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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
1 Eb, 15 Kumku, 10 Caban      7/16/02

Greetings! We return, dear Hearts! Your reality is in the midst of a process that is changing it forever. To understand this operation more clearly, you need to consider that it takes place in a living, conscious Creation containing a major illusory subset called physicality. Physicality consists of an infinite number of realities that, in turn, form its many dimensions. It is all connected together, much like the parts that make up your physical body. This connection is a major tool in the understanding of how physicality operates. As your mind regulates your body, so, too, does consciousness order physicality. The nervous system for this exchange is the divine plan. Your collective and individualized essence ('Soul Body') acts through the structure that the divine plan imposes on physicality. These intentions produce realities that possess a set nature. That nature is reflected in the way the reality's environment evolves. Since physicality is set up as a heuristic aspect of Heaven, Heaven attaches a number of complex scenarios to each reality. These scenarios constantly interact with one another to form a basic time sequencing for consciousness-expanding events.

      In your dimension, most realities are a smorgasbord of varying degrees of consciousness. They range from extremely limited, dark realms to those bathed in the full, divine Light of consciousness. A prime example of this is our own Milky Way Galaxy, where you find fully conscious worlds that extend far into other dimensions and worlds so limited that their prime sentient species lack a Light Body. This conglomeration has led to countless untold wars, massacres, destructions of planets and other forms of mayhem. Despite these events, that first thin band of conscious Light in your galaxy has continued to grow and to be reflected on your world. You have moved from a state of great Light to a more limiting condition. During this latter period, the dark was able to impose much of its savage barbarity upon you. Now, you are moving through a transitional period of great chaos. Once it has ended, you will return to the Light and fulfill your destiny. As you do so, you will connect with the other realities in your galaxy and reshape them, much as you recreate your reality.

      You will remember, dear Ones, that in some past messages we described reality as an illusion that is built upon the intentions of its inhabitants and the divine plan.  Each reality is no more than an archetype of a certain master form, which then is applied in a particular way, through frequency and divine order.  Out of this order emerges a reality's grid.  Once the grid is set in place, a specific environment is produced.  It is important for your science to understand this thoroughly, and to comprehend that there are no 'Laws' in physicality except those created for each reality.  These can be altered when appropriate and upon the joint decision of its residents.  This order can be carried out remarkably simply.  The major requirement is that the group comprise between one and one-half and three percent of the overall population.  The group must increase its vibrations (Light frequency) to the highest possible level, repeatedly and in a particular way, by moving its energy globally.  In doing so, it is important for that group to connect with its prime source - the Creator.

     To assist this process, Heaven permits other realities to join the operation.  These realities contain mainly Beings of a higher degree of consciousness who can influence this concentrated effort by lending their energies to your own.  As the process builds, it develops a wave that connects to the reality's main grid, causing the grid to expand and propel its environmental frequency ever upwards. This movement affects the reality's events schedule by forcing a new schedule to take form.  As the new timetable manifests, extreme chaos ensues.  This is the final state of confusion through which the reality passes on its way to its transformation. As your reality mutates, it affects many similar realities that cluster around it. This process precipitates similar changes in these realities as well. Thus, your adjustments affect many other dark realities in this galaxy by increasing the probability that the Light will also vastly alter them.

      Right now, all of these events are unfolding around you.  For this reason, your cosmologists have devised the concept of 'multi-verses' and adopted most of the tenets of quantum physics.  Despite this, vast anomalies remain to be explained that are unknowable, even by the concepts they have recently adopted.  These unaccountable anomalies are the result of the immense changes that are occurring in your solar system and, especially, upon your world - Mother Earth.  Even your measurement of sequential time has reached a point where the very symbol of its current precise measurement - the atomic clock - has demonstrated peculiar inaccuracies.  All of this points simply to the fact that you and your reality are undergoing an enormous and lightning-like shift in your levels of consciousness.  In mere decades, you are progressing from being an element unaware of the workings of this reality to becoming its grand master.  The most important part of this operation began in the latter half of the last decade of your twentieth century.

