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Cosmic Energy picture for June

Stop and just breathe. Enjoy the energy as it begins to settle in. The peaking of energy in mid May had its effect on a lot of people and especially on those leading the vibrational evolution whom we call Lightworkers. The beginning of summer will be a time to catch our breaths and regain our bearings. In the recent message from the Group "Re-positioning ~ the cosmic shuffle" they said that a lot of people are feeling the movement of the Crystal energy. In order to effectively assimilate this recent energy release, some people had to be re-positioned either physically or energetically. Some of you found yourselves getting moved or shaken as this re-positioning unfolded. This is like the Universe taking the carpet of our lives, and giving it a good yank. At that point, many of the things on the carpet flew into the air. . . some of them have still not landed. This is the re-positioning that they spoke of. In fact it may be helpful to know that the Group also says that "all change leads to something better." Just so you don't feel bad, they also say that we humans typically do not handle change well.

If you have been one who felt like you have recently had the carpet pulled out from under you, be patient.  Know that in some way you may have already made a big difference just by allowing yourselves to be moved.  Recently the Group said that there was a big infusion of the Crystal energy onto our planet.  This emanated from the Central Sun and routed through our solar sun as CME's or solar flares.  This energy, that has been stored in the tectonic plates of the Earth, began releasing into our atmosphere the first week of May.  Many of you felt distraught and stressed for no apparent reason.  Many of you are incredibly sensitive to changes in this energy.  Now that the energy is settled a bit you may be experiencing strange dreams as you assimilate the energy.  Don't take it too seriously right now if you have negative dreams, they are just balancing your energy as you sleep and helping to assimilate this latest energy shift.

In the Re-positioning message, the Group even hinted that the energy alignments during this time were very typical of those that precede war on our planet in times past.  Without coming right out and saying it, they intimated that we were closer to a global war than we have been in a long time.  You can see the possibilities, not only as terrorist activity, but also as the tension between India and Pakistan, both of which have nuclear capabilities.

It does not appear that we are past the possibility of repercussions.  It is still possible for the next three months that some may overreact to their perceived threats of this new energy.  Still, you need to know that we have already made a big difference.  The Group told me privately that if nothing changed, at the beginning of June, we could be engaged in global war.  Some of you intentionally took it upon yourselves to connect with others of like vibration and send out a collective call for peace.  Some of you agreed quietly to be re-positioned and ground energy in the most effective place.  Many of you have been called upon to do work on other levels and other dimensions during dreamtime.  Some of you have found yourselves being re-positioned in relationships, jobs, and other areas of your lives.  For this, the Group says we have done well.  The road ahead still has hazards to avoid, but we have just passed one of the biggest bumps we have had in our lifetimes.  Now is a time to take care of ourselves, rejuvenate and enjoy the life before us.

Most of you reading this are teachers and healers.  You rarely think of your own comfort as a first priority.  Instead you ask "What can I do to help the world evolve?"  You can take some time today to find beauty in all that lies before you.  If your job has ended, focus on the possibilities and not the potential for lack.  If a relationship is ending or changing, see the gifts you have both given each other and not the potential of being alone.  If you are being physically re-positioned or relocated, know that you are grounding energy in an important way in an important place as directed by spirit through your own higher self. Many of those re-positioned may be returning to their original destination soon. As you may expect you are not the same as when you left, so do not expect everything to be and act the same as before. Trust that all change leads to something better and watch for the possibilities.

There is one other potential that we can all work with.  The intense energy has created an increase in drama in many areas of life. The Group recently addressed this in a live channel in St. Louis, Missouri.  Avoid getting wrapped up in drama in any form, whether it be your own or someone else's.  If you see another caught in a circle of drama, help hold the energy for them to see their way clear without taking part yourself.

June will be much more comfortable as the energy is settling in. Take your time and be here now. After the first two weeks of June you will feel the energy beginning to build. For most of you it will be welcomed. Enjoy the ride!

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