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 A Call to Service for the Earth 
Sananda’s Third Message
August 4, 2002
channeled via
Lois Hartwick

This is Sananda and I welcome you -- each and every one sitting before me and the vaster audience, who will be reading these words through typewritten pages on the internet, and to all others who manage to tune in one way or another.  It has been, indeed, a period of time since we have spoken, and I understand that you are impatient for some of these words.   

Let me first acknowledge several things that you are doing.  In this world today there is enough chaos and confusion that people have, to some degree, lost the central focus they once came in with.  They have misunderstood the light, and they are using a number of different outside reasons to describe or to cover their actions.  Now why I am saying this is because each of you has just heard an aspect of what Lois has undergone this week, but all of you will undergo at one point or another certain difficulties or situations which do not seem logical in the thinking that you presently have.  I am mentioning this now, because as the times ahead start to unfold or unravel, you will recognize that more and more people seem to be losing their way.  They may not think so or necessarily understand that this is the case, but at some point might suddenly find that they are unsure which way to go. 

For these reasons you are being contacted today.  I am obviously connected with light.  I am, of course, a part of each of you.  I am present to impart that light and to assure you the way is clear, at least from where I am able to reside in each of you.  If, indeed, you find there are moments and times in which you are in difficulty, unsure which way to go, it is important that you ask for this pathway to be illuminated.  I am happy to do so.  Many who are concerned with the overall plight of the world have forgotten, indeed, where they must go themselves, what needs to be developed within or understood from their own perspective.

It is this inner area of development that I choose to offer each of you today.  The world will not be essentially the mirror of your own hearts as it has once been.  Yes, you will be seeing things that you can look at and understand or broaden to a greater perspective.  But it is up to you to begin the awareness that you are and I are connected, and the light you carry has focus, vision, realization and purpose.  If you are observing a world ‘gone wrong’ or perhaps feeling lost, do not make it your reality.  Maintain your connection with light so that you are able to have a greater sense of who and where you are. 

The upcoming months propose a war with Iraq.  This is a heightened sense of reality by many on your plane, and preparations are now being made to go forward with such a venture.  For this to occur, there will be many interruptions and many discussions and much argumentative behavior by some who are involved in the procedure.  You will find over time the initial purpose and reason for proposing such a war gets lost.  It loses its meaning, its intent, its reason and becomes diluted as many things are on your plane with outside influences shifting the light one way or another. 

Each of you who is able to hear my words or read them, has an opportunity to remain firm and steady in your resolve to hold the light for deeper and further clarity than would occur if you were not.  It is also an opportunity for you to hear with your hearts the true reality you are attempting to keep.  What purpose another war serves on your planet is far beyond that which we are able to see.  We believe, however, there are certainly many who are intending to create confusion in an abyss where very few can realign their light to the deeper and inner truth.  Through practice over the years you have understood your meaning and purpose on this plane.  It may not have been unfolded before you in terms of the exact picture, but you have understood enough to pray, to connect, to be aware, to open your hearts and to listen well to that which you carry within. 

For those who have chosen not to hear this particular heartbeat, I can suggest what drum they listen to now will not be that which I am playing.  The next several months will determine a very powerful outcome with result to this war.  Each of you present and listening can utilize this time to incorporate and bring forth and hold a specific frequency that is needed on the planet now.  As I have told you earlier, you would be the other end of the anchor from us to the planet.  This anchor, this frequency, this vibration will be deepened over the next several months so that you indeed feel this frequency rather strongly. Recognize that you are carrying and holding it to eliminate some of the disruptive currents presently occurring on the planet.  I know many are volunteering and have volunteered and will volunteer further even still to assure a gentler, more calm outcome of what poses to be essentially a disruptive and extremely painful situation.

The need for war strikes the heart of many because they, in their frustration, are unable to resolve outcomes in the manner they would choose to have happen.  It also is a place in which many face those things unresolved within their own hearts, as one would blame another for certain situations that have not been completed or delved into within one’s own soul.  When you begin to look at the reality and the truth of the deepening inner aspect of one’s heart, there is the connection of Oneness; no blame needs to be placed anywhere.

From my perspective, I see this as a dramatic and difficult time you are able to make far more enlightened and to eliminate the extreme developments that could potentially take place. 

 Gathering together are those who would oppose the war.  However, their voice is little heard in the coming months ahead.  Because of this, we choose to work with you in the sense of frequency and vibration, emitting light, and emitting that which allows diffusion of currents that are basically undermining to the cultures of your land.  I am here principally to speak to each one of you to ask, once again, if you would be willing to up the frequency and to allow for additional energies to be brought through, and to recognize the light you are carrying can be disseminated even wider and further than you are presently holding or aware of.  Some of you will be asked to travel again and to have situations occur you may not have thought were possible or part of your life at this time, so that you are bringing forth changes everywhere you go.  This dissemination of energy is very transformative, whether people in their logical minds understand this or not. 

