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Great and Positive Movement

 Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
4 Akbal, 6 Pax, 10 Caban   5/28/02

Greetings! We return, dear Ones.
Much is occurring in your realm and many remarkable events, on many different levels, are moving forward in your world.  Your world is a bewildering labyrinth of overt and covert levels of existence.  Those in power worship this crazy diversity and use it for their own ends.  Our path has been to observe these shenanigans and to report to you that a great and positive movement is indeed occurring. Through it all, you must remain centered.  Lock your focus on a total victory for the Light.  Although it is absolutely inevitable, your strong collective belief can hasten its unfolding.  Therefore, be positive and understand that your future is not a continuation of the events that you have witnessed during recent years. It will be a totally different sequence of events, and it is manifesting now. Heaven is determined to complete its sacred mission and return you to full consciousness. This operation is on a divine time track. Everything is unfolding as it is meant to. Your part is simply to prepare yourselves and, when called upon, to execute promptly what you have so carefully prepared for.

      Once again, we ask you to form groups that are devoted to transmuting the UFO cover-up and readying your world for first contact.  You will also need to inform your communities regarding the operation of everyone's transformational processes and the rapid creation of your galactic society. These responsibilities are yours. Ours are to assist you and, when necessary, to guide and teach you regarding these things.  Moreover, it is part of our mission to be the divine force that keeps your transformations on course.  Our heavenly supervisors will help us.  They are determined to see this procedure through to its foreordained conclusion.  Thus, we have been part of an immense team that is graciously impelling this operation toward a scenario decreed by the divine plan.  This has brought an enormous number of Beings to your shores.  We await the magical moment when we can joyously reveal our massive fleet to you.  That time, dear Hearts, is fast approaching.  Events are unfolding that promise to quickly change your present perceptions of reality.

      Your physical bodies, dear Ones, are integrating more easily with your emotional, mental and spiritual components. This beneficial process is accelerating greatly. The number of individuals becoming acutely aware of it is increasing exponentially.  However, the majority remains unaware of what is actually occurring, largely because those who feel threatened by these wide-spread changes to humanity have concealed so many of the events.  This is unfortunate but expected. The cabals have long controlled your realm and greatly benefited from their manipulations of your world's peoples.  By obeying procedures that they received from their former off-world masters, the Anunnaki, they set up operations that have forced the media and the healing professions to follow suit and withhold this vital information from you.  Assisting them have been the petty stubbornness and deep-seated fears of those who have become the ruling elites in these varied vocations.  Their inner doubts concerning the potential effects this truth might have upon their livelihoods have further impeded its spread.

      In your world, truth is a sharp sword that cuts deeply and keeps those who now manipulate you from functioning. It can transform their wicked scheming and, in one swift move, reveal a prodigious array of information to general view.  We have vigorously encouraged this process.  Your world is bringing to a close a colossal myth created by your former masters - the Anunnaki.  These formerly dark Beings successfully manipulated you into believing that they had created you and that the menials they chose were, deservedly, your secret rulers.  This period in your history is coming to an end.  At the same time, a new one is manifesting in which you will become truly sovereign and free.  Even the formerly dark Anunnaki have been transformed and have joined the galactic forces of the Light.  These things undeniably await you.  Keep your focus riveted on this, and remain resolute that victory will indeed be yours.  Know, also, that we are here and are determined to see that these positive events manifest in timely fashion, according to the divine plan.

      Our goal is to ensure that the truths surrounding your future are fully revealed to you. Those who now control your world believe that a dab of truth, applied in the right places, is quite enough.  They are deluded.  You need to know that your world is changing and that you are transforming.  You also need to know the truths that underlie your history and that a benevolent group of galactic Beings wishes to renew their relationship with you.  Your future will not be a continuation of what you already know.  Instead, it will be something that you have presently forgotten.  Every so often, these memories surface, moving you along toward the time when your memories again will become real.  Our task is to help you remember this fully conscious existence and to show you how to live and work successfully in such an environment.  We long for your inclusion in the Galactic Federation of Light and for the contributions that you, dear Hearts, will make.

      See yourselves, dear Ones, as part of a gigantic, integrated Being of Light. This Being wishes to unfold physicality according to the manner put forth by the divine plan.  Using its vast potential, this Being, in concert with many other similar Beings of the Light, creates physicality.  These Beings possess no distinct form.  They are neither lions nor birds nor any other living form with which you are familiar.  Rather, they are pure Light - divine Spirit. Each living form that they take, over the course of time, is chosen simply to carry out a divine purpose.  Their purposes are determined by the divine decree of Heaven, according to the divine commands of the Creator.  In this is revealed the truth of your creation.  This galaxy was once established as a place in which the Light could learn the ways of the dark.  In this vein, Anchara came into being and shaped the monstrous darkness that, with your help, will be transformed into Light.

      The process of transforming the dark has resulted in the Light and dark realm in which you dwell. On one hand are the worlds of Inner Earth, which comprise a vast, interconnected paradise beneath your feet.  Above you hover the enormous fleets of the Galactic Federation of Light that exist also in harmony and in the Light.  Then, there is the dark that long has ruled over you.  Beneath you, first, the dark minions of Anchara and then, the hirelings of the Anunnaki constructed a network of dark bases dedicated solely to the enslavement of the surface-dwellers.  This surface realm of yours is the heart of the action. The dark underpinnings of your secret government are approaching their end.  Similarly, those who so arrogantly have directed them for so many decades are terminating their secret rule of your world. The time has come for the great victory of the Light.

      Presently, dear Hearts, the endgame of a drama that began long ago in ancient Atlantis is being played out.  As you survey this world, realize that its long drama is ending in inestimable chaos.  This chaos has brought many troubling events into view.  Again, see them as merely the last, dying moments of your current reality.  A new reality is being born at this very instant.  In this new reality, you are destined to fulfill your grand destiny.  We harp upon this again only to emphasize a profound truth.  You are swiftly headed toward a new, much more harmonious and gracious reality.  Heaven has duly canceled any Armageddon that may now seem possible.  Remember this, and stay strongly focused on your positive goals. Know, in your heart of hearts, that the victory you seek is about to be yours!

      Today, we have discussed the issues that underlie recent events.  Use your immense power to positively transform your reality.  Join together at this momentous time in your history and prepare your world for change.  Know that we are among you and that we will not leave until our present mission of first contact is successfully completed.  We now take our leave.  Blessings, dear Ones!  Know, in your heart, that the Prosperity and Abundance of Heaven is indeed yours!  Amen. Selamat Gajun!  Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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