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June 6, 2002
Sananda through Lisa/Sereta
News of This Celestial Sphere


"I AM ONE WITH GOD-SOURCE I AM", and forever may the grape vine of spirit grow beneath your feet into the heart of all there is, unraveling the depth of quality you already carry. To recognize divinity within God-Cel pulls in truth, clarity and justice within the cellular remembrance. It is at that exact moment, one steps off the beaten path of duality, and understands Source Light commands a different story, perception and vision of a higher order. In today's master planned societies you have what is best called the Twinning aspect of source in conjunction with universal orders. It is the artful penetration of spirit in the physical which manifests its seed into growth that hails the powers of 7 in every way, shape and form. Sacred mathematics move from the Eternal Gate inside the nucleus of every fiber in your being, and sends its messages throughout not only the cellular structures of humanity, but the atmosphere of crystal clear source light.

On a day-to-day basis the mindset is increasingly becoming aware of what works for a physical structure and what is no longer appropriate to house a vibration of Christ. Therefore the spiritual seekers, completers, and path openers have developed biological re-patterning on earth. You may find yourself second guessing what has been presented before by way of higher self, for that runs a different set of dynamics other then the Gate of God's Eternal Garden. We recommend highly that each person allow for the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus to commune with the God-Cel. For instance that which was maintaining a human body in way of nutrients will upgrade dramatically as the coming Summer Gate of Luminus Cancer paves way for Crystal Clear Light biology. You have been prepared over 7 years time actually as the mind set moves from one form of Protein Synthesis in the cellular level into the next level of Crystal Source Synthesis which strengthens a body of God. Dietary habits must! move forward and change for many of you. Ask yourself, are you doing everything possible to eliminate lower density from the body. What is the care in preparation of food, and are you willing to make one day a week your detoxifier and remain in accepting nutrition of a higher order, which means fasting. Once the Ark of the Covenant enters the atmosphere of humankind the body must adjust to house its vibration.

If you have taken great care to change emotional/mental/physical patterns today is the golden opportunity to finally eliminate physical strain on the health. We have observed much rising to the surface, which looks like dis-ease, but in the last vestige of the double light of Gemini what appears as illness can be immediately turned around into healing on multiple levels. One must allow for all fears to surface and face the self-created existence in order to FEEL the essence of Love that has no conditions. Gemini is great for deceiving the issue, or justification of what is showing up, therefore one really does not move into the deepest core of final release. So what goes around, turn it back around and face the self without lower emotions, and when you do that's when the magic integrates, for the crafty double door of spirit changes and pulls everything necessary to advance into ones knowing. The sacral can then finally prepare to house such a vibration of source essence a! nd one never looks back. If you notice the old clearing techniques simply do not work once the God-Cel enters. One is expected to keep up with spiritual intelligence and connect direct to source.

Focus is the key to recognizing the ascended ones already manifested on earth in every country, for the focus on ones own mastery closes the door to density, and you are not expected to live in two worlds on earth, you are gifted with living in the home of God/Shambhalla at all times. As you struggle to expand your spiritual knowing and have become accustomed to living your branch on the Tree of Life, you are shaken and stirred to expand that branch into every day society and find the way to blend while breathing unconditional love into each situation encountered. This draws out fear in many that are finding their spiritual channeling challenged to upgrade and FIND THE WAY into the hearts of every facet of humanity. It is a diamond which must be polished, however the Black Ray of Gemini holds the unique capability to pave the road, eliminate disaster, and call all tools unto self while reaching into the universal mind. Remember the Black Ray is one of the greatest assets a! nd can only be utilized in the highest. Once hidden by earth consciousness, it has been opened by those willing to understand color, the power of sound, light and mathematics. You are master creators on the spot that blends with modern day Bethlehem/Earth because the mind is opened to its intelligence.

