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The Monthly Weather Report!

Gabriel    Updated 4/01/02 (additions 4/10)    Children of Light

Welcome to Weather Report Number Seventeen. This particular Weather Report explores the spring months of 2002, a year Gabriel is calling a "Year of Integrating Duality and Soul Relationships!"

As stated in the last Weather Report, we are making another major shift is taking place as we enter 2002. We now move out of a three-year cycle of Purification (1999 - 2001) and move into the first year of a Seven Year Cycle of Integration/Tribulation (2002 - 2008).

This continues to be the most crucial time of choice we have known in our recorded history.

Gabriel has been speaking to us since 1990, bringing clear information about this time of unprecedented opportunity. However, he has also made it quite clear that the opportunity to shift into deeper levels of freedom and personal fulfillment requires that we each look deep within.

We include this segment of Children of Light to facilitate that inner journey, giving clues to the energetic movements that are attempting to take place at particular times. With clear information, we are empowered to make conscious choices.

We are in a time of unprecedented planetary evolution, more accelerated than anything we have known in our recorded history. It is no doubt apparent to people around the world that CHANGE is the watchword of the day. It is also vital to remember that within change, it is our CHOICES that will determine what our world will become.

We are POWERFUL as individuals, particularly as we join together with others who are working to claim the power of their individuality in love.

We have discovered from working with thousands of people in various parts of the world that there are many similarities we all share in the process we are going through as a planet. That is comforting, for it reminds us that we are not alone. In facing the challenges that are presented to us as we move into our present opportunity of planetary initiation, focusing on the similarity of our worldwide humanity will be of great help.


 Physical and Emotional Symptoms:


For the sake of clarity, we are leaving the following few paragraphs as an introduction to this time. It shows how we are moving from one level of experience on our planet to a much deeper opportunity. That shift is bringing us into a time of INITIATION, introduced through a series of cycles. This is ultimately opening us to the depth of our sacred, soul selves. We are not capable of being exposed to these new depths all at once - so we are being initiated one layer at a time.

This shift into initiation began as we moved through four years of the Harmonic Convergence. This gave us time to grow and prepare our consciousness for the energetic accelerations that would begin to happen within our planet's atmosphere. This took the form of a seven year Cycle of Awakening (1992-1998). The end of this cycle segued with the formal INITIATIONS of the soul called Ascension (1997 - 2001).

The first stage of these initiated energies took place as a three year Cycle of Purification - a time when we needed to prepare our bodies for the descension of Spirit that would be pouring into our planet and each one of us. This three year cycle of preparation is now coming to a close. It is clear to people around the world that this time of preparation has changed our world in distinct ways.

Change has only begun, as we now enter the time of Integration of Spirit. This is also being called a time of Tribulation, for it will create havoc on the false self and ego defense that remain in place.

As energies accelerate, they raise consciousness and they also create an entrainment of dense energies. That means that as things continue to heat up in the kitchen, the dense energies of our wounded emotions and limiting belief systems will be challenged to rise into the light of day. They will be revealed in our lives. This revelation is vital, if we are going to clear the path for the rising of our true, authentic soul selves.

Allowing the rise of the soul from the depths of our subconscious is the most fulfilling experience we can have in the physical world. This is an experience that has been modeled by the few, but is only now becoming possible for the masses.



This initiation process has now introduced us to the first two levels of seven initiations. It is only as we enter this quarter of 2002 that we are preparing for the third level - the Transfiguration.

In May, 2002 we will begin to move through all seven initiations - the Birth, Baptism, Transfiguration on the Mount, Renunciation, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension on a deeper level. This will continue through 2012, as we prepare for a quantum shift in consciousness.

What does all of this mean? Is it some cosmic concept connected to becoming some spiritual ideal? Absolutely not. Is it the opposite in many ways. It is about become more deeply committed to truth - our individual truths that emerge as we learn to look at deeper layers of ourselves. Only as we learn to look at what holds us within limitation within will be empowered to reclaim our authentic individual selves.

We have lived in a world in survival and separation. We have lived in a world of defense and fear. We are seeing all of that rise in obvious ways in the world around us. This is an opportunity for each one of us to recognize what we have been doing as individuals - defending and separating in fear.

