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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
9 Ben, 11 Pop, 11 Ik   Divine Intervention is Drawing Near

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Ones, with much to tell you! At present, your secret rulers are completing a critical shakeout of their inner ruling council. Once it finally is achieved, an important cabal will have been shorn of its power. That done, the reforms that are needed to bring about a new era of governance and fiscal abundance on your world can go ahead. Until then, this last, great showdown between the Anunnaki's former earthly minions will continue. On another front, we have further strengthened the many liaison teams that are assisting this process. We are fully committed to provide whatever our earthly allies require to secure the victory we so dearly wish for them. Remember that what is under way is a sweeping change in the policies of those who long have ruled you. In effect, they are sacrificing a large part of their power and wealth. This cabal, to which we have alluded many times before, consists of an integrated group of powerful families based in the Americas and Europe that has fought this process on every occasion.

      In recent weeks, we have ordered sectors of our fleet to become more apparent to you. This has resulted in reports in your media of sightings in or around various national capitals.  These events are merely part of our plan to increase pressure on those who wish to prolong the existing state of affairs.  Agreements that we have made and faithfully signed with many other parties from your world WILL be enforced!  Heaven has informed us that the last shackles that prevent us from acting directly will soon be removed.  We find this tremendously encouraging and now believe that a true deadline is drawing near.  We genuinely feel that the open transitional period between your present reality and your coming new reality will begin very soon.  This anticipation has led us to move more fleet units from our bases on Mars to our lunar bases.  Their personnel will form the next wave of ships to arrive on your shores, after first contact officially begins.  Moreover, we have commenced operations to open up the habitats that we have built for you in Inner Earth and on board our ships.

      To this end, we have reclassified all of our medical teams and redefined their procedures.  Our primary policy is to ensure that all intervention is carried out swiftly and successfully.  Your precious planet is deteriorating quickly, and potential monumental disasters have become more likely.  Therefore, we are pleased that Heaven has approved the many scenarios we have submitted.  It has given us a chance to act more openly.  For that reason, we have moved our main command ships closer in.  No longer are we located behind Uranus; now, we have taken position behind Jupiter, and are ready for action.  This movement has led to heightened security on our lunar and Martian bases.  Also, 'terra-forming' teams on Mars and Venus have moved into the next preliminary stages of their joint missions on your closest sister planets.  These activities have drawn the notice of many planetary scientists.  Mars is becoming unusually active, as is Venus.  Strange, anomalous activities are also being observed throughout the Asteroid Belt.  This is due not to solar activity, but to preparations for reconstituting the planet you call 'Maldek'.

      Your Sun, also, continues to increase her activities. These finely tuned actions result from vast amounts of energies being hurled at her from this galaxy's central core. As we have noted in past messages, your entire galaxy is in the process of transforming from a largely dark realm to one of Light. The linchpin of this activity is the Sun and her solar system - especially, the magical water-planet known to you as Earth. Upon her surface dwells a global society consisting of magnificent Souls such as you. You have incarnated here not to suffer, but to be free and sovereign Beings, devoted to your mission of assisting the divine plan to unfold the wondrous Divine Will of the Creator. We are here as your galactic family to help you return to your fully realized potential. The divine plan, likewise, has directed Heaven to intervene and supervise our mass reunion. This process, dear Hearts, is unfolding on many levels, some directly known to you, others hidden by their delicate subtlety.

      As you continue to transform, realities that surround you are also altering.  We have described this process in many previous messages. We reiterate this now, dear Hearts, only to reinforce two important principles. First, change occurs according to a divine order. This order has been accelerated by divine decree. What normally would take centuries or a millennium is happening, now, in less than a decade. Second, the instability of your planet's surface is due not to any geological conventions, but to the many mutations that occur in, around and on her. These have been further coalesced by the power struggle that is taking place now upon your world. Two opposing groups of powerful, covert rulers are at odds. While their conflict began millennia ago, this is the prophesied moment when the clash will manifest most dramatically. It will lead to your victory and a return to your duties as physical Angels.

      Already, we have mentioned the Sun's hyperactivity and its effect on Mother Earth. This vast pool of energy being ejected by the Sun is altering the gravitational fields and resonance of Jupiter and Saturn.  They, in turn, are changing the resonance pattern of the solar system.  At this very moment, a new set of governing principals is being born.  Gravity and the interrelationship of every element in a solar system result from this balance. This balance is the definition and description of magnetism.  Once you properly understand these definitive principles, it is entirely possible to construct vehicles that reflect them.  One of our gifts will be to reveal these things to you.  As we do so, use this knowledge to become more fully aware of what you now are experiencing.

      As above, so below! Presently, a wide-ranging truce, bordering on permanency, is our galaxy's destiny. The previously warring factions have ceased hostilities and joined together, and the Light has overwhelmingly triumphed.  A similar promise is pressing forward on your world.  The last, dark cabal persists in stubbornly resisting the inevitable.  This covert struggle has only one outcome - the Light's total victory!  The timing for this occasion is near. We ask you, therefore, to remain fully committed and utterly focused on success.  As we have said, that moment is not far off.  It is unfortunate that these events are surrounded by a strategy whose exact details must be obscured in deafening silence.  We can tell you that we find the full cooperation of most of your former secret rulers most gratifying.  Although we find the need for silence totally unacceptable, we are honorable, and will continue to abide by our agreements.

      The final act of your cosmic drama has begun. The first scene has been performed. Now, the final scenes await your applause, and your full participation. These episodes will be played capably, and with your divine approval. Therefore, it is important for you to remain totally ready to complete these undertakings and to enjoy your most exalted triumph. Here, we wish again to inform you that we are full participants on the side of the Light. Our power and ability are at the complete disposal of Heaven. At Heaven's command, we will intervene and ensure your victory. We approach this role very seriously, dear Ones, and fully intend to execute it when called upon. This role has led us to make many agreements with our earthly allies. We ask, now, that these accords be implemented with sincere intent. Together, we shall be victorious!

      Today, we have briefly discussed the events of the day. Remain positive about what is unfolding. Your world is changing for the better. Your galactic neighbors have arrived from afar not to rescue you, but only to carry out a divine intervention. That intervention will allow your grand destiny to be fulfilled according to the Divine Will of the Creator. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Hearts. Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the unceasing Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is indeed yours! Amen.   Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!   (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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