Let's examine the creative powers of existence so that you may have a greater understanding of healing, the art of living in joy, and physical perfection in every way. Through the mind set of master creators many of us agreed to become the 13th star/tribe of existence in the universe, a celestial event that would mark the beginning of a new universal existence. The Tree of Life in modern day fashion would be one example of grand creation and can be comprehended by any individual willing to go the extra mile. The ascended body of God-biology would be another grand creation. The multiple human gifts would take the larger plane of expression such as the Tree and seed its new growing patterns which continually are evolving and keeping up with this knowledge by becoming one in the unified fields of love. The Ark of the Covenant would truly be the single greatest creation on earth. For is houses in the holy sacral of holies, opening the gate to the holy root of holies, the holy ! solar of holies, and the sacred heart of spiritual light. As your body will change, for that is destiny you created, I ask one question, in truth and honor with your Source Light, have you come this far in personal evolvement to succumb to Dis-ease, Anger or Fear of your own Power. Step through that Black Void, open into the Pure White Light of Christ healing within and upgrade your vision to see the perfection at all times. If you have prayed and asked with all your might for assistance, IT HAS ALREADY MANIFESTED. You are simply grounding the source light, and I wonder if you understand that you sound like a recording that has gotten used to repeating old words, if you are in distress. With this I humbly request maybe its time to change your personal attitude with spirit, for the resistance of Gemini is complete. In one moment you can turn the source energy switch on and stay there forever encapsulated in joy that never ends. You may be the highest of intelligence, you may ha! ve a young structure, you may manifest great amounts of time, money and play, but in the end, the essence of spiritual peace, truth and becoming source light speaks louder then words. The holy of throat holies then changes its dynamics to emit the sweet sensation of source felt by all that come into contact with it. A vine of rooted source grows from the feet center and blooms in the throat heralding the Rod of Power with Ease. What many of you are experiencing is a change from being too careful with words or wording into just allowing what comes in to express itself, because God speaks a different language, and the probing nature of a master is not caught up with being careful, a master knows simply there is nothing but truth of light without holding back.

The holy of 3rd eye holies has exceptional vision and no longer contains hidden pictures, but is a free flow of sight. A Vision of spirit starts off with great intention, the next step is to take that same vision and do whatever is necessary to pilot the flight into earth. That would include personal observation and continual realignment, regardless if the first grouping of the Messiah goes through readjustment to ground it, but what you will notice now is the vision-Aries are the grounders of source light. They have accepted the responsibility to see a program from its inception all the way into the ground, and that's when you see a smaller grouping of master educators who have no concern of what earth consciousness may or may not accept, they are employed by source and know it. When the split of heaven/earth abandoned the self many were dismayed at God Consciousness, but twinning that vine of light is the same face of God, which turns on the light. As all are God, it was! that one moment of time which changed life forever, and yet you can honestly say that you KNOW what love is, you KNOW what aspiring to be the best you are feels like, and you KNOW when an alignment is directly connected for life runs smooth. You then enter with that connection into the Power of 7, the crowning glory of spirit, which automatically pulls the I AM Presence into the crown and root and when the holy of crown holies embeds its light the root/crown become the same working team. Both that which is rooted on the lightbody earth, as well as that which is open to the universe. The Ark of the Covenant goes beyond the 7 seals, that were easy to retain, but digging deeper it is the energy field of the Temple of Light, which must be integrated in the physical for the Ark to regain its stature in the Sacral Plexus. Therefore we perceive that the sacral is key to opening all sacred commitments made in the name of source light from the inception of the universe, all the way to! this beloved star we birthed, and continue to thrive upon.

