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"Beginnings"  Online Channeling and Messages, July 29, 2002  Parts 1 & 2   Beginnings Part 2 link

I am seeing fast and exciting changes in the consciousness of many. Those who have asked the Universe for what they need or what they want to know are seeing manifestations of these things. I have noted that it is not simply in the asking, but in the willingness and openness to accept that which one has asked for that brings things around.
Many people express desires and frustrations that what they have asked has not come into their realities, and yet, the component of self validity and deservedness seems to be missing. The Masters always say that you are whole and perfect just as you are… and they don't mean just sometimes. Remember when you ask, pray, intend and so on to be open to receiving as well.
In light, with love and all Blessings,

Online Channeling July 29, 2002

And we are most grateful for the opportunity to be with you on this occasion.  We have not met previously and we are always grateful for the opportunities to be of assistance to others such as yourselves.  It is that we wish to speak to you on this occasion of many things that are happening in your world and within your consciousness.

[Beginnings]         (Part 2 link)

It is, Dear Ones, that we wish to speak to you of Beginnings Because it is that many of you have become caught up in Endings, and thinking that that is all there is.  Do you think for one minute that you as beings are so unique unto yourselves that you can change the course of all the millennia since the beginning of time in such a way that there will be no changes in your environment as long as you walk this Earth?  Surely not.

As it has been since the Beginning, there will always be changes within the Universal processes - it is a given.  That does not, however, change who you are within yourselves and of your essences.  You forget, you forget, in your humanness that you are so much more, so much more, and that this is only a learning experience.  This is something you have chosen to do, and you have come at this time, making the choice to have this experience.

It is very important that you realize that every time there are changes there are Beginnings - Genesis.  Genesis.   We call these "A" days in the Universe, because as there is a Genesis, there is also a manifestation of all kinds of newness and changes of experience for beings such as yourselves and others.  You are on the brink of Genesis in a new way and a different way and in the old ways.  There is nothing new in the Universe - you are just beginning to remember!  And so you believe that you are discovering new ideas and new things.  What you are doing is remembering, Dear Ones.

[Illusion of Physicality]
As you have always been those of Light, as you are now, that which you wear as your physicality or humanness in body in that manifestation in the illusion that you have created, is only a temporary affectation - a sensory experience, if you will.  But we tell you that the sensory experience of that which is your essence, that which is the Light which you are, is one of Bliss and one of All-Knowingness, different than you are experiencing now.  Because then there are no questions - no questions, you simply know.  And the communications are automatic from your Self and your Light Self and the Universe and all others and to all of you as well.

And so it is that we remind you that you are eternal beings; you are eternal beings.  Are there changes coming?  Well, of course, Dear Ones.  These changes are also that which you manifest within your belief and within the illusions that you create.  Many of them are necessary, for without change there is no growth.  And without growth there is stagnancy and then extinction.

[Dilution of Cultures]
You, as cultures of people, are becoming diluted with one another.  As the communication systems on your planet create similarities of culture around your world, there is little cultural difference left in many cases.  This is leading to a decline of the societies and the consciousness on your planet.  This decline is a stagnancy of consciousness, unawareness, lack therein, and so it is that you are beginning to see things that are shaking up the consciousness of your realities.  The realities are on your planet  in such ways that many of you are beginning to awaken, in such ways that those awakenings are awakenings to Rememberings to That Which You Are and That Which All Is.  No need to fear.  When you remember, you will be grateful and you will welcome that which is your Self with open arms.  For as you do, you welcome all things,  as You Are All Things and All Things Are You.  We have said this to you recently time and again, and there is a reason for this.  It is true - it is That Which You Are.  And in your Beingness, each of you is an integral part of the Light and the functioning of the Universal process.

[Our Contribution to Manifestation]
Each of you, by virtue of your very Beingness, is a contributive factor to all things that are happening everywhere in every time and every place.  You hold a special space in that process.  The harmonics that you emit, that you are by virtue of your being, are a part of the communication process within the Universal structure.  Each of you is an integral part of That Which Is.  You do not understand how valuable you are in all of these processes.  Many of you believe that your individuality is extremely important - not in the way you think, not in the way you think.  But in the way that you are.  Not the individuality that is your emotionality and your cognitive processes, but rather your essence that holds its space in all things, being a contributive factor.  Being a contributive factor in that all that you emit in your thoughts, your words, your actions, is communicated to the Universal structure and through it, infinitely.  At least until it returns to you that which you have manifested.

Now, we tell you that each of you has choices in what you manifest.  You know this - this is basic information.  What you do not understand is the truthfulness of the statement.  You wonder how to make things happen, but if you simply are that which you intend, if you simply are in your space and in your place within the Universe in that unconditional space that you refer to as Unconditional Love, which is truly, simply, a state of Beingness, then you may manifest any and all things instantly.  And exactly as you have put them out there, so to speak.  That which you believe is so.  That which you intend is.  Unless you choose then to put your emotionalities, your doubts, and your fears in with that which you put out, and then you get different results.  You get those that you are concerned about.