 By the time these words reach the many hundreds who have agreed to participate around the world, they, too, will be allowing energy to pour forth from them, connecting to many others, so that what may be four or five or six hundred people initially, will turn into thousands around this planet. 

 It is heartening to see how many of you have responded.  It has given us pause, and enlightened our hearts to know that care has come forth on your planet toward this overall plan.  We see, certainly, destruction upon the land as a result of this war.  However, we also believe that much can be alleviated that would have occurred had you not said ‘yes’.  These times ahead are significant and important and recognize the inner value of mankind connected to spirit.  Our work, then, is barely started.

 In the next several months there will be those of us working with you ongoingly at night and though certain meditations, visions, and let’s say, physical reactions, and in some cases, actual appearances, so that you are understanding your direct connection with us.  You may need some alternative help along the way.  We are giving you this help, but it also may be that certain situations occur in which you will need to make a shift or a change in direction rather abruptly.  If this were to occur, you will  be given all that you need.  Moving from one place to another, changing lanes, as it were, going down the highway, may become more prevalent on your journey.  Easily you have learned to do this already, so I do not feel it is an impossible task to ask. 

 The most important aspect which I would like to share with you today is to remember to love.  Perceptions that you will see in the media or in the world or from those who are having a discussion at a nearby restaurant or coffee shop, may indeed, inflame hearts and minds to other or very opinionated positions.  I would suggest the overall connection to light remind you that love is what stands the test of time.  For even as you see with the loss of a friend, such as Lois experienced today, it is the connection of love that remains, not any inopportune moment that may not have brought forth the highest and best within each.  It is exactly the same in the world.  It is the love that remains, and it is truly your love for the things that are present here on this plane that stand as a beacon before each of you. 

 You are not here to remember all of the disappointments, the impossibilities, the limitations, the shame or the disgraces or any of the other emotions that you may have felt.

In fact, it has been your work over these past years, to release any of this that might still remain in your being.  It is, then, by so doing, that you accomplished the ability to hold more light.   It is, then, the responsibility or the accomplishment of those who choose to remain on this plane to unfold that within their own system.  The belief systems that will be becoming forth -- angry crowds of people shouting who is right and why it is so -- can only inflame and create more action that is impossible to reright. 

 You have noticed, clearly, that which has occurred in Israel.  With such a situation determining outcomes, not only for many people in both Palestine and Israel, others are affected around the world as well.  We have spoken of this before. 

 Imagine then, an interaction with your country and Iraq how many will be affected. 

This particular situation can be averted with enough of you placing in your hearts the light you are choosing to carry.  I would ask that each day you request to receive this light and to share it wherever you go.  It is important now. 

 You recognize, of course, that the polarities on your earth are becoming increasingly disparate.  We have worked -- you and I -- the group and all others who are present here -- on finding that place in which Oneness is present instead of duality.  I urge you to see this reality further, regardless of what is occurring.  In so doing, you will allow for many transformations to take place whether you are aware of them or not.  For who better to hold this position of Oneness when all others are choosing the opposite?

 There are many things that can be said about the upcoming time.  It is important to share that which you need to know and to become aware of in the days ahead.  I do not like to leap too far forward with information about the choices that have been made and the outcomes that will occur, because if I were to do so, it might eliminate or lessen your creative ability to bring forth the highest and most positive effect.  This does not mean everything necessarily will be totally changed, but there are opportunities within every situation in life and if nothing else, each of you can pay attention to what you are choosing to live every single day and what love you are choosing to dispense on the planet while you are here.

That choice eternally remains yours.

 For the next several months, you will incorporate within the work that you are doing with Thoth and Hilarion, new information covering more of this particular eventuality or reality at present, and you will begin to understand your placement on the planet at this time.  I merely say to all of you -- to the vast world audience that is now listening -- make a choice, and be present in the concept and the reality of Love that you carry in the deepest essence of your heart.  Free yourself from all pain, as best you can, so that your reality is clear.  With this intention and with this ability, a new world can come forth. 

 You will be given more information about the pyramids as generators of light to dispense harmonious frequencies in your world.  The (etheric) pyramid in Beirut is nearly finished.  There will need to be one placed in Iraq.  At the same time, I would like to see another placed over the Pentagon.  We have not discussed placing anything over anything else before, but there is such a frequency that is being emitted from this particular building, that it would be helpful to imagine a pyramid placed directly over the building 40’ feet up in the air from the base.  And what I am going to do is to ask those people who are participating with you around the world to focus their energies into these two pyramids, being constructed as we now speak, and to imagine their frequency of love and gratitude going into one or the other.  The pyramid in Iraq will be situated in the desert on the southeast corner of the country.  One need merely to imagine this etheric pyramid sitting there and to allow for energy to pour forth from your meditations or your moments of gratitude and love about your life going into each one. 

