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Channeling May 22, 2002

Antallah. Dear Ones, the energies within your world are feeling chaotic to you. Since our Presence in the last transmission, there are many situations which are affecting you. Many of you have been feeling uneasy, as if you are on an emotional roller coaster. Many of you are feeling uncertainties within your very existences. It is that there are factors outside yourselves that are contributing to this. It is that the interstellar energetics are changing both with the photon particles as they enter your manifestations, as well as those ancient communications which are reaching your world in short bursts due to interference.

These communications are abrupt as they are interfered with by the interactions of the planetary and other cosmic bodies, as the elliptics are changing in their journeys.  These communications carry information as it was in the Beginning. Part of your sense of unease it that you are receiving this information in part and parcel rather that in full.

You have a sense of remembering, yet the pieces that complete the translation seem to be absent. That which travels through the Arcturian Corridor comes to you in light form. That which is unconsciously translated in all levels of your existence. As this has occurred similarly many, many times in what you call history, changes such as these have not occurred in your lifetimes. Nor have they been as profound as they are in occurrence at this time. Not since the Beginning have the energetics been as fine, high vibrational and in sync with the Source.

After June 30th of this year, there will become a stabilization in part of these incoming energetics and you will resume the download of this information in more complete form.  As we have stated previously, the Arcturian Corridor will remain open until  September 9th, also of this year.

As we have spoken previously, there is a tenth planet making its way back into your galaxy.  You have called it many names (Nibiru)  throughout the millennia. This is a slow moving planet that for the most part is a member of a parallel solar system, yet at a certain point in its journey, the elliptic path that it is on brings it well within your Solar System.  As this occurs, the entirety of your energetics change.  There are certain gravitational forces amongst the heavenly bodies whose interactions are dramatically changed as this planet approaches. This is a very large planet with many moons. It is very powerful in its effect.

The approach of this planet causes a re-patterning of all of the energetic interactions above and below. Not only is your environment affected, your physicalities are affected as well. You are made up in your current manifestation of mostly fluids. As the gravitational changes occur, your bodies react by the ebbing and flowing of those fluids. It is that you are moving from within in your physical manifestation in the same way your Universal energies ebb and flow. When that rhythm changes, so does the rhythm within each of you. And does the rhythm within your planet.

If you wish to align yourself with these changes, utilize the occurrence of the up coming full moon eclipse this weekend to bring fluid balance from within. This may be accomplished by exposing yourself to the energies of the moon, and as you do so, set your conscious selves aside. Feel the drawing of your fluid self toward the moon. Note that your entirety seems to be reaching outwardly.  Notice that as your inter-self is reaching outwardly, that there is a point within where you seem to be rooted to yourselves. This point is your connection to all things. It is as the center of a circle, without which the circle itself would be in disarray. Remember this sensation, this being-ness. Call upon this connection when you are feeling out of balance.

And so as your physicalities respond, your emotionalities react, the electro-magnetic communication within your manifestations and in conjunction to your environments, so do those of your planet. Your planet is moving into a period of need for serious adjustments as well.

You are seeing strange weather patterns. You are seeing heightened seismic and volcanic activities. The animals are responding as well in that their natural patterns and habits are taking on a less predictable pattern and behaviors. Your planet is exhibiting temperature adjustments. There are volcanic vents under many of your glacial systems. As above so below. As the temperatures are rising within your atmosphere, these vents are bringing heat from within the earth. Ice sheets are breaking loose in massive sizes.  These carry weight of consequence to your planet.  There is other, less obvious volcanic activity within your oceans. These bringing hot magma in the form of lava to your ocean floors.  There is also a large amount of activity with your tectonic plates as they attempt to maintain the balance of the earth's crust in response to these changes.

As the balances shift from within and upon the surface of your planet, the planet will adjust itself accordingly. This. for the most part is what will cause your pole shift. It is all a matter of balance as it has always been. The balance of the liquid matter within the center of your planet acts in the same way that a gyroscope works.  As the external balances shift, a wobble occurs as the interior has remained more constant.  As the interior and exterior balances change to find synchronicity in that balance, the planet will shift upon her axis.