[Determining What We Manifest]
And so we tell you this:  by virtue of your Beingness, That Which You Are as integral parts of All That Is, has no reason to be fearful of any event that may take place, or may not, within your world or your environment.  You may also change the course of any event by believing it differently.  Has this ever occurred to you?  Do you see that which you believe is so?  And if enough of you are believing in that which you fear, then so it becomes.  Because it has been created by virtue of that which you have believed.

And so we tell you that preparedness is not that which is in your stockpiles but that which is in your Heart and your Soul and your Beingness in any given moment.  Because if you are truly being an integral part of All That Is intentionally, and being As The One and Of the One and Within the One, then you have tapped into the highest resources that are available to any being anywhere.  And that is the Universal Consciousness - the mind of the One.  And any and all things that you need, whether they be within your Heart or within some other manifestation, you will know that which you need and that which you need will be yours.  But if you do not remain in contact with That Which Is by virtue of participation in the daily dramas and fears of the many who are polarizing in opposite directions of that which is necessary for the shift you will have very little and know not what you need. Anything you need is yours if you are participating in the process, not trying to work outside of That Which Is as individuals fraught with illusion. It is your choice always.  If you choose to polarize one way or another out of fear, or out of knowing that which is Truth, it is your decision.  And you contribute to the outcome by virtue of what you have decided.  Each of you, each of you, plays a part that is much larger than you realize.  And so we ask you to consider what you will choose - which road is it that you wish to walk?  Which ride would you like to take?

[Karmic Issues]
Many of you are finding that karmic issues are coming to you forefront and center and in your face.  And that they are resolving quickly.  You have an opportunity at this time to clear much, if not all, of the karma that you are carrying - the unfinished business of your travels.  Many of you, many others in this journey, in this time, will complete the cycles that they have been traveling.  You must know that by your willingness to participate, to make different choices, these issues are diminishing and disappearing from within your pathways.  These issues you may recognize because they are the ones that will come to you as patterns again and again.  How many times have you said to yourself:  "Why am I attracting this?  It keeps coming to my life."  What you would say to yourself instead is "What choice do I need to make differently this time?  What choices do I need to make differently to finish this?"  And as you do, so it is.  You will find that you are getting many opportunities such as this.

You will also find, if you are paying attention, that your clarity is heightening dramatically.  Your receptors are on full power, so to speak.  Your genetic structuring has awakened, is arcing and changing in its electrical communication from one segment to the next, from one strand to the next.  You see, you have genetic strands other-dimensionally as well, in all aspects of your Self.  You are your own receptor and receiver, in tune in all ways, in all times, and in all places, by virtue of holographic existence, by virtue of simply being.  And so it is that manifestation is occurring more rapidly because of your communication systems being more fully "on".

[Gamma Brain Waves]
You have been told previously that, as this would begin to occur, other things would happen within your electromagnetic systems that will cause other communications to be happening within your current manifestation.  The Gamma brain wave systems have kicked in.  Many of you are experiencing problems in your skull areas - the base of your skull, your occipital areas and around your atlas.  Your skulls are attempting to grow to keep up with the new and heightened activities that are going on within your heads.  Many of you are experiencing headaches or pressures within your skull from the inside. You are expanding, you are becoming Light Beings manifested in ways that you have not experienced previously.

[Crystalline Beings]
Within these changes, there are other occurrences that are beginning to happen within your realms.  We speak particularly of the crystalline energies that are beginning to be carried by some of those who walk among you. These are extremely fine and high and very active and extremely powerful energies.  If you had to picture them, you would know that many of the finer energies are very subtle in their colors and their spectrums.  The crystalline energies are very similar to those of the jewel-tone colors within your world, only like nothing you have ever seen in intensity or depth of color or range of color.  The crystalline energies move in sweeping motions, sweeping motions, as they are reflected from the crystalline cells that you carry.  That which your genetic structuring has brought forward, that which is your crystalline self, is a living organism of light and color, harmonics, energy.

Those who carry the crystalline colors, the crystalline energies, will find that their receptivity is working at huge and high speeds at this time. Incoming information is moving so quickly it is not discernible in the normal brain wave activities.  It is not able to be verbalized because the voice cannot keep up with the speed of that which is coming in.  And as it comes in, it is also being reflected outward by virtue of the existence of the crystalline energy form, a spectral system, a spectral system of communication of energetics on all levels to all things that are in contact with it.  It is very beautiful to see, this being one of the initiations.  To have the crystalline set re-ignited within your Beingness in this plane is an initiation and with it come certain gifts that each of you, should you have this experience, will discover.  And they are intense as well.

We will take a moment to ask if you have questions as to what has been stated to this moment.  And we would ask you to please breathe - it makes our occupation much easier....We are grateful....  You are holding your breath as we speak.