It is perhaps the greatest honor and gift this Summer Solstice to recognize that ones deepest desires shall surface in more ways than you know. You have worked lifetimes, galaxies, universes to make this completion on 6/22/2002, which completes a magic pentagram of 5 moving in as gold becomes the key alchemical charge, and the hidden white gold pulls in the sacred mathematics behind the golden Eternity symbol, and then sets that into motion with the crystalline light one activates inside. Please see to it, your vision rides the wave of a spiritual attitude with strength, belief and passion. That is commanding the elements. What you shall experience after this meditation is the body processing for one week, and then that's it, THE OLD PROCESSING DEPARTMENT OF SPIRIT IS ELIMINATED. The tree is trimmed of how it was grown through the first through 6th golden ages. It is the power of crowning 7 that takes over until we inhabit perfection through the 12th golden age, becoming t! he Ark of Bethlehem and intelligently creating a new grapevine instead of the Tree. The 1st Messiah grouping is complete; those, which accepted its seed crystal and manifested physical light, will know this. There is a 9-month window of opportunity opened for training new ones which were asked to replace others that chose not to manifest this 1st grouping, and those of the 1st grouping that have held commitment and yet still faltering on personal alignments.

The Black Ray is the ultimate to make perfection and changes blend in quite magically. The first grouping will then become dispersed into smaller family units still connected to the large tree of life. On this summer solstice there will be several seeds handed to many ready for the vibrational flow. There are 55 earth incarnates receiving of the Golden Tahitian Pearl through the back of the spine spreading through the heart and shoulders of all there is. It may feel like your backs are expanding, but these entities work with myself along with the one known as Mother Mary. Here we challenge old belief systems dear ones, Mother Mary is a solar level entity born of two sides of the same recycled patterns, so much so that people have generously split her into two essences, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. The very energy of Mary was Gemini in the Christ times, and she performed the highest of sensations and the lowest, but in the static filled solar system and an attempt to und! erstand what the Christ times were about it has densified her into two entities, and both facets of her one physical structure are correct. Her higher self eventually entered upon her essence as she did complete her training in Scotland/England with another beloved one that is her earth perfected Twin Ray and completion on every level of the universe. Her higher self was called Lady Master Morgan, which rides the higher self dynamics and large group energy, but to refine her once again as the unique spark of God she is one would encounter the Ark Angel Amelia, or  some know her as Amiel. This pulls the unique perspective that literally takes the intelligence of Gemini to flow with the light changes. She is now connecting all 55 Golden Tahitian Pearl carriers to work through the Gemini gate of oneness. The silver thread of the Great Central moon knowledge will rapidly upgrade and evolution is never stagnant. I will assist in the gathering of these 55 seeds of Great Moon Li! ght and participate for it blends the male/female partners, both those of completion and those of brotherly/sisterly friendships, which contain no confusion.

Coupling with Amelia will be another matching Twin Seed that works directly with the celestial completion of male/female Twin Rays, or exact vibrational matches. It will be the other face of the Golden Tahitian Pearl. These are ones on earth that have grown in vibration to the point of manifesting in the spirit physical their interdimensional completion. Although it has seemed quite a stretch to integrate the concept of romance in a higher nature, there are many who work on this detail, the Twin Ray team has produced great results and will reap the rewards of the hearts greatest desire this Summer Solstice. On top of that, it will seem like a natural happening because it is, there is no demarcation between the ascended realm and earth, all is available. Many will drop the concept of other stars, space command, for the etheric match will enter unseen by many yet recognized by the masters. Therefore there is no fear of earth sensationalism as reported by the media, for in it! s disguise is a greater plan activating as we speak. You are at the door of grandeur, the promise of a land free from solar level consciousness, yet how many will be willing to make the change of attitude within to step through that door. Please allow us to assist you in the process.


Close your eyes for just a momentary expanse and relax into the etheric web of Christ Pure Essence and allow that to embrace your fears, until you are breathing, feeling love. A new door opens today you have no longer to observe the past or integrate duality, for you may have had to understand density, but you certainly don't have to experience it again. Dynamics in your energy field will change, as everything starts flowing your way including your unique universal God-Cel. As it unravels you eliminate the Gemini essence and house the door of El-Lunia both the masculine and feminine blend. You have intelligence riding the wave of brain activation beyond earth measure opening up with circulation of the crown center. You may have a moment or two of electronics sparking and that is quite normal. You will have the continual circulation of the I AM Presence enter upon the crown, and it will blend with the heart centers circulation system. It is but another avenue created to mer! ge heaven/earth in the human body. As is deepens its connection the mind will begin to unleash the evolving diamond of light we call your Merkivah. As it does you will call forth the modern day Temple of Light. There will be 13 manifested on earth with the first one opening in Thailand. They are an important show of unity with master trainers on earth and a support system built on trust of the divine.