These choices do not allow us to connect to ourselves in safety and honesty. These choices leave us presenting to the world who we "think" they want us to be. In other words, our survival reality is about manipulating the world around us to "get" what we do not know how to connect to within ourselves. A survival reality leaves us looking to the world as the source of our fulfillment. This is because as children we looked to mom and dad as the source of our survival and fulfillment. When they did not know how to meet all of our physical, emotional and mental needs - nor how to teach us to trust our individuality - we never grew up emotionally. We never learned to claim our individuality. We were afraid.

This time of the rising soul is all about reparenting our survival reality, so that we can truly learn to reclaim all that we gave up in the name of pleasing or manipulating the world around us for attention and validation. This time is about moving from a desire to be gratified by that which is OUTSIDE us to a realization that we can only be fulfilled by making a clear, honest and committed connection with our authentic selves on the INSIDE.



This additition is of prime importance. We need to become aware that many of our civil rights are being put at tremendous risk by some state bills that are attempting to be passed in these months. One of the states is Florida (under the governorship of President Bush's relative). They are attempting to pass into law forced medication at gunpoint and other fearful tactics of controlling the masses in the name of fear. They are suggesting these things might be necessary in a time of war or "emergency." And the powers that be are allowed to decide what is considered an "emergency." We urge you to search your hearts and to write your congress representatives to encourage these types of bills and riders on bills to be voted down.


For the first three months of 2002, we have been dealing with a shift in our ego identity, bringing us through more of the layers of our individual consciousness that have remained in duality, judgment and fear. This was to prepare us for a BIRTH process into a deeper connection to our authentic, core Self.

As we enter into the month of April, we will experience a transition month before moving into this time of Transfiguration.

April will be a time of intense transmutation, burning away with the kundalini fire all that does not serve us as we move into this new experience. It is the time when we begin to claim our true individuality. This is an opportunity of self-empowerment, as we learn to take responsibility for our own creation of life. In short, all of the shifts we have made in the first three months of 2002 in the lower three chakras (lower self), will now come to fruition.

We will truly begin to transmute the issues that have come up to be re-examined. Therefore, we may become more aware of where we have physical attachments to specific situations, things and people for a sense of self. We may become more aware of any places where we hold emotional glamours (such as "if I only had that wonderful job, THEN I would be happy." It would give me the feelings that I don't know how to perpetuate myself.) We will also become more aware of any mental illusions we still hold about the power we have given to our environment and the people who are in it.

Gabriel has often shared that the process of enlightenment is the process of dis-illusionment.

This may seem daunting for some. It is merely that we cannot go on thinking that we will be rescued by anything in the world from outside ourselves. When we do, we objectify those things or people and we then have to use them, manipulate and control them to try and gain a sense of self from them. This is not possible.

However, by allowing the dis-illusionment and allowing the feelings to rise, we can easily connect to ourselves in deeper ways. We can begin to connect to deeper truths, learn to feel our feelings, learn to celebrate who we are honestly. As we do, we will begin to be able to celebrate the situations, things and people in our lives as opportunities to celebrate with (rather than use for our control and fear dramas). We learn to individuate and to encourage others to do the same. In this way we work together to fulfill the deeper needs for intimacy, connection and love that rise.

Some of the physical symptoms of this time will be activations in the lower self or lower part of the body. There may be activations in the spleen (left side of the body), as well as challenges in the thighs and hips. The burning of the rising kundalini fire may create awareness of blocks in the lower body, as well as rushes of adrenaline and light headedness from surges that reach the head. This may create some nervousness or anxiety where our nervous system resists.

These are all symptoms of shifting that will take place in deeper ways energetically in April - preparing us for the Transfiguration.



May begins our shift into the actual initiations of Transfiguration - the time when we have prepared the lower self for a connection to Spirit.

This is why we have scheduled a journey to Peru in this month. Peru is the heart chakra of the planet - the place where physical and Spirit meet within each one of us. It is also in Peru that the Ark of the Covenant is presently located, the access point of Spirit on our planet.

