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Matthew on Food, Love and Fear,  the Big Viewpoint
This is a letter I wrote to Matthew's mother after reading the last message he gave, and his answer to it:

Hi Suzy,
I just finished reading the recent Matthew message about the food.  Does he have anything to say about the micro waved foods, and the irradiated foods?  I ask because I live out in the country, and have been dumping the leftover food scraps out over the balcony for the "critters" around here.  Wherever it falls, the area under it won't grow anything.  It used to be that compost would make things grow better, but now it just kills everything.  So I have to wonder if I am doing the critters a favor, or is this bad for them too, and do we really have to start growing our own food to be safe?  I tried planting an old bathtub, but the soil I bought killed everything I planted.  I used to have a green thumb, but a horticulturist friend of mine said that they make the dirt so that it kills things, so that people will buy more plants.  Jeesh!  So I gave up.  Love, Sue
Subject: Re: Foods? Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002
From: "Suzanne Ward"

Dear Sue...
Here is Matthew's answer to your message:

"Dear Sue,
Earth is in such flux at this time that it is not possible to say that something in effect in one spot is in effect in the same measure, or even at all, in every other.  I am referring to the individual spaces and activities and choices not only of food and plantings such as you are asking about, but *all* of the choices persons make regarding their lives and the lives they touch. 

I know this may sound strange because certainly in the 'umbrella' design of happenings, situations are affective worldwide, but it is the progression of light absorption by people in a specific locale that determines not only what they personally experience, but even in such seemingly unaffected things such as the dirt purchased in bags as opposed to the 'native soil.' Because everything, everywhere throughout the universe is of energy fluctuating at various vibratory levels, everything is influenced by the energy around it.

Rather astonishing things are taking place on Earth, and these are in accordance with the energy generated by individuals' thoughts, feelings, words and motives related to all of their activities, and those cumulative effects dictate whatever occurs in that area as well as whatever leaves that area, such as locally produced items. 

From your experiences I would say that in your locale there is insufficient progressive light absorption to overcome the third density effects of those incidences you mentioned.  There is no one answer or solution for what may seem like identical situations but in different areas. To be specific for your purposes, the soil that you purchased may be deprived of usual nutrition and unable to respond sufficiently to your own light and thereby be healthful for the seedlings you plant.  It may come from a place where the soil has absorbed negativity because of the energy of the people who live there and those who work with packaging and selling.  This is not to say that those individuals are dark in nature, but only that their collective negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, or anguish about personal or widespread situations such as war threats, rampant disease, or starvation of masses in other countries, are creating the local negativity that in turn affects products.

Please know that from the energy I discerned from your message, you are not the 'culprit' in what you are experiencing with food scraps seeming to render the soil beneath incapable of nourishing grass or other plants. But also please keep in mind that you are in total control of your reactions!  If you regard these happenings with alarm, you are adding to their inability to absorb light.  If you choose to bless these situations and think positively of light coming into them, then you have the power to effect those kinds of changes.  That may seem to you too difficult or even impossible, and if so, then your doubts also are adding negativity instead of reducing it.

Yes, indeed some circumstances prevailing there are harmful to plants, animals and human bodies because of DNA programming that is beyond your sole ability to alter, and I refer here to such toxins as those in chemtrails or radiation from nuclear waste and other situations that are so heavily laden with poison that it would take belief systems beyond third density to alleviate. 

The 'good news' here is that collective belief in the capability to change these types of situations *will* change them as sufficient light is absorbed into the cellular level of the bodies of people whose consciousness rises to receptivity of the light.  This would be the combination of each individual responding positively and thus adding his or her light to the collective light generated on and off-planet that has reached and surpassed the sustained amount required for the evolution of the planet and her life forms that accept the light.  In this 'ascension' process, events and conditions now bringing great harm to the planet will diminish, then disappear entirely as they cannot survive in the lighter density into which Earth is moving.