The Emerald Way opens up purified Aquarian light, and as it does the body is asked to listen to its yearning for physical biological perfection. Make that commitment to change old patterns and listen as your source carries the final say. You may stop eating animal products, find yourself juicing and cleansing the colon, but it is the Liver we connect through the mighty throat of change. A tube of light from the back of the throat slides down into the liver and deposits a generator of SOURCE LIGHT. It will take some set up work with your source first, to eliminate old throat patterns. The liver does not process earth density in a light body, that is why it will no longer be appropriate to run dense energies through the body, as the cells will not accept soul level or higher self living at this point. The God-Cel expands its vision and it will feel as if you are changing a light bulb in the body from the higher self light into God/I AM/Source. The protein/strength synthesis ! of the human body is best generated from source light, and that carries into the lymph nodes and spreads the source throughout humanity. Heart essence will spread its wings as love for self carries into love of humanity, love of God, love of Source, love of all that has no-conditions.

You are connecting direct with source, as I AM Presence dances to the harmony of self-reliant behavior in joy. A quality of service assignment connects the power of 7-earth chakra station into the Sacral Center. As you have been given the tools to eliminate the subconscious, deep subconscious and collective unconscious all animal behaviors of survival leave as balance restores its faith into the thinking, feeling and nurturing of a higher nature. You have every capable creative endeavor at your command, for that is the path of human mastery. The consciousness of earth elements opens up the telepathic assistance and you no longer see fairies, devas that is for higher self, you speak direct with the elements as each earth essence carries source generated light. In this you come alive with clear communications throughout the universe. You are grounded in human growth and development, yet not beholden to its dense nature, for you can let go of your own density, which goes back! to the origination of duality. You know the true feeling of love, passion, commitment, sacred male/female relations of every sort. You remember there is one sacred partner of universal proportions come to rejoin with physical light earth. How grand the illusion, how simple the equation of manifestation.

We ask all components of your physical body, energy field, and universal essence come together, and with that in one instant moment everything changes, as your God-Brain/Mind and Body enters quickly forever changing your waking conscious light. You have the tools to complete and manifest your greatest desires, you are the command of Christ Pure essence and in that will you find the greatest sensation of all, inner Peace. I love you all in the heart of the Lion's Gate, it will roar with the triumphant return of truth, knowledge and physical sensations of spirit, enjoy dear hearts, you have stepped into a new beginning, Sananda (Ark Angel Zachary, Universal God-Spark and Clarity)
Channeled by Lisa Smith

Dear Friends, I cannot tell you how much has happened in less than a month, talk about God-speed, but finally after all is said and done there is truly a sensation of Peace within I have not felt in a long time. We are preparing for our once a year Summer Solstice this weekend in Reno, Nevada and for once I get the ramifications of what this beloved group attending this session is doing. We are providing a gateway across the globe for every facet of society no matter what their circumstance an opportunity to enjoy God through the Ark of the Covenant, and unveiling the Ark Angel healing program that has capability of instantaneous results on mass levels without having to go through the old tree of processing. Believe me still working on that one myself, and my physical body feels aches and pains not experienced in years. And yes, that is a strange one to me to fast one day a week, sometimes I even wait just 24 hours and then head straight for the food, thinking okay I made ! it, now I can eat. But its funny because when I channel seminars I don't eat much because of that vibration running strong, so that actually just lets me in on a big Gemini secret. I had not come into the realization that somehow I was not maintaining that vibration, for I have every capability to do it. I went back to the drawing board with Sananda/Zachary and finding how interesting I have fed into old age/new concepts. And something so funny, I channel all this stuff and then go back and say Oh Yea, finally lets get that God Light Bulb in the Bod.

