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Help as you can, send Love and Ask for Divine Intervention for our Cetacean Partners.
Look at the activation pictures.  A short message from 'Thomas', James Tyman, and our Hawaii  friend Joan Ocean.  Only Love Prevails!

Beloved Friends,
 I am utterly amazed at the news I just received. Joan Ocean (we did workshops with her in Hawaii ~Keth), a renowned teacher who has worked extensively with the  Dolphins and Whales, forwarded me a link to a web-site on crop circles today. I couldn't believe my eyes. On August 14th, at the same time Thomas, the Psychic Child from Bulgaria, was sending us his warning about the low frequency sonar that is beginning to destroy ocean mammals all over the world, a crop circle of Dolphins surrounding the Earth appeared in England.  It clearly shows two dolphins surrounding a small sphere, with three circles around that sphere.  As I looked at the picture, it seemed that the sphere is our planet, and the three surrounding circles are the Grid the Children have been speaking about.  Here is a link so you can see it for yourself:


 Without missing a beat, I felt the influence of Thomas' mind upon my own.
He has been speaking about the fate of the whales and dolphins for so long,
and how important it is for us to receive the Gifts they are offering before
it's too late.  Now it seems that this same message is being delivered by
some extraterrestrial source.  All indications are that it is authentic, and
it is dramatic.  Thomas is asking that we forward this link and e-mail to as
many people as we can.  He feels that the crop circle has
an imbedded code that will be revealed by simply looking at the picture

 Whatever you believe about this subject, the signs are becoming more
insistent.  We must pay attention and respond. The world of compassion and
peace we have been trying to create is in the balance. This is the moment we
have all been waiting for.   In Peace,  James Twyman

From Thomas:

 Are you surprised that this information is being presented to you in this
new way? These crop circles are communicating with your inner mind, and the
message is clear.  The Psychic Children have been telling you that we stand
at the brink of an incredible Awakening, and that the Dolphins and Whales
play a critical role.  Why, then, are we trying to destroy them, so that we
won't have to hear their message or receive their Gift?  The deployment of
the low frequency sonar is how you have chosen to close your ears to their
Gift, and to their cries for help.  Why else would you seek to destroy their
hearing, causing them to beach themselves and die?  This is a wake up call,
and it is not just from the Children, or even the Dolphins and Whales.  Now
it is coming from your brothers and sisters from other dimensions and
planets.  That is why this dolphin crop circle was revealed at exactly the
same time these messages are being distributed.  What will you do?
Will you open your heart and become part of the creative solution?
Or will you turn the other way, even though there are so many who are
trying to snare your attention?

 This is the moment you must decide?  The Children are pulling humanity to
the next level in its evolution, but only if you allow it.  There is a code
in this crop circle that only your super-conscious mind will comprehend.  It
may reveal your own role, how you can contribute to the world of peace and
compassion.  It is so important that people all over the world see this crop
circle, for it will activate you in ways your mind cannot understand.  Please
send this e-mail to everyone you can so others will be activated as well.  It
is so important. This is the time you must respond.
 We love you,

Dr Light's friends,  Animal Articles to help awaken yourSelf.

Messages From the Animal Kingdom  by Toraya Ayres 

Animals Support Earth   Kryon  &  Healing with Animals

 Whales & Dolphin & Our Future Thomas Psychic Children Message #4 & James Twyman 8/02

The Importance of Cetaceans excerpt from the Mathew Book  "Revelations For A New Era,"

The Dolphins Speak...will you Listen?  Quantum,  Gillian MacBeth-Louthan  Vol 42  July 02

  1  -   If We Listened, We Might Hear the Whales

       By Reverend Fred Sterling through the loving guidance of Master Guide,  Kirael

        KIRAEL:  Yes, the truth is there were sonic bursts, and even though you will
       likely never be able to prove it conclusively, the reality is that with simple
       deduction, reason and Heart thought you will know that the sonic booms were quite
       active in the designated period.  Now for some of you who are seeing this in print
       for the first time, doesn't a little bell go off inside your head when you hear the word
       sonic?    Doesn't it sound like  supersonic or subsonic, and what images does it
       conjure up in your mind?  Do you think for a moment that there's a possibility that
       they just might be targeting the whale population?  What better way for the so called
       "powers   that be" to observe how sonic booms can disorient their targets by
       observing  what happens to the whales who have the most sophisticated sonar
       system in  existence?   Most would scoff at such a notion; yet just as many would
       agree  that once those in power are left alone, playing by the rules seem to go out 
       the window.