For Earth's human population, what exactly is 'accepting the light'? Dropping the third density tendencies to feel prejudices and hatred of differences, to act in greed, to judge others for their choices, to hold resentments or to desire vengeance, to progress through ruthlessness and cheating, to control others and deny their free will choices, to blindly follow 'dogma' or 'orders' when instinct tells that they are not based in godliness. And the greatest of all prevalent third density limitations based in negativity is fear. 

Actually, all of those negative emotions and motives I mentioned arise from fear.  Without understanding that, one could logically think that in changing directions in some of those areas while remaining predominantly fearful of personal or world situations, they are growing spiritually.  That is progress indeed, but not in the measure one may think. Spiritual evolution is learning to live without fear, it is living with full trust in the power of love, which is the most powerful force in the universe.

The word "love" has been so commonly used that it is severely abused, as in 'I love artichokes' or 'I loved that movie,' so first I say what LOVE is *not*.  Food or entertainment can indeed give pleasure, and I surely am not debasing enjoyments that can be uplifting, but those fleeting sensations are not LOVE.  Neither is LOVE the physical attraction of one party to another that leads to anxiety about the long-term security of the relationship.

LOVE is not controlling a mate, it is not pitying or worrying about family or friends, it is not professional success, it is not possessions, it is not dependent upon fame or financial wealth or others' opinions of you.  LOVE is not crusading for your beliefs.  LOVE does not require understanding mystical spiritual teachings or all karmic components of experiencing  or the continuum that you call time and space or the universal laws.

So, then, what *is* LOVE?  In simplest terms, LOVE is God's sharing of Himself with all of His creations.  LOVE is within the soul and needs only your allowance of those innate sensations of loving others and receiving that in return.  The opposite of LOVE is not hatred, it is the absence of LOVE, the absence of knowing that you and God and every other of God's creations are inseparable.  LOVE has no limitations, no boundaries to its capacity.  LOVE is the healing force of the universe.

In expression, LOVE is treating others with kindness, fairness, honesty, compassion, helpfulness, caring.  If LOVE can be said to have 'ingredients,' then those are some of the ingredients of godly expression in action.  Realizing that no one can know others at soul level and therefore does not judge an individual, but rather does not condone an action seen as injurious, is LOVE. 

Listening to one's Godself is LOVE.  Living the kind of life that engenders loving *self* is LOVE.  Knowing that Earth is a sentient, conscious life herself and respecting all of her life forms is LOVE.  Feeling joy yourself when you see it in others is LOVE.  Doing something that brings joy to another is LOVE.  Forgiveness of self and others is LOVE.  Doing 'good deeds' without attaching expectations is LOVE. Sharing your resources with full heart is LOVE. The quiet thrill of seeing a sunset or hearing a songbird is LOVE, and a smile is one of the simplest and most radiating expressions of LOVE.

Sue, this goes way beyond your questions because I am addressing an approach to life that affects the entire Earth -- feeling LOVE for Earth herself and all of her life forms.  My mother has received a request for me to speak about love, so this is greatly in my thoughts as well as being a realistic continuation of my speaking about the resutls of fear in relation to your message.  Actually, you may read parts of my response to that 'love' request exactly as they appear in this message to you.

And I may not have answered your question explicity about microwaving food.  The answer is, if you feel fearful about that food now, you will be better off not to use that form of cooking.  But if you can wholeheartedly believe that it is not harmful to your body, it will not be! It is a matter of the light within each soul that harms or protects.

However, if fear enters a situation across the board, if it becomes totally accepted that microwaving is harmful, it will be for people collectively. Conversely, if no fear is connected with it, it will not be harmful to Earth bodies.  In a recent message in response to several questions of general interest, I spoke more about this.  That message disseminated by a light worker via his Global Light Network no doubt is what you read."

Note by Keth: SETH said the same thing in his books. What you Believe about what you eat affects you as much or more than What you eat.

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