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August 18, 2002      The Hosts of Heaven
Well, now. The time of which we have spoken is close at hand.  Before that occurs, we want to give you a last reminder -- that this journey of yours is a PROCESS, not an event, and although you are reaching an important threshold, there is a journey to be made beyond that time, so please remember this and do not place yourself in a position of locked energy with regard to this "event."

We cannot emphasize too much that it is important to remain detached and to not get caught up in the drama that is unfolding all around you. The moment you engage with chaos, you get sucked into it. The moment you polarize to something you observe, you get locked into that which you polarize to.  It is so important to remember -- especially at times of great dramatic impact -- that your safety lies within, that no solution that matters in the long run of things will be found outside of yourself.  Your answers lie within.  Even if you are not hearing "voices" or words, you do know -- in each and every moment -- what is true for you.  You can access this knowing at any time.  It is a feeling that you feel.  Something will feel "right" or it will feel "off" or "wrong." Trust your feelings.  Don't let anyone talk you out of them.  It is not important that anyone else know what you feel.  It is perfectly all right to keep your knowing to yourself, but don't let anyone sway you.  There will be many attempts to talk you into adopting a certain attitude, but stay aligned with what you know as your own truth.  You can carry it silently, but do not abandon it in order to accommodate anyone else.

We have been assessing things on your planet and we find two things are going on, neither of which come as a total surprise, given the "polarity game" and the lateness of the hour. First, the forces that use deception as their way of gaining polarity and taking energy from others have been succeeding in their plans for world domination.  They are aided by those of higher densities of the same polarity and soon there will be an increase in their visibility.  It is far too late to stop any of this, so we are just telling you this so you will understand what you see as it unfolds.  They have succeeded so well, we must confess that it is rather humorous to us to see how easily they have made their way with so little resistance.  However, we do know the "ending" of the story, and there does come a time when their "game" will be "up" and they will depart for another destination.

In the meantime, however, deception will be everywhere and on the increase from its present levels. That is why we emphasize that you go within for your "news." Everything is being manipulated to such an extent that nothing you read or hear is untouched, except possibly some of the material that comes through the clearest of channels. Those are few in number, and the greatest part of the channeled material that is available to you has been affected and corrupted until it is simply not true anymore. There will always be some noble sentiments sprinkled liberally about by all of these sources, but in the end, they are leading those who listen to them down a path that will only end in distrust and disappointment.

That being said, there are some events about to unfold that directly affect you and your world.  We are here to support you and will have much more to say in the weeks ahead. There will be one more Message in this volume and then we will begin anew with Volume Three.  The Messages are our gift to you and we hope that many more will find their way to reading them in the coming days, weeks and months.  We are pleased to see how so many of you ARE taking our words seriously, and we note that the changes we have foretold are upon you.  The "good news" is that the story has a happy ending. T he "bad news" is that there are some relatively difficult days ahead for your planet and everything upon her.  But that is not "news" to you at this point. We have been preparing you for a long time to receive the Grace that is available to you now.  So many of you are "going with the flow" of change, and we are pleased that our words have in some way made that easier for you to do.  You have been trained in the ways of surrender and your motto of "let go, let God" will serve you well in the times ahead.

The deceivers are massing now, and you will be hearing more from them of what they want you to hear and think.  Each one will be claiming to have the "truth," the "inside story," and none of them will agree, but if you look behind the words, you will find the same background is there, no matter what "picture" is held up before your eyes.  Do not be deceived.  There are many predictions coming to a head in the next few months, and so many of them will fail to materialize.  It is all part of how the deceivers get people to lose their trust in everything, so when the truth comes along, they throw that out, too.  It is a way of getting people to give up all resistance to the coming tyranny, so they will more willingly play into the hands of those who are behind that scenario and scheme.

There is a children's story about a boy who got great fun out of warning the local people that a wolf was coming. It made him feel more powerful to see them scrambling about just because he convinced them that they were in danger.  But when the wolf really DID come, the townspeople ignored him and they were all eaten alive.  His false warnings caused them to mistrust him so totally that when there was a real danger to them, they ignored him and so they fell prey to the real wolf.

So you will be peppered with warnings about this danger and that danger and if you go running around as if they were something you could do anything about, you will find that nothing of what they say happens and then you will disregard the real warnings when they come.  But if you tune into your inner voice and FEEL INTO THE VIBRATION, you will not be fooled.  You will be able to tell when it "feels real," and whether you have to do anything at any given time.  Many of you have already been feeling and responding to inner urges for change in your lives.  Some of you have decided to move to a new place or leave an old relationship.  Others are making many subtle changes in your perception and thinking and becoming clear of the chatter and noise of the world.  The real changes are taking place within, where they are hidden.  Because of the power of the physical senses, it is easy to be "outer directed" and to measure things by how they appear in the outer world.  But your safety lies in being "inner directed" and by measuring with your subtle senses -- how things FEEL to you, not how you "think" about them or what you hear from others, most especially the media.

