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Divine Relationship Gateway  Meditation for Summer Solstice ~ June, 21, 2002   8pm
Local time in all countries.   The Sun goes into the Sign of Cancer.

Beloved Children of Love and Light, It is at this time that the Earth  body receives the new crystalline grid structure for Divine  Relationship - for the purpose of aligning the Masculine and Feminine energies into a state of balance.  We have been asked to gather together for receiving healing and  reconnection to Source, through our Divine Masculine and Feminine  bodies of light, the Solar and the Lunar, as they were originally  birthed, in Union with one another, as God Presence. Also, to be the anchor for the wave of Divine Relationship as it is  gifted to our Beloved Earth body and to the rest of humanity.

We thank you for coming together in group and we offer great healing  and assistance to you for your service to all, this day. We call forth now The Inner Planes Masters of Shamballa and the  Galactic federation of Healing teams specializing in DNA restoration.  To Beloved Lord Syrius, Lord Chiron, Lord Arcturus, Lady Nada and  Lady Andromeda. The Great Divine Director and the Karmic Board, Lord  Michael, St. Germain and Lord Metatron and the Platinum ray. We call  forth to all souls upon the earth plane and those from other realms  who are also in need of full reconnection to Source, as their  original God Presence.

We begin by closing our eyes now and relaxing. We ask that the  Andromedan Temple of Divine Union anchor upon us now as we go within.  Breathing now, gently and deeply and letting go of mind. Allowing  ourselves to sink deeply into our heart space within, through each  breath, as the completion of this anchoring takes place. This Temple  holds the Sacred blueprint of your Divine Essence.
We bring forth now your Solar gateway showing us your current level  of connection to your Divine Masculine which presently holds the  earth wound of the masculine, being that he has failed to hold his power, that he has forgotten how to love and honour the feminine and  feels separate from her. Healing this now through intent and  radiating love from your heart to him as full reconnection of all 144 strands of DNA occurs, with assistance. Giving some minutes for this to complete). Completing now. For the sealing of this work sound this  mantra in the language of Light.   3x

[as the pure Light that I AM, this is sealed]

Fully connected now to source, affirm “He is LIGHT, TRUTH and WISDOM,  HE IS THE MIND OF GOD”.

Your Divine Masculine Presence stands now to your right. Connect your  heart chakra to his by sending a white cord out to him.

Bringing forth now your Lunar gateway and looking at your current  level of connection to your Divine Feminine presence. Presently  holding the earth wound for the feminine, which is that she feels
that all is hopeless because her love is not enough to heal the  feelings she holds of separation from the male who she perceives as  strong and heartless. She feels she cannot trust her sister nor her  brother.

Tuning to your heart now  and with intent, healing all 144 DNA  filaments back to reconnection to your Divine Feminine Presence, with  assistance now, taking some minutes to complete thisSSSSSSS completing now. Sounding this mantra in the language of Light to seal this work.

[ I AM the Love of God ]
 Affirming now, “

Having full connection to your Divine Feminine Presence now, see her  to your left and connecting
your heart, brow and sacral chakras to  hers. Also connecting your brow and sacral to your Masculine now.

The third gateway we bring forth to you now is the Divine Union  gateway. Looking now at your current level of connection to this. The  wound presently held by humanity is that all are held in disonance  with one another through this.
Radiating love from your heart now and with intent to create full  reparation and connection of all 144 DNA filaments to your sacred  Divine Union gateway, with assistance now, giving it some minutes to complete. SSSSS.. completing now and sealing with this mantraS

KA  MA  KA  RU  RA  KI  MA  TU (to)  RAE        X  3                                     
[Beloved Presence of God I AM, this is sealed]


In the coming weeks beloveds, we ask you to have your awareness on  all that you are thinking and feeling which is not aligned with the  truth of your Divine nature, that is pure LOVE.
Recognize all that is lifting out of your being that is not this is  to be acknowledged and given up to Source for transmutation. This  will be given back to you and felt as greater love, joy, bliss,  abundance, peace and harmony and will expand as your awareness and  ability to surrender, grows.
May you ever BE in Union Divine and receive the blessings that  holding this for all, as truth, for  the vision of sacred union,  peace and harmony for all of humanity and Beloved Earth, brings. May this be manifest now.

We offer our thanks and love to you all. With Peace and Love, Illumina  (1 of  12 at ASCEND)

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