       In even the most challenging of times, the Whales have persevered in much  the
       same form as we see them today. Whenever their existence has been threatened, they
       would seek the sanctuary and silence of the deepest oceans on Mother Earth.
       However, since the deployment of LFAS, your Whales and  Dolphins have been
       beaching themselves on the coastlines around the world.

In our contact with the whales, they share that their sonar system is radically
       adjusted after a boom blast of LFAS. In the past when a blast occurred, the older
       whales found if they dived deep enough, they could   escape the major damages to
       their sensory organs.  However, one of the most   recent and scariest observations
       may be one of the many reasons for the   beaching of our brethren.

       In their horrible state of confusion, the coastlines appear to the whales as   a drop
       off point to that of deeper water.  This happens because their sonar   return bleeps
       from landmass show a similar image to that of a deep ocean space. Feeling that this
       is one of the safe places for them, they   immediately throw the full measure of their
       power to reach it. Remember that   their sonar is not working as it should and their
       vision has also been impaired by the blast So, what appears to be the safest places
for them   actually becomes their potential death place.  Once they have entered the 
shallow waters,   their sonar system is not able to accurately send them   images
to help them find their way back into the deeper water. Here's a thought. If a
warring nation was capable of disrupting the sonar images of a   vehicle that was
being guided by sonar so that land appeared as deeper  water, how could they ever put
that to use?

       Let us talk of further damages that are being created by these boom blasts.   Did you
       ever wonder what happens to the sound waves that are not absorbed by the
       submarine or whatever object they are targeting?  Did you wonder why they  are
       searching for something that they already know is there?  Did you Mother Earth would be forced to absorb much of it, and yes, so would her inhabitants?

       In checking the coordinates that Cheryl had provided:
       (http://www.kirael.com/radio/archives.html), it was discovered
that these  were the exit points for the pent up energy that was released by Mother
Earth. It is my understanding that the sonic boom testing caused much of  this
energy build up.

        When They are on the Beach

       If you are one of those who are fortunate enough to be of service to the  whales when        they have beached themselves, the most important thing beyond keeping them wet
       is to be aware of the sounds they are hearing. During the rescue process, people
       normally set up noisy engines to assist them in  generating power for lights or other
       equipment needed to return the whales back into the ocean. The noises seem to
       amplify the trauma so that when you   finally get the whales in the water, their
       disoriented sonar systems simply   turn them back to shore.  It would be much better
       for those who are attempting to be of service during this time to sing soft melodic
       sounds to  them. The sound of human voices harmonizing will create a strong
       vibration   alignment that begins to sooth and heal the whales' sonar breakdown.
       The   whale population is much more in tuned with the human race than one might 
       think. The sounds of the human voice, especially in song, actually sends soothing
       messages through the brain waves of the huge animal and allows for  their
       metabolism to reset the links of the sonar and the outside world.  This  will provide a       clearer picture to the whales of what is needed.

        What to Do!

       There are many people who are looking for a way to become involved. Many  have
       little money, some even have limited understanding of just how deep  this issue is,
       yet they do have passion. It is my offering to each that the  one principle of
       changing how the world operates is to remember it's about  "we the people."  It is
       about a world of people knowing that together in  prayer, masterminding and
       meditation, a world can be altered. You cannot give up. If you have funds, share
       them. If you don't, then redouble your  efforts. When you see an email address and
       you're able to let someone know  how you feel, write. When you hear about a peace
       meditation, drop whatever  might hold you back and participate. It's only when the
       powers in charge  feel someone is truly watching that they will do the right thing.
       Not just a few, but masses of people must join in gaining the clarity of that is
       right.  In that light, you will be heard.

