I received this letter from a dairy farmer.
Should any of your friends or relatives have 
this painful condition, please feel free to  
print this for them. Please also feel free 
to post this on your internet site. I require 
no credit or link to my website. Helping 
people is my reward. Making a positive 
difference in this world is one's highest 

Dear Mr. Cohen, 
You and I have stood on different sides 
of the fence for a number of years, but 
I've got a story to tell you, and an apology to 
offer. Catherine (my wife of 21 years) and I 
both grew up on dairy farms. We've been  
raising Holsteins as long as we can remember. 
Cath is just 42 years old, but she is crippled 
with rheumatoid arthritis. There is no record  
of this disease in her family, but she has been in  
pain for the past two years, much of it bedridden. 

We've tried traditional and alternative therapies  
and medicines, but she only got a little short  
term relief. We even tried acupuncture. Try  
finding an acupuncturist in the rural midwest!  
It was expensive, and didn't really work. 
Catherine's pain has been unbearable at times. 

Despite there being no information on the  
internet linking dairy consumption to  
rheumatoid arthritis, and nothing in 
medical journals (I've searched online 
medline), we made a resolution together 
to discontinue drinking our own milk, and not 
eat cheese or any other dairy product for  
six months, just to see if there would be 
some improvement. 

Damn. I have to tell you this. Catherine 
feels like she's been to Lourdes. She's 
cured. There is some pain, but most is 
gone. I've had changes too which I'll  
discuss some other time. I thank you, and 
curse you at the same time. Milking cows 
is my livelihood. I've always believed that 
what I was doing was the right thing. I'm 
not going to sell my cows and sell my farm. 
I love the business. I just don't feel that 
good about it anymore. You were right 
about the arthritis. I don't know about the 
cancer and heart attacks, but you have 
given us a miracle that doctors were not 
able to provide. It did not take us three 
to six months to learn the truth. It took 
just three weeks. I've ridiculed your work 
in the past. Please accept my apology. 
Your friend, 

Please do not give out my EMAIL address 
or last name.  I live in farm country and, 
well, you understand. Thank you. 

Dear Tom, 
My dear friend, Jane Heimlich (wife of Dr. Henry 
Heimlich, the "Heimlich Maneuver" physican), 
included this in her book, "What Your Doctor  
Won't Tell You." 

  "Of the nearly 7 million Americans who have  
   rheumatoid arthritis, most are women. Symptoms  
   are stiffness, aching muscles, fatigue, pain that  
   accompanies motion, and tenderness. Nutritional  
   therapy, not drugs, is the cornerstone of alternative  
   treatment. A treatment for arthritis that relieves  
   symptoms in a large percentage of patients is  
   based on the theory that most arthritic symptoms  
   are allergic reactions."  

I've found many examples of physicians and  
scientific studies linking dairy cosumption to  
rheumatoid arthritis. I've included a few of the  
following citations in my new book, MILK A-Z.  

  "Rheumatoid arthritis is more severe than osteoarthritis,is  
   most common in the hands and feet, and is characterized  
   by swelling of joints. Since this type of joint pain can be  
   a symptom of a food allergy, dietary change sometimes  
   has a profound effect. Dairy products, the most common  
   food allergen, are one likely candidate as a contributing  
   causative factor."  

Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition by  
George Eisman, M.A., M.Sc., R.D.  

  "...43 patients with rheumatoid arthritis, those  
   assigned to a vegan diet...had improvement in  
   rheumatoid arthritis symptoms."  

British Journal of Rheumatology, 36(1) 1997 

  "In the case of the eight year old female subject,  
   juvenile rheumatoid arthritis was a milk allergy.  
   After avoiding dairy products, all pain was gone  
   in three weeks."  

Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1985, 78    

  "Controlled trial of fasting and a one-year  
   vegetarian diet eased symptoms of rheumatoid  

The Lancet, 1991, 338  

  "In 1964, I learned of the experiences of Dr.  
   William Deamer of San Francisco. He had pointed  
   out the frequency of milk protein's casual  
   relationship to musculoskeletal pain in children  
   and especially the so-called 'growing pains.'  
   Since that time, I have had several children  
   with what appeared to be early rheumatoid  
   arthritis relieved and returned to good  
   health by little more than reassurance  
   and careful dietary manipulation."  

Don't Drink Your Milk, by Frank Oski, M.D. 
  "In systemic arthritis, like Rheumatoid, the  
   cause is coursing through the blood, and it  
   got there through the diet. When all of the 
   joints are involved, the cause is not physical,  
   but chemical. It's usually casein.(Eighty percent  
   of milk protein is casein). I once saw a 65 year  
   old man, Bob, who complained of neck stiffness  
   and headaches. His hands were so stiff and sore.  
   Bob lived to play golf. I instructed him to give  
   up all milk and dairy products. Since giving up  
   dairy products, he no longer experienced pain  
   and headaches, and his hands were also pain-free.  
   Joy, a 42 year old woman noticed that her knees  
   were pain-free after eliminating dairy products.  
   Once, after drinking a glass of milk, her knees  
   swelled within 20 minutes."  

No Milk, by Daniel Twogood, D.C.    

  "There is a colossal amount of information linking  
   the consumption of milk to arthritis... and a multitude  
   of other problems as documented by Hannah Allen,  
   Alec Burton, Viktoras Kulvinskas, F. M. Pottenger,  
   Herbert M. Shelton, and N.L. Walker, among others."  

Fit for Life, by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond    

  "Certain foods trigger the symptoms of rheumatoid  
   arthritis, and eliminating these foods sometimes causes  
   even long-standing symptoms to improve or even remit  
   entirely. It is important to avoid the problem foods  
   completely, as even a small amount can cause symptoms.  
   All dairy products should be avoided: skim or whole  
   cow's milk, goat's milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, etc."  

Neal Barnard, M.D. www.pcrm.org  

Robert Cohen