      At that time, you reached a special point of 'critical mass' at which Heaven could orchestrate a chain reaction of consciousness expansion on a global scale. The process was emphasized by a special series of procedures initiated by your local Spiritual Hierarchy. These procedures were further expanded by a series of extraordinary decrees issued by Lord Surea and carried out by all of A-E-O-N. This process resulted in the formation of a new local heavenly Administration. By the turn of your new millennium, this Administration had reordered the planetary Logoi of each world in your solar system and readily prepared them for their return to a fully consciousness reality. This has also affected your Sun by contributing to her prolonged hyperactive state. Again, all of this is the rising chaos field that acts as the catalytic environment for your transformation.

      Change in physicality is often characterized by extended periods of rapid general extinction in the flora and fauna on a world, or by traumatic expiration of planets or even the 'nova-ing' of stars. Many of these events occurred long ago to your solar system.  Your Sun understands that its living environment is in transition.  Your ecosystem on Mother Earth, also, is quickly changing.  This process is a sign that you have reached a critical point in your history that contains many wondrous outcomes.   That which is chosen for your reality, however, will be influenced most profoundly by the divine plan.  This timetable will result in your acceptance of your role as physical Angels and in the prevention of any probable Armageddon.  This divine grace is the reason we have come and why your mighty victory over the dark is inevitable.

      As you move through this period of catastrophic change, be ever aware of who you are becoming. You are taking back your great God-given powers and permitting the creation of a new reality. That reality will allow you to directly renew your connection with your many space and spiritual families. The time for this new reality draws ever closer. It is important that you remain focused and committed to doing your part to ensure the victory that Heaven and the divine plan have bestowed upon you. In this, dear Hearts, always bear in mind that victory comes with many new responsibilities and perceptions of your true abilities. By Heaven's calculations, this present chaos will last only a short time. Despite your present conditions, know in your heart that this soon will pass and that a newer, more glorious time is swiftly approaching.

      Today, we have reviewed the elements that are bringing you closer to your new reality. As you consider them, remember that an extraordinary process initiated by Heaven and proclaimed by the divine plan is under way.  Soon, this operation will bring you all that you truly desire.  We now take our leave.  Blessings, dear Hearts!  Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that Heaven's unbounded Prosperity and Abundance is yours!  Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
8 Cauac, 2 Vayeb, 10 Caban               7/23/2002

Greetings! We come, dear Hearts, with more information concerning first contact. First contact is a unique and truly complex process. The large-scale uncloaking of our ships in your skies is only the final step in this operation. Until that time, we need to work in concert with your local Spiritual Hierarchy and our earthly allies to prepare you for our appearance. Our purpose remains to forge ahead with this project as swiftly as divine right time permits. Until then, we will continue to insist that those who hold power on your world understand the urgency of this situation and act accordingly. As you are aware, many events are unfolding in your solar system that are precursors of your new reality. They include the entry of a large, artificial planet into your solar system. This object is not a dwarf star, nor will it lay waste to your world. It is simply a warning to your rulers that their present way of governing has reached its limits. Your Sun does not possess an evil twin, but is merely a single 'G' class star. In this galaxy, such stars are known to possess solar systems that can easily support sentient life.

      Sentient life in this galaxy is immensely diverse, and possesses many forms. To you, some may appear grotesque, while others will seem more pleasant.  Some have Light Bodies and are endowed with highly evolved Souls, whereas others lack Light Bodies and are not nearly so evolved.  Such discrepancies result from the great darkness that produced entire species, limited in their spiritual abilities, but very much masters of this physical plane.  They, under the rule of Anchara, encased this galaxy in a seemingly endless galactic war that lasted for millions of your years.  You will begin to understand this process of life's variation and its natural cycles in ways that you previously thought hardly possible.  Each day, as you grow in awareness, those who govern you by fraud and deception realize that your knowledge, alone, will be their eventual ruin.  Our mission is to accelerate this inevitable condition and to champion what you are becoming.  To do so, we need to give you a broader perspective of the events that lie ahead.  Realize that this process has many stages and that you are enmeshed in their final phases.

      In earlier messages, we have mentioned that you have achieved a 'critical mass'.  By this, we mean that you have attained a special position where your transformation is now inevitable.  This means that no effort by the dark forces on your world can keep this procedure from its completion.  The next consideration becomes the length of time before the final step can be activated.  The timeline is very short.  Those who control you realize it.  Their delays are merely a well thought-out attempt to delay the inevitable, and, despite their levels of sophistication, are doomed to fail.  You, dear Hearts, are foreordained by the divine to become physical Angels.  In this role, you will achieve your destiny and prepare this physical Creation's next stages to unfold.  Always keep the 'bigger picture' in view.  Frequently, the near future will seem bleak, but, if you consider these short-term developments from a broader perspective, you will be able to discover what actually is taking place.  The same goes for the events that now are swirling around you.  They are the final, great moments of those who have ruled you for many millennia.