We will not make predictions, other than to say that the time of the parting of the different destiny paths is nearly upon you.  However, each of you has a plan for your life and each of you will have different experiences, so there is no prediction we can make that will be true for all of you, other than when the time is right, you will be called to your right place.  Every detail of your life has been anticipated by your Oversoul.  All of your "appointments with destiny" will be kept.  Every last requirement will be met for the completion you are making with all of your other lives.  You are already losing your memory capabilities and for some of you that is not convenient, but be encouraged by that sign that you are that much closer toward your desired destination.  You are well along in your process and there is much Grace flowing. All you need to do is receive it.

Your inner knowing is your best armor against the deceptions.  If something does not feel altogether true for you, TRUST that feeling. You must also trust in the plan for your life.  You must trust that whatever you need to complete your life's purpose will be provided.  That does not mean you will always like how it is wrapped, but every occurrence in your life is a true gift to help you complete your life in the way that was intended for you by your Oversoul.  You exist as an extension of your Oversoul.  You do not need techniques to activate or rearrange anything.  Your life will bring you into perfect contact with the experiences needed for the fulfillment of your life's plan.  Even those things that you might consider painful, unpleasant, or undesirable are still moving you toward the goal of completion.  If unpleasant feelings arise, allow them to flow through you.  Do not block them or repress them.  That does not mean you have to act on them. Just allow them to flow through you.

A lot is being cleared at this time, and none of you is exempt from that. If you find yourself detaching more and more from the world around you, that is not a bad thing.  That does not mean you are not a caring person.  It just means you are becoming free from the influences of others as to how you should live your life.  You can be your true self wherever you are. Just remember that you don't have to make a big noise about it. Just be it.

Things are beginning to intensify now and will continue to do so for the next few years, until all is complete.  There has been a decision made to accelerate everything, which means that some of the things that we predicted would happen further out will now happen sooner.  That means that BOTH kinds of things will be affected in this way -- the things that you will be glad about and the other kind -- the things that you might prefer didn't happen at all.  For caring people like yourselves, it could get very difficult to avoid getting caught up in the coming drama, so detach.  If you have to unplug the television set, do that.  Put your time and energy into those things that nourish you, that bring you peace, and let your love flow.  Polarization and resistance are two things that will greatly increase your discomfort, so we give you this simple exercise to do when you discover yourself getting caught up in the drama and chaos:

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, just close your eyes and focus on your breath.  Obviously, if you are driving a car or operating machinery, you don't want to do this until you have pulled off the road or stopped the machine, but even then, as soon as you can, disconnect from what "hooked" you and got you caught up in the drama.  Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Deliberately take slow, deep breaths until you have regained a sense of your own self and are calm, grounded, and centered.  Then very slowly open your eyes again and let yourself remain calm, grounded, and centered.  Allow yourself to witness what is going on around you without getting caught up in it.  If you find yourself getting "hooked" again, repeat the exercise.  You may have to do this several times but do it.  If you are in the midst of a heated conversation, do it. If the person insists on continuing the conversation while you have your eyes closed, hold up a finger or your hand, to indicate "Wait."  This will help both of you.  You will be setting an example that they can follow. "Wait."

You always have three choices: to do something, to not do something, or to wait for clarity before acting. Wait for clarity. There is very little in life that can't wait. If someone is bleeding to death in front of you, you wouldn't want to wait very long, but you must attain clarity more quickly in such circumstances. It is important to attain clarity before acting. Deepening your breathing is telling yourself that you are choosing calm over chaos. It is like a message to your body, "calm down." In the times ahead, it will be very important to remain calm, grounded, and centered.

There is nothing you can't handle if you remain rooted in the moment.  We have spoken before about remaining rooted in the moment that is presenting, in what is also called the NOW. On Terra you will live in the NOW all of the time, so this is good practice for you.

A moment is a unit of experience.  It has a beginning, a middle, and an end.  You can feel when something begins to rise in energy in your life.  It presents, then it swells to a climax, and then it recedes and resolves. That is a moment -- from the time it arrives into your life until it recedes and resolves.  Every moment arrives containing everything it needs for its completion.  It unfolds perfectly, and even when you are in the midst of a challenging time, you can remain rooted in the moment and thus move through it with Grace.  The more you can detach -- the more you can ALLOW THE MOVEMENT -- the more ease and comfort you will have in your journey through the days ahead.  Resistance of any kind blocks the flow. You can remain rooted in your truth without resisting the flow that occurs all around you. Think of a tree with a stream flowing around it.  The tree remains in place when it is rooted and grounded.  Be that tree. This is not the same as stubbornness or resistance.  Be rooted in the moment. Be rooted in your truth.

"The Coming Storm" is almost at your door.  Let the winds rage all around you.  Be peace in the midst of the storm.  Do it for yourself and your loved ones. B e the gift that you are.  You don't have to change anything.  Be yourself.  That's gift enough.

We leave you now, in peace and honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth.   We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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