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Galactic Federation Perspectives
Update by Sheldan Nidle
for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

12 Kan, 7 Kayab, 10 Caban                     6/18/02

Greetings! We arrive with more to tell you. In this message, we will continue the review of our fleet and of our preparations for the approaching completion of our first contact mission. As we have mentioned many times before, first contact is the event that most singularly acts as the line that separates the last 13 millennia of your life on Earth from your glorious future.  Thus, we understand the vast implications of what we are about to accomplish together.  To this end, we have encouraged our personnel to carry out the orders of Heavens as painstakingly as possible.  This continuing command has led our forces to intervene directly in your affairs only to the extent they are allowed.  In doing so, we have never killed or physically interfered with those on your world who opposed these decrees.  Instead, we have left such degrees of interference to Heaven's more than capable hands.  Our purpose is merely to serve, and not give you reason to think that we are less than we appear to be - benevolent Beings of Light.  This concept stands at the very core of the protocols followed by this first contact mission.

      A major point of misinformation is the extent to which we are portrayed, in your press, television and cinema, as malevolent torturers who abduct great numbers of your populace at will or as alien conquerors bent on overtaking your world.  Both of these concepts are patently false. The oft-heard rumors concerning an off-world takeover and the current 'abductions' originate with your world's secret governments, to instill fear and distrust and simply to control your opinions of us.  This propaganda has severely restricted many of our actions and has forced us to substantially increase the levels of secrecy we use in contacts with your governments and our earthly allies.  Carried out too openly, these communications could be dismissed as part of the 'world takeover' storylines that they have planted so cleverly in your movies, television, books and magazine articles over the past five decades.   What these writings do not tell you is how your secret government has manipulated its covert contacts with us.  Nor has the technology that we have given them ever been revealed.

      Until the middle of your last decade, two groups of off-worlders existed upon your world. We, the first group, were limited by Heaven and by the dictates of our main ruling body.  The second group was a dark alliance that made a series of special pacts with your true secret rulers, the Anunnaki, permitting them to interfere with the Anunnaki's earthly minions.  These acts resulted in technologies that, in some cases, may still sound to you like science fiction - advanced magnetic propulsions, solid-state electronics, drugs for mind control, 'free energy' generators, cloning, time travel, and so on.   To allow your secret government to carry out a future planned direct takeover of your world, a blueprint was drawn up using these then-dark off-worlders to scan your world's population.  The results of these studies were intrinsic to your dark lords' plan.  The final stage, directed by your secret governments, was to be an invasion from outer space that initially would enrage the populace and later allow your governments to declare worldwide martial law.

      The last phase of this scenario - a planned off-world invasion - was attempted many times over the past two decades.  In each case, it failed abysmally, as a result of our direct interference under the close supervision of Heaven.  Moreover, the fear promoted by your secret governments, involving bizarre abductions, animal and human mutilations and other related phenomena, is based upon technologies they received from their former off-world allies.  In the middle of the last decade, an agreement was reached, ending problems with the star-nations and galactic empires that have bitterly opposed us in this galaxy.  The crux of this treaty of peace involves Mother Earth.  Your heartening progress toward the Light and the fulfillment of your magnificent destiny have made all of this possible.  The result has been the Treaty of Anchara, which ends the possibility that your dark rulers' evil agenda ever could succeed.

      In the years since this treaty was signed, your secret government endeavored to implement its agenda but has encountered the opposition of Heaven and of several earthly allies, as well as our own.  This grand coalition has been able to obtain victories that have moved us ever closer to first contact.   However, the most obstinate of these covert 'overlord' groups has taken control of one of your major governments and used its acquired resources to temporarily delay our inevitable success.  This one group controls a major cache of secret weaponry and technology.  It also contrived a scheme that resulted in an unspeakable disaster and traumatized many on your world.  The degree of fear possessed by this one cabal is unimaginable.  It fears that full disclosure of its actions will result in its utter destruction.  That fear has caused them, time and again, to renege on their agreements.  It also has created the need to limit them.

      Our strategy is to fulfill Heaven's plan and encourage the success of our earthly allies.  It has caused us to watch closely the actions of this one cabal.   Our first step is to limit its governmental terrorism, which has included biological and nuclear weaponry, against its own people.  We have neutralized their various efforts to carry out this horrible deed.  Further, they have revived the concept of a staged invasion, which our forces are also monitoring.  We have the technology to neutralize any vehicles or holographic devices that they may employ.  We also are observing their use of time travel and teleportation technologies.  No ploy will be permitted that allows them to expand the 'beach head' that Heaven already has given them.   It was granted only to expose their vile intentions and to limit their effects on your destiny.

      A major concern of your secret government is the large planet-like vehicle that is now headed toward you.  This vehicle's purpose is not to destroy your world, but is simply a heavenly sign to this cabal that its time in power is very limited.  This celestial object's purpose is not to create a vast catastrophe of epic proportions.  It will not give rise to an enormous worldwide flood or cause massive casualties.  It is a divine weapon that demonstrates their need to surrender and to allow grand abundance and a new reality to manifest upon your world.  We are benevolent and do not wish to seriously endanger that which we desire for you.  Soon, however, we will do what we must to remove this obstacle from our path.  Until that moment of heavenly consent, we will permit our earthly allies their right to be heard.

      This moment in your history is a time of transformation. Remember, dear Hearts, that you are witnessing the final stages of a vast and chaotic state of being.  Never lose sight of what is actually unfolding.  Your world has a destiny that is being watched over by Heaven.  Your potential will be realized. Do not be discouraged by what you may believe to be real or celebrate prematurely what is not. We ask you to simply remain focused and fully committed to your victory.  That victory will demand constant vigilance.  Let your heart be aware of what is truly taking place.  Use your inner 'knowing' to judge what is before you.  Understand that the next steps in your journey are based upon that inner 'knowing'.  Heaven bestows this upon you for a purpose - to help you navigate successfully the route that lies ahead. Use it carefully and do not let your head lead you astray.

      Today, we have discussed what is unfolding and how to examine it intelligently. Do not let rumor or misinformation lead you around like lost sheep. Be prudent and wise. Look within and discover, there, the Truth. We are here simply to guide and help you to reach Heaven's goal - your return to full consciousness. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know deeply that the infinite Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is indeed yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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