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 July 11, 2002

Dimensional Awakening
Online Channeling July 11, 2002

Antallah. Antui nui an tu an situ ashallay anshallah. Greetings. We come to you with messages from on High.

It is that information is being transferred to you at this time in ways that you are unfamiliar with. It is that you are being given that which you need in ways that as is written, are not of words, not of letters or numbers, vowels or consonants, but of the symbols of the language of light. These sets of information come to you as a wholeness of knowing. Not only of a single thought or idea, but an entirety of knowledge of wholeness in that which you are given.
It is that you are receiving these messages on etheric levels of other reality. That which is true reality. Beyond the illusions you currently inhabit.
You see, Dear Ones, there are many levels of reality, many levels of consciousness.

There is the reality that you are currently experiencing. That which you have created for the experience you are living at this time.

There is the reality of your Dream Worlds. That which you experience in your sleeping times, and those of your meditations, your visions, your perceptions of other worlds that seem to be only etheric in nature. And then there is the true reality. That which is, and has always been, that which carries the eternal knowings, that which is timeless and without boundaries of consciousness or structure. It is from this reality that we come to you time and time again to share with you the rememberings of your perfect selves.

True reality may be achieved in your existence while you remain functional in three dimensional experience. It is that this is a skill that may be developed in order for you to exist with clarity in all things, that you may know that which is truly important in your journeys.

If one is to exist in Truth, one must have awareness of that Truth. It is that within the illusions you have created, your awareness of Truth has become filtered, changed and altered out of perception of necessity to survive in your physical state. You see Dear Ones, as you have evolved physically and mentally, you have devolved as light beings. But as with all things being spiral and circular in occurrence, it is time for you to reawaken to that which is your light selves, coming full circle to that which you were in the Beginning. That which is of the whole, of the Light and that which is an integral part of All That Is.

When you say "I AM" you have a romanticized idea of what this means. For the most part, you operate under this perception as a romanticized ideal. YOU ARE in existence as a part of that which is the I AM. That which is. What one is, all others are as well.

And so it is that you must explore your different levels of consciousness to reach an attainment of your true selves once again. As you become aware, reawakened to that which is, your values begin to take new shapes, and your emotionalities become less reactive and more heart based.

As this occurs, you are able to begin to sense that which is truth, for your essence resides not in your head, not in your brain, but within your Sacred Heart space. It is in this place within yourselves that you will find that which is truth, and that which is each moment. You see, Dear Ones, when you are acting as thinking beings, you cannot possibly remain in any given moment, as your thinking selves choose to consider not only that which was, but that which may be, continually cycling in speculation of that which could have been or might be, thus, missing what IS.

When you are not aware of that which is in a moment, you have lost touch with your sense of Universal awareness. You are not noticing those which are the signposts that will lead you to that which you seek. You are missing the subtleties of awareness that bring you the knowing that you need to progress in your journeys without difficulties.

In your abilities to perceive each moment also comes Karmic awareness. If you are to advance along your paths, you must access this awareness. You see, once your wakefulness is heightened, you become able to see the patterns that you are living that are hindering progression. Once this occurs, you become able to make different choices in your journeys that alleviate previous patterns or cycling of behaviors that have created feelings of being wedged within a life that is difficult or seemingly unproductive. Those feelings of being stuck and not knowing how to change it.

And so it is that you must learn to achieve different levels of consciousness that work simultaneously within your consciousness within the illusion of third dimensionality. What we are saying to you is that you must attain a remembering of your multi-dimensional selves in such a way that you are consciously participating as an integral part of all things.

It is so that you do not exist and function solely as third dimensional beings. You have many bodies, Dear Ones, each with a consciousness of their own that communicates with that which is your essence… your infinite soul being-ness. Each with a level of existence both independent and as an integral part of that which you are in wholeness. Each of these bodies contributes to that which you are in both subtle and direct effects upon your being-ness. These bodies begin just outside of your third dimensional reality and move outwardly into the dimensional processes back to the Source. In such ways, you are always connected to that which is all things.

You are able to experience all levels of consciousness at once when operating from your highest body, that which is your essence in light form as you exist within your physical reality. That light form being your highest state of consciousness.

Your physical form is not consciousness, but a manifestation of your consciousness. Do you see? Your physical form is made of that which is the essence of that which you are in light.  Knowing this, you have no reason to fear anything within your third dimensional state of being or beyond. You are eternal and infinite beings.

And so it is that you ask how you move past that which is the illusion to that which is true reality. You must realize Dear Ones, that to do this you must release all sense of control.  It is your way in human-ness to attempt to control your immediate worlds in a sense that you are your individual world, and that your experience is unique unto yourselves.  Your experience is your experience, but your existence is not separate from the whole.  To attempt control of something which is not separate to begin with is futile.

C reating
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And so it is that your first understanding must be that to be in each moment, you must fully participate in that moment, letting go of perceived control, breathing and allowing that which is, to be. In such ways, you have opened yourselves up to unlimited experience rather than that which you had limited by your perceptions of expected outcomes.  When you attempt to control, you have instituted preconceived outcomes to any given situation that has limited the outcome only to that which you have preconceived.  In addition, this preconception is based upon that which is fear.  In such a way that not only have you limited your experience, you have then added all that you fear into the equation so that you are also creating the reality of those fears.

So then, your first step toward multi-dimensionality is to release your ego self.  That which attempts to control your experience.  Release that perception of control, all the while, remembering to breath, as it is your breath that processes the energies that you have held in place by your attempts to control.   When you became tense in your fears, you intermittently held your breath, creating blockages in your energetic systems.

Relax. Release. Be. Breath. It is quite simple Dear Ones.  That which is selflessness equals synchronicity with all things.  It does not mean that you are no longer creating your experience. You are simply experiencing in fullness of this experience rather than in one that is limited.

