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Divine Intervention
by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

5 Caban, 0 Kayab, 10 Caban                6/11/02

Selamat Jarin! We arrive, dear Ones, with more information about your coming first contact with us. Your galactic family watches lovingly as you grow more aware, each day, of who you are. This process has brought us to a point at which some truly wonderful events can finally manifest. Above you sits an enormous fleet of ships from every part of this galaxy. This fleet has been divided into two main aspects. First, there are the ships from many different human galactic societies. These are the Beings who initially will welcome you into the Galactic Federation of Light. The remaining ships belong to other sentient Beings who will greet you somewhat later. We are fully aware of how long you have been isolated from us and of how fearful and anxious you must be. Thus, we have established procedures that will enable us to land quickly, once we receive divine permission. This brings us to a description of the main first contact scenarios. They are designed to operate with or without the full cooperation of your major governments. We have, however, worked hard to obtain that cooperation.

      Right now, there exists a three-fold program for contact. The first part has been to communicate, and then negotiate, with your governments and our earthly allies. This part of the procedure has exposed us to varied political nuances and to the power struggles of those who rule you. These negotiations are carried out under the direct supervision of your Ascended Masters. On previous occasions, these Beings of Light have formulated ways in which your world could be dramatically altered. This is a time in your history when those most closely allied with Spirit can join us in implementing these programs. Technology, financial and spiritual resources are now the major determinants of change in your world. Those who secretly rule you have fragmented these elements. Our present course lies in unifying these elements in such a way that Heaven's divine plan can be revealed. This has led us to enter into a number of key agreements with our dearest earthly allies. Our overriding purpose is to shape a new government that serves your sovereignty and your freedom. Its ultimate authority will be your Ascended Masters.

      The second part, to assist your local Spiritual Hierarchy with your transformation, has resulted in the formation of our Galactic Federation medical teams. Using this data, we have also compiled a dossier on each one of you. Our database clearly shows the acceleration in your changes and how well this massive integration is having its desired effect on you. An interesting side effect of this research is the way Mother Earth has timed her alterations to your own. A final consideration is the manner in which the Sun has allowed her changes to mirror yours. Such symbiosis is proof of how truly related you are to the environment that surrounds you. You are, in fact, its mighty co-creators, which means that your reality changes only as fast as you are divinely 'pushed forward' by your heavenly hosts. We have witnessed how lovingly you are 'pushed'. A special timetable is in operation, however, that indicates that you will complete this project very soon. Thus, we know that the moment for first contact is approaching. This knowledge has enabled us to organize a new type of medical team that will reveal itself to you when our existence is formally announced.

     The new medical teams are set up to assist you, and to explain the changes that you are experiencing. Your physical bodies are transforming most dramatically. Most of you have not heard, or been given the opportunity to learn directly, about these alterations. Our technology can display these changes and show you your progress. As always, our medical teams merely complement our earthly and heavenly counterparts. Our goal is to give you a better understanding of how these procedures are carried out and how you can alleviate the situation within, on and around your physical body. We also wish to explain several new techniques that can increase your awareness of the magnitude of events that surround you and your reality. In this way, you can better appreciate how Heaven is transforming you and the operation of your reality.  With that information, you will discover better ways to interphase with the technology that we intend to give you.

      The third part is to prepare your reality for its move into full consciousness. This means that we need to stabilize your environment and prevent incidents that could lead you back into the dark delusions that long have run your world. This procedure has put us at odds with the remaining dark cabal, which wishes to enforce its oppressive agenda. This group has been able to create a number of potential incidents. They, in turn, could have triggered others that would have escalated the turmoil needed by the cabals to manifest their evil agendas. As a result, we implemented a counter-strategy that has been in effect for nearly 14 galactic months. In this way, we have greatly contained the actions of this cabal. We have shown them that this activity has its limits and cannot result in the outcome they desire. Our aim, also, is to put our earthly allies in a position to bring to an end the source of this obstinate cabal's power.

      Yet another part of this proceeding concerns the arrival of a new financial system of abundance to your world. Our plans are based upon those initially begun centuries ago by your Ascended Masters. For them to be carried out required the major European and Asian powers to realize that a new financial system was necessary to bring greater power to themselves and their progeny. Within these structures were planted the seeds for a new reality, which was scheduled to germinate in this present decade. Now, a number of events are occurring that will bring about the pressures needed to manifest this new system. We are encouraged by the way this process is unfolding. Presently, a grand crescendo of forces is encroaching upon this cabal to make possible the necessary changes. With this act, one of our final obstacles will have been transformed.

      To us, first contact is inevitable. It is part of the great integration that you are in the process of accomplishing. First contact means that you are ending your separation from Spirit and acknowledging that you are not alone. It means that you are expanding your present perception of physicality and returning your global society to the purpose that it lost just before the fiery death of Atlantis. You are accepting your divine responsibilities and, through this, you are allowing a new, fully conscious reality to be born. Our part is to act as the divine intruder and catalyst for what lies ahead. In doing so, we are guiding you into a reality that is your natural state of being. You are physical Angels, dear Hearts, preparing once again to spread your mighty wings and joyfully help physicality to achieve its divine purpose.

      We solemnly renew our pledge to carry this divine intervention to its inevitable and successful conclusion. Our allies on your world appreciate this, and are aware of the incalculable depth of our sincerity. Our fleet has arrived to carry out a task that, for us, has become a passion. We fully understand Heaven's dedication to the divine completion of this mission. We also know that the components that will be needed to complete this assignment are taking shape upon your world. This process has led us to the conclusion that first contact is truly near. Thus, we have increased our efforts to assist our earthly allies and ensure their triumph. We have instructed our liaisons to apply the requisite pressure to all elements of your world that can activate this first contact. We are resolved to celebrate our shared reunion. Remember that together, we shall be victorious!

      In this message, we have discussed our strategy for first contact and our commitment to its success. We call upon you to remain committed, focused and prepared to assist us in this divine and glorious undertaking. Our success, dear Ones, grows close. With the time available, let us bring together groups and do whatever is necessary to create your wondrous new reality. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know in your heart of hearts that the unbounded Prosperity and Abundance of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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