We hope that each of you will participate in the World Wide Meditation: Transfiguration of the World Soul! on Saturday, May 25 at 5pm GMT (1pm Eastern). Please help us pass the word to your friends and family. Click here for more information:

In this month we begin to join the lower self and the higher self. As shared often on this web site, we are not about any particular religion. We consider that each religion provides a unique way for people to explore their spirituality from various perspectives. however, when we take time to examine each one they all contain certain elements - a move towards love. As we examine each cosmology throughout our planetary history, we will also find that the archetypes are the same. Perhaps they have each been trying to model for us the opportunity of this time - marrying the physical humanity of our lives with our highest, sacred spiritual essence.

For the sake of this lesson, we use the example of the man Jesus. Gabriel tells us that the word "Christ" means "soul." Therefore, the master teacher named Jesus is an example of one who came to show us the potential of moving through these initiations into the Ascension of the soul. He taught about love, compassion and forgiveness - all of the qualities of the heart that allow for a marriage of the lower self and the higher. Following the example of love will allow us to move into a higher state of soul/Christ consciousness.

As Jesus reached the time for the Transfiguration, he went to the mountain top with three disciples. As we experienced a connection to God/Spirit, the three disciples bowed down to him. Gabriel suggests that this represented the three lower chakras/energy centers (physical, emotional and mental bodies) bowing down to a higher connection.

This time of Transfiguration is the time when our lower self and lower will begin to rise to meet Spirit in the heart of each one of us. In order to facilitate this journey, we must begin to practice the qualities of the heart. Love. As a matter of fact, it is a time to decide what qualities of self are important to us as individuals. We do get to decide who will be in each moment. So begin practicing the qualities of self that are important to you.

The joining of the lower and higher selves will take place in the following three month with the joining of three bridges of energy. In May, the first bridge will join together our second chakra to our fourth. This is the joining of our emotional body with our hearts.

As we prepare the heart and begin to exercise it in these ways, many may experience pressures and pains in this area. The front of the heart and the back may reveal challenges. The back of the heart contains the will of the heart. Where there is resistance and willfulness about opening to intimacy, love and connection - we will experience the symptoms of that resistance. Pain, fatigue and confusion.

Some will feel more extremes of vulnerability. This does not mean that we are unsafe....just more available and sensitive to an exchange of giving and receiving. Practicing giving and receiving in deeper ways consciously will allow us to feel more in charge of the process that is taking place energetically.

Anytime there is change and expansion, the parts of us that are in resistance and fear put up a fight. This may occur with resisted emotions rising. The important thing is to own all of them as a part of our rising truth.



June will be a deeper move into the second month of Transfiguration. This will be a time to join together aspects of the third chakra and the fifth. This is the joining of the mental body with the throat (bridged through the heart).

This may be a month when we are challenged to stand in the truth of our individuality. Pay attention to where you are willing to stand alone in your loving truth and where you are not. Each stage of healing provides important clues to your individual healing process.

This is the lower will joining with the higher will, which may create conflicts within and without in the world around us. We may see this reflected in accelerated conflict in the Middle East, as conflict between Iran and the US, as well as with the Arabs and Palestinians. Let's remember that all that is happening in the world is a reflection of our collective individual choices. We are absolutely in a position of power by taking responsibility for healing the conflict in our individual lives. We will then become a part of the healing resonance and will see that reflected more and more in the world around us.

This month will face people with their comfort zones, bringing up specific their specific fears of change. In order to help with this fear of change, just imagine yourself five years ago. Would you honestly want to be freeze framed back at that level of consciousness? Change becomes a very healthy alternative when we realize we have a choice within it. That choice is made step by step, as we choose who will become.

When we do take responsibility and respond, we will access more depth of self in this month of June.

Some challenges we be found in the throat, shoulders, neck and the occipital lobe at the base of the skull. There may be head activity and pressure as these energies open and integrate. Some will experience breathing challenges, as well as pressure in the solar plexus. Opportunities will arise giving us an opportunity to make the same old defensive choices or provide us with an opportunity to make a more integrative, healthy choice.