Creating your experience is simple. What you believe is your reality, therefore, if you believe in something, it has already occurred. You must merely participate in the process to that end.

Once you have achieved this simple step you are then able to move on to experiencing higher perceptions.  As you are participating in each moment, your awareness expands.  As this awareness becomes heightened, you become able to perceive all that which is occurring around you.  As your perceptions increase, so do your opportunities.  As your opportunities increase, so do your choices.  You are then able to perform a fullness of experience within chosen reality rather than one which you had previously perceived to be out of your control. It is not that you are controlling this new experience, rather allowing it to be.

As you become more adept at this way of being, you will find that you are more consciously able to receive and send information from your more subtle states of consciousness.  You become more attuned to the thoughts and feelings of others, of the subtleties around you, within yourself and of your environment.  Be aware of these senses.  These are the beginnings of the Attunement to your Seventh Sense.  That of your contributive participation within your inter-dimensional existence.

Manifestation becomes instantaneous as you learn to participate within the whole in these ways.  As you are acting as a part of the whole rather that at it, you are creating each moment as it is happening, do you see?

Doing these things creates an opening in your consciousness that your thinking and ego self had previously obscured. In raising your levels of conscious operation, you are also raising your vibrational rates. As you raise your vibrational rates, you are coming closer to acting intentionally as the inter-dimensional beings that you are. Those subtle perceptions, as they become clearer and clearer for you are your other dimensional selves which are ultimately in touch with the source, giving you that which you need within your experience.
As you allow that of which we have spoken to begin to naturally occur, you will experience those things physiologically and energetically that we have previously spoken of. The structure of your genetic make-up begins to change. Segments within the double helix of your DNA become signaled, activating where they had previously remained dormant. As this occurs, your neurological systems become refined. The electro-magnetic activity within your physicalities becomes a more consistent field in which to operate. As this field smooths out, so to speak, your brain wave activity automatically begins to operate more fully within the Gamma state. As the Gamma brain waves operate in fullness, your higher dimensional awareness becomes activated.

Your Dream and Meditative realities are then able to become a part of your waking realities. As this occurs, you are able to become familiar with the second level of reality and begin acting within it intentionally.  As you become comfortable with this, natural progression will take you to the third and highest reality, that which is the reality in Truth. Your multi-dimensional awareness becomes one of intent for access and participation within the eternal realms of reality and Truth.  You become able to interact with those who will teach you ways of the Beginning and all of infinity.  Those ways being in existence within the Truth of Being-ness beyond all that which you can imagine.

That which we tell you is possible for each of you. It remains as always your choice. We remind you that you are a part of all things, all things being you. You are the Masters of your experience. What will you choose?

Be in peace. Be only love. It is that which you are.

We return to light.

Message from Meg

 It has been a week of changing energies. They seem to be fluctuating rapidly, and it is my sense that we are about to undergo some important changes in our world. If any of you experienced a serious loss of energy or imbalance this past weekend, this was due to a huge influx of energy that hit in a sort of a bubble form. This occurrence came in fast and hard, and many were unprepared for its effects. Fortunately, it only lasted for about 48 hours.

My information is that this originated Inter-galactically from a parallel Universe about three levels out, as within the infinite choreography of these things, there is a constancy of all things, but at the same time, an ever changing arrangement and rearrangement of the heavenly bodies in all of the Universal structures. This past weekend, as the movements of the heavenly bodies occurred in their natural process, there was a brief window of unusual clarity that allowed those energies to travel to our local planetary area in an unusually fast and direct way, as if they had been shot from a cannon! The available photon energies magnified the energetic emission in a snowball effect. Within hours, this window once again became unavailable, but it sure packed a wallop in the process!

Energies remain a bit unstable due to upcoming earth events so be aware of how you are feeling and of your reactions to others… You may find for the next ten days or so that you have a "hair trigger" when it comes to responding to everyday situations. Stop and consider this before you act!

This type of effect is a perfect example of why Astrology must be considered not only on an inter-galactic level, but holographically as well. Incoming energetics such as these can certainly affect natal charts in ways that are presently not considered (by many ~ Keth)!  
Astrology Guidance  

As a bit of current information, below is my upcoming schedule for July and August. Generally, I announce my schedule in my website Spiritlite.com , but since this is short notice, I want to make certain everyone has time to take advantage of this opportunity! I will be spending the next couple of weeks in North Carolina and Georgia working on a personal level with both individuals and groups. My schedule so far is as follows:
Franklin, NC
Tuesday, July 16 - Friday, July 19, Private Readings and Healing Sessions 
Monday, July 22 - Friday, July 23, Private Readings and Healing Sessions  For information or to set up an appointment in Franklin, NC please e-mail me at spiritlite1@aol.com

Mindful Expressions Bookstore in Clayton, GA 
Saturday, July 20 - Private Readings and Healing Sessions
Saturday. July 27 -  Private Readings and Healing Sessions
For more information or to set up an appointment for the Private Readings or Healing Sessions, please call Christy at Mindful Expressions (706) 782-5755.

Mindful Expressions Bookstore in Clayton, GA 
Wednesday, 7pm, July 24, 2002 - Live Channeling

Sacred Circle Natural Health and Well Being Expo, Jacksonville, FL
August 17-18, 2002   I will be Key Speaker at the Expo and presenting a 2 hour interactive workshop on utilizing the Universal Construct for Higher Conscious and Healing. The workshop will also include the popular Movement to Spirit technique for attainment of higher consciousness. This is a fun and easy technique that involves music, movement and energy!

As always, I wish you only good things, as it is all good, even if sometimes in the moment it doesn't feel that way. Remember to breath, and know that you are whole and perfect just as you are!

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