       There is a Great Shift happening as we speak. Your role is simple. Come  together as
       "we the people" and create a voice that cannot be ignored. Let the world know that it
       isn't about colors of skin, shapes of eyes,  educational levels or any other human
       reality. It is about turning over this planet to the children, and by God that means
       with the Whales.

       Consciously create your world and let your one single voice become one of thousands and together with the world of the angels, guides and yes, that of spirit, let the healing begin.
       1. Register your opinion on a petition at        http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/129527570 Takes three minutes or less.

       2. Send a letter (already written for you, although you may amend it as you  like) to
       Hon. Gordon R. England, Secretary of the Navy at
       http://www.nrdcaction.org/index.asp?step=2&item=1291 You do not need to be a
       member of NRDC to send this letter. Takes three minutes or less.

Don't let the Navy blast whales and other marine mammals with dangerous sonar
The Bush administration has granted the Navy a permit to harm whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals while using its Low Frequency Active sonar system in as much as 80 percent of the world's oceans. Tell the Navy not to deploy this dangerous new system.
Click above to send a letter through the NRDC's Earth Action Center.    http://www.nrdc.org/action/ 
We think the Navy's refusal to accept electronic comments from U.S. citizens on matters of broad public concern (such as how its actions could seriously harm the world's marine life) is, quite simply, completely unacceptable. IF YOU AGREE, WE URGE YOU TO CALL SECRETARY ENGLAND'S OFFICE AT 703-695-3131 and register your concerns. The Navy
needs to hear that it has an obligation to listen to the people it is sworn to serve -- and that those people intend to hold it accountable.

**Again, the number is 703-695-3131. Please call TODAY, and tell the Navy it can't just shut out the American public by simply turning off its fax machine.**

        3.   See our planet surrounded with the golden particles of light, and pray with passion that each in the human world receive a particle of light from: the Creator to live in peace.

       4.   Visit:  http://www.whalesong.net
       Whalesong is a project inspired by the beauty of oceans.  This beauty includes not only the visual aspects of the water planet we live on, but also a mysterious and incredible world of sound, which whales and dolphins  use to navigate and communicate across vast oceans.  These  magnificent  marine mammals and the messages that they communicate face new challenges as  the sonic world of the seas becomes the testing ground for high-powered  sonar systems and new
military technologies .

      5.  Ask for Divine Intervention for the Whales and Dolphin.  See the energy from the sonar machines stay contained with-in them in a bubble of light and love and not able to go out into the Ocean.  (Like an instant law of returning Karma).

       2. Message from the Whales

       The writing of Carolyn Holtgrewe was picked from  Larry Morningstar, a shining
       lightworker, who supported the Earth Council of Women when we started.
       Lightworkers are networkers and we support Larry just the same, especially in his
       dedicated efforts for our whale and dolphin friends

       Whale Song

       The Humpback Whales
through Carolyn Holtgrewe

       I focus my consciousness into a small dot and allow myself to travel outward, out
       over the mountains and cities to the waters of the great Pacific.  I hover over a
       humpback whale that has placed itself on the surface a little apart from the pod.  It
       greeted me and said:

       "We have been waiting for you.  Come, journey with us awhile.  Let us show you our
       world, the part of Planet Earth that is our domain.  Long have we monitored the
       affairs of the planet from our watery palaces.  We hold the history of the earth within
       our consciousness.  The records of Earth's evolution are written in our beings.  Once
       the oceans of the world were clean and sparkling and our playgrounds were vast and
       we dwelt in great joy. 

       "In times more recent our playgrounds have been diminished from the actions of
       mankind.  Man has been given dominion over the earth but understands it not.  He
       stands at the shore and gazes out to sea, unaware of all that lives beneath the surface.
       He does not understand that as he pollutes the waters, life is diminished for all that
       dwell on and in the earth.  He does not understand that when he pollutes the waters,
       he is polluting himself
.  He thinks the oceans cleanse themselves.  That used to be so,
       many years ago when man lived in harmony with his environment, but no longer.

