HEADS UP FLORIDA! It is important that we start dissolving these storms/hurricanes (there are several of them in the birthing process) energetically. Storms are collection of tears/fears that are uncried and unexpressed. The energy of the autumn equinox 9/23/2002 has awakened some dormant energies within us as well as within the earth. We do not always know what is going on consciously but we all know intuitively that something is up. It could be choices that others are making for the world and our future. Either way notice the energy inherent within your body, heart palutations, anxiety, low level fear, and stress, headache. The energy from the sun is amplifying all of these sensations. I feel also that the HARRP project http://www.seebo.net/haarp.html also http://www.aristotle.net/~klohmann/haarp.html is in activation state and affecting the weather in Florida. I will check with my Alaska connections to find this out for sure. 
Whatever is going on it is time for all of us in Florida to get busy with our LIGHT and send pure undiluted HEART ENERGY AND LOVE into these STORMS/HURRICANES. it is the only way we can dissolved them. see them as a beautiful child that has not been hugged or loved in many years and even through they kick and scream GIVE THEM LIGHT, GIVE THEM LOVE. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP, love Gillian