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DNA Changes
From The Natural Order of the Universe      http://_allaboutlife.homestead.com/FAQ.html
On the DNA, I had read about that before, going from 2 helix to 12 helix.  As this transformation takes place, wouldn't science pick up the change eventually?  Or is it not physical? 
Kosol: To be honest, your scientists are too closed and not yet on the scale of the evolutionary step to understand the natural order at this level of DNA science.  They still dreaming of a reality that fit their view (which is a limited perspective).  It is both physical and spiritual, just like your emotion is both physical and spiritual. That is how the 12 DNA strand are active inside a person, through the emotion or feeling.  As you may know, I stress always, COMPASSIONATE FEELING, that is the key of activation.

Could you expand more on the DNA activation?
The 12 helix DNA is the true human DNA.  Human beings are not a physical species, they are the guardian species.  A species by or at will that can become spirituals or physicals.  The 12 helix strands is very important, it is your true blueprint of your true form or what Jesus referred to new creation.  Other world beings call it light body, a body that doesn't die and lives forever.  With this type of activation you have all the psychic channels open on all levels (all 72,000 of them). Major and minor chakras are opened and fully developed, no limit whatsoever, and you become multidimensional in your expression and experience because you become your full potential. 
Currently your DNA is only 2 strands in activation, the other 10 are still asleep, but with a little practice of compassion and creative free will imagination, the other 10 strands will become active also and added to the 2 helix.  Once you have this DNA completely activated, you'll have the power to fulfill your physical and spiritual obligation toward the universe and work together with other worldly beings.
Can the guardians elaborate more on the DNA activation from their version of how they will see human beings and their limitations and how it came to be?
Kosol: First of all, you are all ascending! What you and everyone on Earth are going through now is not new. Human beings true DNA blueprints are 12-helix strand with 72,000 psychic chakra junctions or vortexes (both minor and major). The true human beings height is 12 to 15 feet, this is an average height for the human species. That occurrence of four to six feet  of height came after the fall of the Earth's firmament and the radiation from the sun and the cosmo. This harmful energy froze and mutated human beings. This radiation affected the development of the human geno. The radiations slowed down your development process where now it would take you longer to be fully human. When a human baby is born without the affects of radiation hindering its development, the infant immediately begins to become fully conscious of it surrounding. The infant will immediately talk telepathically to its new parents, he/she will begin to grow faster and in its twelfth year it will be a fully grown adult. The child will have full memory of other lifetimes intact. The child will have full natural human psychic capabilities. The child's DNA will be a 12-helix in existence naturally. Now the strands are shape shifter strands.  Once a person's strands begin to be activated, the physical form begins to change. You will grow in mass and in light until you are fully developed. Your aura will become visible. You will not age or have disease. Your immune system will be supreme with multidimensional adaptability. All human beings on the planet are now becoming true human beings. No longer will the radiation hinder their natural development to be true human beings (with light bodies).
Can you elaborate more on our scientists in relation to the new DNA?
Kosol: They will have to use our knowledge and our science.  They can use the easy way or they can start all over to map human geno with their current technology. I myself feel it will be impossible this way.  The new human DNA, which all of us are developing our current DNA into, is not singular in dimensional existence.  Yes, you can see it but it can move in a multidimensional and interdimensional fashion.  The extra DNA is made of light.  Light will be the form of communication between other light beings. Your emotions is how the new strands are created.  As you may all know, abundance of hormone will be produced during this process and onwards by the body.  Emotion is alpha waves, like the Earth's electromagnetic field is alpha waves.  This arrangement is projected from the Earth's spiritual hierarchy.  Everyone's cellular structures are responding to the Earth's projection. That is for us to develop into true human beings and ascend with her. To transmigrate into the fifth dimensional existence.   We are going home everyone.  Let's go home together.   
The Natural Order of the Universe    All About Life   Web Site  http://_allaboutlife.homestead.com/
PS: Who is Kosol?
Kosol is Asian,  "from Cambodia," currently residing in Texas, and is highly spiritual.  On an advance level he is very clairvoyant and communes with a higher collective consciousness that includes guides, councils and guardians, all with the purpose of helping humankind.  He has the ability to tap into universal information and says, "Only if someone asks, does he know the answer".
Kosol's faith is "Guardianship".  In other words, caretaker and protector of such things as this planet, its energy, technology and its free will inhabitants.  His Guardianship follows five commandments or guidelines as its primary objective, and they are: love, self-realization, free will, cooperation and support.  Kosol says,
"Without love nothing exists and with love all things exist and accepted. 
Knowing yourself you know your limitation and by knowing that you can accept that realization with love then you can respect and transcend it. 
 Knowing you have free will you have to choose to be creative in your experience as an individual or with a collective. 
By free will you have to choose to cooperate with others or not, and with free will you can choose to support others or not."


  Extracted from an article 'The Bigger Picture' by Susanna Thorpe-Clark
We are being changed physically from carbon-based beings with 2 strands of DNA into crystalline beings with 1,024 strands of DNA (eventually), because  only crystalline substances can exist on higher dimensional levels. We are in fact having our bodies merged with Sirian DNA strands, as this format is close enough to our own to be able to integrate with relatively little side effects.