This situation has occurred many times throughout the history of your planet, and other planets as well. A huge change within the internal and external forces of that which you call Mars, created that which you see now, causing the Ancient Ones to disperse.

That which your Earth will experience is not as severe in its shift. This happens approximately every 26,000 years earth time, yet you see that you are still here. That your humanness has survived in spite of the changes. It is simply that your world, your realities will be different than what you have known.

Your evolutionary processes have been interrupted and changed many times prior to your know history. There have been many others before you who have created huge civilizations, high in technologies, using the ways of the Beginning, who have passed before you. Each time, your humanness has been seeded with that which was and that which is to be. Some of this knowledge has been left behind for those who have ears to hear. Those who have eyes to see. You are no different that the Gods that you worship.

You are light beings and therefore eternal in your nature. It is only within your manifestations that you ever change. Whether you exist in your original forms as light beings or as those you have manifested for experience, such as you have in this life, you continue to be.

As the balancing, this shift occurs, your realities will take on new experiences. There will be a dimensional shift as well, as within the principals of change in your holographic Universe occur, there will be effected your dimensional realities. As the electro-magnetics of the particulates (of which all things are made and communicate) change polarities, there will be movement and changes within the space time continuum as you call it. There will be a folding of that which is, into that which must be, also to retain balance Universally. At the same time that it is folding, it is also expanding.

Many of you will find that you have moved to other dimensional realities. Some will simply move to a parallel Universe, that which over time has been called many names. Nirvana. Shamballah. That plane where your earth is untouched by human destruction, which resides just inside the fifth dimensional reality.

Others of you will move outwardly in your realities, as you have moved through your Karmic lessons, and are completing your journey of learning for now. You will move toward higher dimensional realities depending upon your Mastery as teachers, Ascended Masters in the ways that we teach you currently, you will teach others in other realities, other planes.

Others who reject these changes, and refuse to be within this process, choosing to remain in consciousness as individualized universes will remain to continue the learning processes, the opportunities for growth, and there will be a second shift in later occurrence. It is as it has always been, and as always, choices remain.

All of these occurrences are why there are many Visitors who come to observe your world at this time. Some come to be of assistance in the form of Spiritual Masters. Other Masters walk your earth in human form to be of example to you at this time. Others simply come to observe, as this is a huge phenomenon Universally. The balance to all things is shifting. And others come yet to evaluate the changes so that they may learn, gain wisdom form that which they see here, as their worlds are also affected.

Many of those in your world at this time are so intent upon destroying each other, that they are not paying attention to the changes which are obvious. The focus must be toward wholeness of all things. It is that you would stand back from yourselves, from your immediate experiences and assess the whole picture before you. It is written that the winds of change will come upon you, and so it is.

Do not become so focused in world events that you become unaware of the Universal process that is happening within you. Before you. Around you. This change is you.

Be that which is love.
That love being not your emotions, but your process of Being. For as you are that which is love, all things become clear. No questions remain unanswered, and fear is non-existent. Existence in each moment as love brings to you the synchronicities that you seek.

Be that light which you are, and extend that light which is yourself to all other beings, all other things, for when you do this, you have chosen to participate as an integral part of the whole, rather than one who chooses the benefit for the few. When the few who have chosen themselves are left, having chosen self, self is all that will remain until further choices are made.  It is always a choice.

That which you have and hold, you will have not as you leave this plane. That which you have and hold will not fulfill you in your journey. It will leave you as empty vessels. That light which you have chosen instead will illuminate you in any form of existence. It is your true wealth. Choosing the high road in this course of your journey will lead you to the highest road for all eternity.

Fear nothing that exists within the light. Fear nothing as you are that light. You are eternal Beings. Gather that which you are as light and be that which is Truth in existence. All else is simply a part of the process.

We return to light.
Be in peace.

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