     Any period of transition is distinguished by its strong and chaotic undercurrent.  During these times, there is greater potential for conflict, extreme change and the rise of new paradigms of government.  You are living in such a time.  But, unlike previous eras, the actual degree of possible conflict has been limited, because the divine has set in motion a sequence of events that makes your destruction impossible.  That does not mean, however, that the various subdivisions of your secret governments will not attempt to create the opportunity for another global disaster.  Their former masters - the Anunnaki - taught them that war was always a major way to achieve their objectives.  This concept was the reason for the events of last September.  They were not committed simply to gain control of the oil production of Central and South Asia, but to maximize the chaos and create a mechanism to enhance and prolong their dark agendas.  This agenda has failed.  It has only flushed them out and further isolated them from their former allies.

      Such change operates on many levels simultaneously.  It is altering your physical bodies and preparing them to integrate with your emotional, mental and spiritual selves. It is thereby shifting your consciousness, making it impossible for you to be controlled as you were. In addition, it is reshaping the logical paradigm that governs your sciences. These transformations, in turn, create the need to establish a more open and imaginative form of governance.  They are forcing a change in the distribution of your wealth and the way your financial systems work.  A fairer and more equitable system, therefore, is beginning to be manifested.  They will result in a greater acceptance of personal sovereignty and freedom on a scale previously unrealized in your existing reality.  These events are occurring, now, only by virtue of your own transformations.   They will result, too, in a formal acknowledgment of our existence and the unveiling of a prodigious array of long-hidden technologies.

      Undeniably, your world is changing for the better.  Those who have manipulated you for so long are approaching the end of a long period in which they strictly controlled your existence.  This new world is divine.  Your connection to the divine Will of the Creator has been restored.  The first momentous break in this vile manipulation occurred when the grand overlords themselves - the Anunnaki - switched sides, resulting in the signing of a treaty between the Galactic Federation of Light and the followers of Anchara. These acts changed everything!  The forces of the dark on this world had lost their allies.  This erosion continued with a tumultuous reshuffling of the Anunnaki's earthly minions.  The overwhelmingly positive results of this struggle resulted in the events of last September.  Those who were firmly committed to the dark revealed their plans and now, the retraction of their monstrous power is almost complete.

      As a bright, new day begins to dawn on your world, we anticipate a formal series of announcements that will affirm our existence and acknowledge our benevolence.  Once they are in place, we will forge ahead quickly and begin the last stages of our first contact mission.  Our plan is to remain in place around, and above, your world.  We have also extensively enlarged our bases on your Moon, throughout your solar system and on your world.  They will serve as our forward operations center and confirm that our commitment to first contact remains as strong as ever.  Our fleet supports a network of special liaison teams that are working closely with our earthly allies to provide the force that will ensure their ultimate success.  As a result of these positions, we know that we remain on the verge of first contact and that our meeting with you draws nearer with every day.

      Consider the present from this larger perspective.  You are transforming your reality from a restricted, dark existence to one that is unlimited and filled with Light.  In this approaching world, you once again will assume your role as physical Angels - Heaven's wondrous councils in physicality.  As such, you will help to ensure that the divine plan is revealed as the Creator has intended.  Remember, dear Ones, that you are reaching the end of a long road that has taught you a great deal about the dark, as well as about the operation of the various dualities of physicality.  This knowledge gave you wisdom that you will find most valuable as you carry out the Creator's mission.  You have begun to clear your mind of the cobwebs produced by your plunge into limited consciousness.  Now, prepare to enjoy the glorious gifts that the Creator has bestowed upon you. A new path in your journey has only just begun.

      Today, we have looked at recent events on your world.  Remember, dear Hearts, to focus upon the 'bigger picture' and not let the events of the day get you down.  In your own way, remain positively focused and fully committed to your ongoing transformation. We now take our leave.  Blessings! Know in your heart of hearts that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen.  Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)
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Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 880151, Pukalani, Maui, HI 96788-0151 U.S.A.
Voicemail: (808) 243-0728 | Fax: (808) 573-2867 | E-mail: pao@hawaii.rr.com | Website address: www.paoweb.com

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