Some will experience eyesight transitions, as well as a release of the "divine nectar" from the activation of the pineal gland. This is a sweet taste that begins to drip into the back of the mouth when the pineal gland stands to connect to Spirit. (all a part of the Transfiguration)

This will be a month when a tremendous amount of creative energy will be flowing, if we are tapped in and willing. Some will experience a deeper motivation to express, develop and invest in their talents and abilities. Expressing the self will be a natural desire at this time. It will either create expansion, or some may find themselves reacting and defending by going into deeper ambivalence.


The third bridge of Transfiguration will be build in the month of July, joining the first chakra at the base of the spine with the 3rd Eye of the forehead (6th chakra).

This will be a time when the lower three chakra bow down much more completely to the divine will of Spirit, accessed in the 6th chakra.

There may be activity in the forehead, a greater sense of inner vision awakening, more kundalini release and build up at the base of the skull, activation of the pituitary and pineal glands in the head, pressure at the crown of the head and awareness of a sense of connection to the divine plan in your individual life.

There will also be negative acceleration for those in resistance. There will be greater brain problems, mental illness and terrorist acts (both closer to home and in the world). As the lower physical world connection of the 1st chakra connects with the plan of Spirit, there will be greater contrasts of light and dark evident in our individual lives and in the world.

In order for the light to heal, it is important to reveal that which is held in darkness. Rather than going into fear, it is important to remember that it is all necessary. Responding in love and acceptance will allow us to heal much more quickly. Dealing with all of our feelings honestly, releasing the charge of shame, fear and judgment as we learn to grow up emotionally will be of great help.


Remember that this time is about growing up, learning to take responsibility for our individual lives and processes and mostly about learning how to love ourselves. We can then get on with loving and accepting other individuals having their individual journeys towards the heart as well. This is the opportunity of Ascension - to marry the physical and Spirit by becoming real, authentic and filled with the soul.

This is a bit of what we can expect in the coming months.

Remember also that as we claim the power of ONE , we will prepare ourselves to create a reality of One for All and ALL FOR ONE!

The world is in our hands, but it is important that we become a clear part of the solution (soul-u-tion)!

Please become a part of the WorldWide Meditations we have organized since 1997!

One more time - the next WorldWide Meditation:Transfiguration of the World Soul! will take us into the third level of integration of these planetary initiations. It will take place on Saturday, May 25, 2002 - focused on Machu Picchu, Peru - the heart chakra of the planet.

We have now built up the worldwide resonance to millions of people, but we need your help to make this a healing success for all. Claim an opportunity that you have as an individual. Spread the word and join with us to build our healing resonance with millions more people!

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible with this healing information. However, we are also concerned about wanting to pass it on with specific tools, so that these energies actually have a chance to become INTEGRATED into your individual life.

Though these Monthly Weather Reports are helpful, we feel it is vital to be able to put the pieces of the puzzle into a larger context of healing for you and those you love.

The most complete way we have of offering more specifics of the entire personal and planetary movement, as well as what we can expect each step of the way is by putting Gabriel's words into a clear and specific process.

That information has been outlined and shared in Ron's book, Revelations for a Healing World.

It has already proved to help hundreds and hundreds of people all over the world. We hope that you will consider it as a tool to nurture and educate those around you at this time.


Children of Light


Or you may want to consider a personal Gabriel reading - to find out how these shifts and changes apply directly to your life. It can be very empowering to discover some of your personal patters, so that you can make the new choices you find necessary, moving out of limitation. Though Robert's schedule is very full, you can request an hour reading by phone. Robert can be reached most conveniently by email (GabrielLt@aol.com) or by phoning  212-662-8631.

Finally, we include a website where those of you who live in the United States can go to let your voice be heard as issues continue to rise. This site will allow you to discover exactly who your representatives are. We suggest that the most powerful place to let your voice be heard is to your CONGRESS PEOPLE AND SENATORS.

The only way to let those we have elected know how important our personal freedoms are is to speak up. We have received a number of emails from people asking what they should say. We suggest that you simply speak from your hearts.


So this is the Monthly Weather Report for April through July of 2002! We hope that you will find it helpful in your life or for those around you. We ask that you help us nurture and educate by telling your friends about Children of Light.


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