  It is not just we humans who are changing, but all life forms on Earth are becoming crystalline. All the fish in the sea, the flowers and trees in your garden, the birds in the sky, even your pet dog or cat. Everything is changing ... for we are all moving together into a new state of being.  This new state of being requires therefore that we physically, mentally and   emotionally let go of 3rd-dimensional concepts. Just as in death, the letting go is a major part of the change process, for one cannot take the old values and way of being into a new completely different afterlife.
   So the progression through changes compels us to let go of current relationships, jobs, careers, homes, possessions, and so on, if they are unable to support our new way of being. Is it any wonder therefore, that  there is a great deal of anxiety and fear being felt because these changes  are already in progress, even though most people are not conscious of it. Also, the changes to our physiological makeup are currently speeding  up and  there are many temporary physical symptoms that are occurring in our bodies  as a consequence of this.

  Some of these are:
   * Flu-like symptoms - high temperatures, sweating, aching bones and joints,  etc.
   * Migraine headaches - severe pain that is not relieved with pain-killers.
   * Occasional diarrhoea.
   * Occasional runny nose - with sneezing which lasts 24 hours and is not  cold or hayfever.
   * Dizziness
   * Ringing in the ears
   * Heart palpitations
   * Feeling the whole body vibrate - especially at night when one is in a  relaxed state.
   * Intense muscle spasms - plus pain in the body, often the back.
   * Tingling - in arms, hands, legs or feet.
   * Loss of muscular power - in hands, caused by changes in circulation system.
   * Occasional breathing difficulties - and/or noticing stronger or louder  breathing when in a relaxed state.
   * Immune system changes
   * Lymphatic system changes
   * Feeling tired - or exhausted from minor exertion.
   * Wanting to sleep - longer and more often than normal.
   * Toenails and hair growing quicker than normal.
   * Bouts of depression for no real reason.
   * Delving into the past - and looking at relationships, gaining clarity on  personal issues.
   * Feeling of a huge purge
   * Tension, anxiety and high stress levels - because one feels that something is going on but doesn't know what it is.

   Some of these symptoms are being felt by a great many people.  Many are rushing off in panic to their doctor, chiropractor,  herbalist, and  so on, and are usually told that there is nothing wrong with them. And  this is the truth. For all these symptoms are just temporary and simply indicate that these physiological changes are occurring.

   Some of the RECOMMENDED RELIEF REMEDIES for the above are:
   * Go with the flow, don't fight it. If you feel tired and exhausted, rest and get plenty of sleep.
   * Drink lots of water, for you are detoxifying and dehydrating quicker than usual.
   * To relieve emotional tension and stress levels try relaxing herbs like valerian.
   * Fenugreek relieves stress on the lymphatic system and helps the detoxification.
   * To relieve muscle spasm try mud baths or a long, hot soak in a bath to which you add a cup of Epsom salts.  Do this daily.
   Recognise that even if you are having heart palpitations or breathing difficulties, it is the heart chakra or the throat chakra that is unblocking and that the symptoms are temporary. You aren't dying, just changing!   However, don't just take my word for it.  Seek medical guidance  if you are unsure.

   If you don't know where to get valerian or fenugreek, try a health food store or, better still, simply say the name in your head when you need relief. All healing energies are transmitted via the sound of the name and  are just as effective said in the mind or aloud, as in physically taking  them. Try it and see. Ask your angel guides to help relieve any pain. They  are just waiting to be asked !  Most symptoms seem to last a couple of weeks, then clear up.
Some symptoms may recur from time to time.
( Just received you e mail about DNA changes and I loved it.  I have some concerns though about your recommendation of Valerian on a general basis. You can contact Angie Sewell at Self Heal Herbs International Area Code 250 383 1913 for direct info but she tells me about 1 in 10 go postal on Valerian.   Dr. Christopher had a client come back and total his office after he recommended it to him as a patient.   Angie herself had this reaction and found herself anxious and hyped.   Not calmed as one would think.
 Keep up the information we all appreciate and need it.
Christine Lucas
Creations by Christine
250 - 595 - 0103  )



Berrenda Fox   Article removed
Visit this website for more updates on the subject of DNA changes. Here Dr. Berrenda Fox provides evidence of DNA and cellular changes.   http://www.2012.com.au/DNA_UpgradesB.html 
Web Master Liz: Update on Berrenda Fox.  An e-mail correspondence from the editor of Mt. Shasta Magazine, Dawn Fazende to Jean-Claude, dated 6/4/02 states below:  Dr. Fox is in jail. She was arrested for financial fraud and for illegally injecting steroids into her patients without their consent of knowledge.
There is or corroborating evidence. She made it all up. She took samples of blood from a variety of people but never once gave them any reports and no one has been able to find any evidence that she actually had their blood tested.

Information from the above web sites.  Use your own discernment and inner knowing.  Keth


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