       "He does not understand how the planet is changing, yet feels it in every cell in his
       being.  He does not understand what is happening when many of us suddenly appear on
       the shore following a path that leads us out of the water.  He does not know how
       important the magnetic grids are to us and we follow wherever they lead us.  And
       when they change direction, we change direction.  The caring ones try to pull us back
       out to sea and do not understand why we come right back into the shore again.

       "Man does not know that for ages we have been here as guardians to the infant, man,
       overseeing his well being from our depths.  We are sentient beings.  We know what is
       happening and those that leave, carry their reports back to our homeworld.  Man does
       not know that for ages we have been taking his negativity which he looses upon the
       world within ourselves and processing it so that humanity can continue its evolution. 
       Man does not understand that what he sets loose in the watery depths causes us and
       our brothers and sisters of the deep much pain.  It shatters our environment and
       disrupts the earthly, solar and even cosmic forces within which we dwell.  Man does
       not understand that he is also shattering his own environmental force fields as well.

       "What would we say to man?  We are weary and our bodies will soon reach the point
       where we can process no more negativity and pollution.  Our purpose here is drawing
       to a close and we are beginning a slow exodus back to our homeworld. Mother Earth
       is birthing herself into a higher dimension and many life forms will be different. 
       Many species will leave but new ones will take their places. 

       "To man we will say that we have always loved you and watched over you. And yes,
       we have sung our songs to you and to the earth from the watery deep.  Come, tune in
       and listen and we will sing our songs for you.  Let us caress and soothe you with our
       stories in song of how it was in the times gone by and how it will be for you in the
       times to come, if the potential is realized.  We have loved our earthly journey, a
       different focus of consciousness for us.  It is a privilege for us to be guardians of
       Earth.  We will leave you now.

       We love you. . .

                               We love you . . .

                                                       We love you . . ."

       they sang as they swam away.

       My guidance in the Spiritual Hierarchy is suggesting that when the reading of this
       message has been completed, that each one turns within for a few moments and
       focuses on building and sending out a wave of love and appreciation to all the whales
       in whichever ocean or sea they are dwelling.  This will help to ease the heavy load they are carrying for humanity.  I am assured that indeed they will receive the loving energy that is being sent and that it will be very uplifting for them.

       Copyright Carolyn Holtgrewe
       All rights reserved
       Larry Morningstar's call
       I propose that all communities around the world begin regularly scheduled toning meditations or add toning (making your own sounds) to their current meditations with the intention, "All Beings  Good Will Toward All Beings" or any choice of words you prefer with the same intent contained therein.
       You can initiate global toning meditations coordinated with G.M.T. (Greenwich Mean Time) or any time that works in your community.  Whether we tone at synchronized times or not, is  important that this or your own message is passed on to everyone we know, everywhere around the world asking them to choose where and when to tone then commit to it on an on-going basis.  No matter where we are or what time zone we are in, whether we are with others or by ourselves, soon people will be toning around the world.  Just imagine the world being held in positive, uplifting frequencies by all of us all the time. Imagine the delight of all the land, water, air and earth beings when we unite in harmony this way.

       Imagine the effect this can have beyond our world.

       Many of us have become aware of the scientific studies which have shown that positive thoughts increased the electro-magnetic fields of blood cells, meditation enhanced them even more and toning has had the greatest impact. Similar studies were made with water. Intricate crystals were formed, many with six points, after positive thoughts, prayers and meditations were  combined with toning. By applying these practices in our daily lives, could we possibly manifest peace and good will by all beings toward all beings? I say, let's do it and find out!

 I have just found a wonderful NEW book in our Louisville library called LISTENING TO WHALES, What the Orcas Have Taught Us, by Alexandra Morton  ISBN 0-345-43794-2  Ballentine Books 2002.  She shares the wonder of the orca adventures early in her life, and the loss of her husband while he was filming orcas underwater.  She also shares the grief of finding one of her favorite whales to whom she had given a name, washed up dead on a Pacific beach.  She has been an activist of her own.  Fascinating reading!  Now all you Louisvillians who are getting this e-mail are going to have to wait until I take this book back to the Library.
        Amazing things are coming into our lives as this crop circle confirms!!!           Kathleen Keith

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