, and the Divine Plan is unfolding perfectly. This is the time when ALL THAT IS HIDDEN MUST NOW BE REVEALED. All we have to do is turn on the news to see evidence of that occurring everyday. It is important that we all stay focused on our mission and not get caught up in fear or anxiety.

       The evidence of corruption, deceit, greed, abuse of power, terrorism, violence and aggression that we see in the media every day is not being exposed to scare us to death. It is being pushed to the surface by the Light of God so that we will see it for the abomination that it is, and create new ways of doing business and living our lives that are based in honesty, integrity, mutual respect and reverence for all life.

       Buckminster Fuller once said, In order to change something, don't struggle to change the existing model. Create a new model, and make the old one obsolete.

       That is exactly what we are being called to do by our Father-Mother God. Because of the incredible activities of Light that have been victoriously accomplished by legions of Lightworkers around the world over the past 30 years, the Earth is finally vibrating at a frequency that will sustain the Matrix and Archetypes for the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of Divine Government. These patterns of perfection will be activated August 17-22, 2002, through the Portal of Divine Government that enters the Earth in the area of Washington, DC.

       In spite of all of the negativity perpetrated from that location, it is now time for the original Divine Intent of that Portal of Light to be fulfilled. The vehicle being used to hold all of us focused in one-pointed consciousness and to draw Lightworkers into Washington, DC, is the Sixteenth Annual World Congress On Illumination. The Lightworkers gathered at this sacred conclave will selflessly serve as surrogates on behalf of Humanity. They will offer their hearts as mighty transformers through which the Light of God will flow to activate the Matrix and Archetypes for Divine Government.

       The very first step of co-creating anything in the physical plane is the activation of the Matrix and Archetypes. This initial step in the creation of Divine Government will be a critical turning point in the history of the planet.

       We have been so betrayed by the governments of the world that it is often hard for us to imagine anything Divine associated with government, but activating the Matrix and
Archetypes for Divine Government is a VITAL and NECESSARY part of Earth's Ascension process.

       Divine Government is the fulfillment of the Universal Law: As Above, So Below. It is a governing body of the God Selves of all Humanity: a government OF our Divine Selves, BY our Divine Selves, FOR our Divine Selves. When we truly understand what this means, we will get a glimpse of the colossal affect these activations for Divine Government will have on the Earth and all life evolving here.

       Our God Selves are who we really are, they are our super-conscious minds—one with the Divine Heart and Mind of God. They clearly understand the principles governing this Earthly school of learning. They know the need of the hour, and they are able to tap into the Causal Body of God for the viable solutions and answers to all of the problems occurring in our lives and on the planet.

       Divine Government means our God Selves will be governing our individual and collective lives as we cocreate Heaven on Earth. Once the Matrix and Archetypes for Divine Government are activated, the obsolete, fear-based matrixes and archetypes of our dysfunctional human egos will be shattered.

       Our God Selves know and understand that no nation can prosper or live in security unless every nation is prosperous and secure. The concept of military security is an oxymoron. It is time for a new paradigm. Activating the Matrix and Archetypes for Divine Government will begin the process of creating that new paradigm.

       If you are feeling the Heart Call to participate in this life-transforming opportunity by attending the World Congress On Illumination, we still have spaces available. Please contact us through the information at the top of this newsletter as soon as possible. Your Light is needed and you will be blessed eternally for your selfless service to Humanity and Mother Earth.

       If you are unable to attend the World Congress On Illumination and you want to assist in fulfilling this wondrous facet of the Divine Plan, please join with us in consciousness through your meditations and prayers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those of you who live in the Washington, DC area, the Opening Ceremony of Light for the Sixteenth Annual World Congress On Illumination will be held Saturday, August 17, 2002, at 7:30 PM. It is FREE and open to the public, you are welcome to join us. If you would like to attend the World Congress, but you are not able to come for the whole event, we will have daily registration rates. For information please contact us by E-mail: Eraofpeace@aol.com


       The most intensified frequencies of Light that Humanity has experienced so far in our Ascension process will flow into the planet from the Great, Great Central Sun during the activation of the Matrix and Archetypes for Divine Government. From now, until the completion of this activation on August 22, 2002, it will help if we work together to prepare our bodies and the planet to receive greater Light. There are several things we can do to raise the vibratory rate of our bodies. The more prepared we are, the more powerful the activation will be, and the more quickly Divine Government will become a manifest reality on Earth.

