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Emissaries of the Light        28 August 2002 
Channeled through Jim Langman 

Greets and blessings everyone.  We are the Emissaries of the Light.  

We come among you again after not communicating with you for some 

time.  It gives us great joy to be with you again.  Let us now bring 

you up to date with what is unfolding upon your world and also above 

you.  Your world is within the throws of much turmoil.  Much of what 

is happening is well known by you already.  But there also is much 

which is not being brought to your attention.  We would like to use 

this time that we have to awaken you further to the enormous amount 

of destruction that is being done to Mother Earth, and also the great 

harm that continues against the human population that resides upon 

your world. 

Mother Earth daily is bombarded with experimental technologies which 

the ones that are ordering the usage of these particular 

technologies, do not fully comprehend or understand what they are 

doing.  Technologies such as sound waves within your oceans that are 

having a catastrophic effect upon the creatures that dwell within 

your oceans.  The variety of sea creatures that are being destroyed 

on a daily basis is at a level that is totally unacceptable to us.  

The whale population is also being drastically affected by these 

ongoing tests.  We have made it very clear to your leader that this 

is unacceptable and it will not be tolerated.  So far, our messages 

have been ignored by this particular leader that seems to be hell-

bent on his own agenda. 

This leader does not serve the greater good of all, but serves, and 

serve he does, the few remaining Illuminati team members that still 

remain upon your world. It has already been made very clear, what the 

repercussions will be if they persist in their quest for total 

domination.  We have also made it very clear what we are prepared to 

do on your behalf if they do not cease their activities.  Mother 

Earth has entered into a very critical stage of her development.  She 

has ask for us to be her protectors in these final stages of her 

ascension.  Mother Earth has the full support and protection of all 

that is. 

We shall intervene at a moment's notice should the occasion arrive, 

make no mistake about this dear ones
.  Your future is already assured 

and sealed within the divine intention of creation.  Your world is so 

special to the whole scheme of  the Creator's plan.  Your governments 

are very acquainted with the usage of chemicals which are being 

sprayed within your atmospheres.  Let us tell you that no country is 

being spared from these evil acts against humanity.  We are very 

aware of your frustrations regarding the terms that we use such 

as "the near future" and the use of the word "soon".  To us, 

everything is happening very quickly and accelerating as each day 

goes by.  Whereas with you, the near future seems to be like an eternity. 

You have a most difficult part to play in this whole process. We are 

fully aware that your tasks are not small ones, but ones you will 

achieve most successfully.  What you all have accomplished is so 

incredible and we are in awe of your strengths and accomplishments.  

There are many upon your world that are soon to be making their 

presence well known to you
.  These are Masters that have incarnated 

upon your world to be with you and assist in the final 

transformations of your present reality.  At the moment many of you 

see a situation taking place that may seem to you that your world is 

being engulfed within a long series of violence and military-based 

upheavals.  We tell you now that this shall not be so.  What is 

taking place is the last remnants of a dark agenda that cannot and 

will not succeed. 

Place yourselves in a position where you become an observer, viewing 

from the outside looking in.  Do not become caught up in what is 

happening.  See it as a game that is being played out.  Dear ones, 

know within your hearts that all that is happening at this time will 

be short lived.  And peace will quickly prevail like no peace that 

has ever been known before.  The forces of Light over the last few 

weeks have increased greatly in numbers throughout your solar system 

and on the outskirts of your galaxy.  Your world is surrounded by 

millions of ships awaiting the moment to arrive for when we can be 

with you on your home soil.  At the moment we are increasing the 

amount of sightings of our ships around your world. This shall 

continue until we can appear before you. 

We would like to discuss another matter that is of great importance.  

Very soon you will be witnessing many events that will be taking 

place.  These events will seem to you as great miracles, you will 

also see them as being magical.  We intend very soon to introduce to 

you technologies that are way beyond your present understanding.  

These technologies will quickly provide you with the means to live a 

life that you were always meant to have
.  These technologies will 

clean up the oceans and the waterways of your world, removing very 

quickly the very high levels of pollutants that exist at this present time. 

Technologies will be introduced to you that will quickly provide you 

with food supplies
, this includes all regions of your world where 

this valuable need is vastly depleted and they are unable to supply 

the needs to the people that reside in these particular areas.  When 

it comes to having a government, you will quickly be returning to a 

more compassionate form of governing body, one that certainly does 

not exist presently.  The change from the old form of governing will 

taking place a lot quicker than you could imagine
.  The few that 

presently control your world know very well that their time of reign 

is quickly coming to a close. 

All of what is about to happen in these coming times will also create 

a massive shift in consciousness and a shift from your present 

limited conscious reality. As a further awakening to the population 

that still remains asleep, we plan many events that will awaken them 

from their present slumber and bring them to a new awareness.  This 

will occur in various ways. 

As you are already aware, we have been giving you signs of our 

presence.  This has taken place in the form of what you have come to 

know as crop circles.  These crop circles will increase in number 

vastly over the next few months, not only this, we are also 

increasing the intricacy of them.  They will become much more complex 

as to their formations.  This will also be done to prevent the 

persistent  debunking and propaganda that has continued for far to 

long. We intend to make it impossible for them to continue to explain 

the appearances away. 

Dear ones, until we meet again. We salute you, and we grant you peace. 
 Emissaries of the Light 

Channelled through Jim Langman 
28 August 2002 

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