I had the most incredible 10 days in Alaska with our Immortal Vacation of which we learned so much. I had a very unique group of people attend so that the next weekend when we unveiled the Twin Ray and Dragon Ray class's people that were new into this work just got it. It was actually the first time I had seen in the physical someone come in heavily guided by the astral plane, and within 4 hours that plane of energy was just gone, and replaced by source light. That to me was instantaneous manifestation. Also Sananda/Zachary requested we stop eating meat, fish, eggs, chicken, etc. so while he was channeling through in my head I was thinking okay I can still eat M and M's and pizza! It really has not been hard to make the change, for my body now will not tolerate too much food that is not the best for the health. Before this time, he says we were not ready to make that commitment with food, and our human structures were not set up for source protein synthesis. It also gets a! little tricky because sometimes people may stop eating all together a little before their body is ready to handle that, and its usually an astral activation, or false sense of self. So there is definitely a time line when the body cuts down on certain foods, and as the vibrations rise, we have those that are creating the vibrationally correct plants. One of those entities is named Dan Young in Alaska, and he has some powerful tools with his team coming forward, and I can tell you in less then a month my whole body has changed! Besides that Sananda/Zachary has me working out twice a day to get in shape and keep grounded. He makes a good coach, and cheerleader.

I also had the opportunity to go visit my brother who is a Police Commander in Washington and his family. Spirit sent me there to pass on several messages, which lo and behold he accepted. We were raised Baptist and so my personal life changes and his has actually brought us closer to together, and although he still firmly reads and believes in the Bible and Revelations I found that we had much more in common than not. Love moves in strange ways, especially when I told him channeled information in the physical and he looked at me like he already knew somehow. Ah, the miracle of the new ways. I hit the jackpot of weekends, because my niece and nephew had many activities going on and I saw them all. I also conveniently set myself up to see that I was going to have to Find the Way to connect with mainstream society and realized I had quite a ways to go in that department. I came back and slept for a week straight. Darn just when I was getting good at working with those who ar! e spiritually seeking they throw in the next step, booted my butt back into the earth plane.

This brings me to new concepts by spirit, which took some time for me to get used to. There is a story behind ArkAngel Zachary and Sananda essence. Most people that attend my seminars know of this essence. We do not pretend that someone has many aspects because that's just not the way I'm taught, however the group energy of Sananda is made up of many entities with Sananda as team commander and that is a higher self understanding. Once you refine and trace the Jesus Christ energy it goes from solar Jesus, higher self group of Sananda and yet that very same electronic expands upon individual God-Spark called Arkangel Zachary. He has for some time been requesting that I present this in more of a broad base format, and to prove his point three people in this one week have asked me why I don't mention about Ark Angel Zachary, because it really does refine him to his God-Spark, so I thought okay will do it. I started off by teasing and calling him ZachSan by putting the two name! s together, and just call him Zach now, he likes it, and the familiar face I know and love so well. It's also easy for people to continue to know him by Sananda, because that's quite a stretch and letting go. But there will come a time when we switch it over to Zachary, probably when I get used to it!

Power of 7pm and Magic Time
Every evening at 7pm Zachary himself is setting up healing time for one hour and offers this to all entities that wish to partake. It will work on multiple levels of light body alignments, source connection, understanding behavioral patterns, and wipe the slate clean so we can get on with it already. It will also provide much study for us that do healing work in groups and on an individual basis as we learn and grow together for these programs are to be fun, make heads stand up and pay attention, and show in the physical this is the true essence of God. So please join in on the fun.

Our God-Cel necklaces are going faster then I can hand write the channels, but they are working great and just an opening to Alchemy I am taught. We will see you around, and remember the Summer is for you, as the fruit of the grapevine enhances the sweet sensations of earth life. There will be a part 2 following soon by EElijah Love,   Lisa/Sereta
Warriors of Peace

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