       The fastest and most effective way to raise our vibrations is through buoyant, joyous energy. Laughter, playfulness, fun, uplifting experiences, elation, bliss, wonder, ecstasy and love are all avenues to higher vibrations. Beautiful music, being in nature, meditation, prayer, harmonious interaction with loved ones, peaceful relaxation and being in tune with the Infinite are also powerful ways of raising our vibrations.

Pure, living (raw), organic foods are an important part of this process as well. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains and pure water should be our main staples. The less cooked, dead, devitalized food we eat the higher and Lighter our vibrations will be.
       We must also monitor our thoughts, words, actions and, most of all, feelings. Eighty percent of our energy is expressed through our feelings. The other twenty percent is used to express our thoughts, words and actions. Just imagine how much faster our Ascension process will be when we discipline ourselves to release ONLY harmonious, peaceful, loving, happy, joy-filled energy every moment of every day.

You and I, as Awakening Light Beings, have taken sacred vows within the Heart of our Father-Mother God. We made a commitment to be the clearest and most powerful instruments of God we are capable of being. It is time for us to walk our talk.

We are powerful beyond our wildest imaginations, and our ability to make a profoundly significant difference in what is happening on Earth at this time is staggering. All we have to do is remember who we are and where we have come from. I am not referring to the specifics of particular lifetimes, I am talking about who we are at the very core of our Beings, within the deepest recesses of our Divine Blueprints. WE ARE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD!  Empowered with the full potential of our Beloved God Parents.

Never in the history of time has it been more important for us to KNOW and LIVE that Truth. Never, since we were first breathed forth from the Heart of God, have we had a more urgent need or greater opportunity to be of service to all life evolving on this sweet Earth.

Millions and millions of people are being overwhelmed by the labor pains of Earth's birth into the 5th Dimension. They have no conscious knowledge of what is going on or how they can ease their pain. The Lightworkers are aware of what is happening and we have knowledge of the wonderful tools God has given to us to help shift our realities from pain and limitation to Heaven on Earth.

We volunteered to be our brother and sister's keepers. We vowed to hold the Light for them until they could lift up in consciousness and perceive the Light for themselves. This is an awesome responsibility, but it is the most rewarding thing we will ever do. The activation of the Matrix and Archetypes for Divine Government is a monumental step toward fulfilling the vows we have taken. Be here NOW!

Please state this affirmation daily as we prepare the way for Divine Government.

Beloved Father-Mother God, I know that everything that has ever been accomplished on the physical plane of Earth or in the Heavenly Realms has been accomplished by men and women of decision.

Without the WILL TO DO there is no permanence of accomplishment. I know this God Quality must be in the consciousness of Humanity preceding all action and all manifestation.

During this Cosmic opportunity for Lightworkers to activate the Matrix and Archetypes for Divine Government on Earth, I invoke the Will of God into the heart and mind of every soul.

Anchor the Will of God into our motives and feeling worlds. Place us firmly in the flow of our God Presences.

Impress the Will of God into our consciousness with such strength and power that there can no longer be any delay in all life lifting up out of the shadows of suffering and limitation.

The Will of God for all Humanity is the fullness of all good, all opulence, all beauty, all freedom.

What we WILL to be, we will be. What we WILL to manifest, we will manifest.

The Archetypes for Divine Government are manifold in their glorious expression. 

I Am the Open Door for these unseen patterns of perfection awaiting fulfillment through the hearts and minds of Humanity.

Humanity's God Selves now stand waiting to externalize the patterns of Divine Government through every Heart Flame. And, so they shall.

The Will of God is Light. The Will of God is Love.
The Will of God is Peace. The Will of God is Abundance.
The Will of God is Happiness. The Will of God is Purity.
The Will of God is Balance. The Will of God is Harmony.
The Will of God is Kindness. The Will of God is Good.

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