 You were told earlier of the information that each of you is able to create smaller etheric pyramids around those which have already been erected in Alaska and now, Beirut.  And by the way, please know that you have also created the one that remains here on A.’s land.   There are three standing; two more yet to come and there will be additional ones to follow. 

 I ask the world community of service at every given point in time in which you have an extra moment, to focus light and love into either of these pyramids, without judgement, without bias, without religious fervor, but rather, for the preservation of your earth and for the beauty of all that is contained here.  In this way, we will begin to reharmonize your planet.

 There will be a disruption which will occur that is going to shake a portion of the earth and some old artifacts are going to be revealed.  They contain very specific energy that is going to be present and needed here at this time.  You will hear about this; you’ll read about this.

Perhaps you will dismiss it and not remember that it was connected at all in terms of what I said.  This particular event will allow for an opening to occur that will draw forth higher energy again to be disseminated on your planet that is stabilizing and re-healing old wounds that have been open a very long time. 

 Other measures are being taken as well.  Of these I shall not speak at the moment.  Whether you join this group on a regular basis or not is not the point, but rather, what you are able to do with your thoughts while you are driving your car, or praying before you go to bed at night, or at any other point in time in terms of directing energy.  Many of you have worked over a period of time with manifestation and intention.  It is now critical that those two qualities you have worked so hard to understand and achieve become a part of the reality you put forth.  Many lessons have been taught to those who have been unable to create, as you pass from one dimensional reality into another, all that you wished to develop or have within your lives.  But did it not strengthen your desire to even more so accomplish or create something else?  This desire, then, is what is important now, for it allows you to move very clearly into the realm of intention, manifestation and creation.  Use these abilities well in the months ahead.  You will be glad you did.

 It is important that you hear one other thing before I sign off today.  There is gratitude, surely, from all of us to all of you.  But in a larger sense, there is creationship of one world in which the reality is based more strongly on love than on hate.  It is our work and it is our desire to share the enormity of love that is potentially receivable and possible on your planet.  Many of you think of yourselves as lightworkers and bring this energy to the planet.  The ultimate truth is the light is to transform that which was negative into the highest common denominator.  It is why you work with the pyramids, and it is what the energy that is contained within them -- that frequency -- relates to, which is Love.  They are bearers of this energy that are transporting all of you into the highest frequency possible.  Maintain this reality as best you can in the times ahead.

 There will be several updates as we go through the next four or five months.   

Let it be said each of you who comes into my presence today, be witnessed as blessed and understand that the Love that pours forth from me is embraced in each of you.  The world community receives the same blessing.

 I am, Sananda, touching each heart, each soul, with Love.  

For those of you who may be reading this information from Sananda for the first time, I’d like to explain his channelings are before a small, weekly gathering of individuals who have been studying and developing inner levels of awareness for many years. 

A number of masters and angelics have been present over time, principally Hilarion, St. Germain, and Thoth.  Sananda has asked for his transmissions to be released to a world audience, to join us in our work.  We welcome all who choose to participate.  During the past year and a half, we sat in meditation for many months working co-creatively in the formation of an etheric pyramid in Western Massachusetts.  For months thereafter, we were given specific practices and meditations to complete in the space itself.  At a later point, we were directed again to begin sending love/ gratitude into a new pyramid located in Alaska.  Upon its completion, the next site given was Beirut.  Now nearly completed, Sananda says you may  join with us to send energy to the latest sites mentioned, Iraq and over the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

 We are grateful to all who choose to join us.   For the earlier channelings, and additional information, a website,  expressions of light.com is being constructed and partially in place.  www.Awakening-Healing.com has earlier channelings as well.
 The forgoing may be distributed in its entirety.  Permission for publication required.
  Email: hilo@bcn.net.

Note in case you think this is spoken from a non experiential view,  I wanted to let you know that Sananda and his channel have been in the political trenches.  Lois worked under the House Minority Leader for the Republicans, and then the House Majority Leader for the Democrats in Boston, and then the Mayor of New York City and then the Governor of New York State.  So she has put some time into that arena, not just with the choir.  Sananda was also quite a rabble rouser in his day.  Even I have had some politicking, having run for Sheriff in Michigan's 5th largest county and was the MI State Co-coordinator for the Viet Nam Veterans Against The War and other environmental group actions.   Blessings,   Keth

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