Q: How do we identify those in our surroundings that are carrying the crystalline energy?
CH: Many of you will see it.  If not, you will feel it as an intensity, an electricity, as you enter the personal space of these beings.  You will also find that these beings are experiencing huge amounts of incoming information.  Many of them will be somewhat shocked by the amount and confused at first, as they become ignited, until they balance, shall we say.  Because the physicality has a difficulty maintaining itself with such high-end energetics going on, you see, so particularly if this is a new occurrence for them, you will find that they are experiencing certain amounts of confusion about that which they are receiving because it is so huge and so fast.  Nevertheless, they are also experiencing complete understandings.  Do you see?
Q: Yes.  Thank you.

[DNA Shifts]
Q: Could you say a little bit more about the DNA strands that the other-dimensional selves are carrying and bringing to this hologram that we be?
CH: In relation to which aspect or all of it, Dear One?
Q: Well, I'm going to say all of it, but whatever you're allowed to bring forth to me at this time.  Supposedly we have two helixes.  I believe we have more than that right now.  The Light Workers working toward twelve strands, but I think there is more that are accessible to us through these...
CH: Do you not think that some of those strands that you are expecting are already operating holographically?
Q: I believe that, I believe that.
CH: It is that within the genetic strands as we said briefly moments ago, there has been for some time a certain arcing from one segment to the next and across the helix as well.  This is creating a different relationship electromagnetically and chemically within the relationships of the DNA, the amino acids and the proteins contained therein
Q: Okay.
CH: It is that...one moment...   It is that due to the new communications and interrelationships, there are actually different compounds of the amino acids being formed at this time, a separating out of an additional four letters of the genetic alphabet to that which you are currently using.  It is that the true physicality is changing in such a way.  Now, what is this doing?  What is this doing to your system?

First of all, you are gaining a refinement of your frequencies, your vibrational states. Your vibrational states have actually risen in frequency by about eight to nine notches so far, some much higher, than even a year ago or two years ago.

Secondly, there are manifestations within your cellular and subcellular, submolecular structures that, because of the heightened electromagnetic activities, are also refining.  There is a thinning within the cellular walls that is beginning to occur.  A lightness of physicality, less density, less density, because what is happening is, as your density is becoming lighter, there is also the influx of the photon energies and other emissions universally as well that are intermixing with the new lightness of that which you are.  And so it is that you are basically becoming Light Beings manifested, for lack of a better way to put it, and, at the same time you are becoming living transmitters and receivers by virtue of what you are becoming.

Further, besides the physical changes such as those, the brain wave systems within the brain structure are beginning to change.  That which is the Alpha waves are taking a back seat even to ...one moment... That which you used to consider a very heightened state of consciousness within the Theta waves is no longer such a high road.  Instead, now you are operating within the Gamma brain wave system.  What this does is this unifies the electromagnetic energy within the brain structure for more fullness and completeness of awareness and understanding and, further, the ability to have consciousness within the holographic realms.

Now, we have many more hours of information that we could give you, but does this give you a basic idea of that which you wish to know?
Q: Yes, it does, and I thank you very much.
CH: You are most welcome.  Are there other questions?

[Crystalline Beings]
Q: One.  If you were a crystalline person and you knew that you were, what would your job be?  How could you help others become...
CH: Become what, Dear One?
Q: more heightened...
CH: By virtue of your existence as a being in this form, you touch any and all things that come within your immediate realm, and any- and everything else that you intend.  And so it is that there are unlimited possibilities of that which can be done as a crystalline being.  Many children are being born as this beyond that which you call Indigo, beyond those other designations that have been given.  Those of the crystalline form are coming with the Rememberings far heightened by utilization of talents and abilities to act within the Rememberings, utilization of the gifts that they come with, without instruction third dimensionally.
Q: Thank you.

[Determining What We Manifest]
Q: Regarding manifestation and manifestation following thought, can thought and intent be combined, not necessarily bypassing a step, but can manifestation occur simply from thought with intent applied?
CH: In many ways, is a thought not an intent?
Q: Yes.
CH: An intent not a thought?
Q: Yes.
CH: The power comes when you fuel it with your Heart, Dear One.  Then it is instantaneous,  with the passion.  That intent that is put forth into the Universe with passion of the Heart behind it gives it a fullness that it does not have otherwise, a wholeness that it does not have otherwise.  In such a...

Beginnings Part 2       In such a...

way it is able to travel and become instantly, rather than the simple intent that is put out with all of the other sidebars, shall we say, that moseys along and communicates mixed signals to the Universe, and thereby either does not manifest or manifests in undesirable ways, the ways that were feared when the intent was given.

[Harvesters of Earth's Ecological Essence]
Q: On the matter of transitions and Beginnings, there are a group of visitors here who are placing small globes or spheres into the ground.  They are doing this at many places - I'm not sure why some rather than other places, but they seem to have a particular function and I would appreciate anything you have to say about that.
CH: They are harvesting the ecological essence.  They are harvesting a sample of the ecological systems of your environment that may, in another time and another place, be recreated, duplicated.  Do you see?
Q: For the terraforming of another Earth, in effect, somewhere else...
CH: It is so.
Q: Thank you.
CH: They are particularly interested in many of the mosses and lichens that have become, shall we say, parasitic in nature, as they are able to run analysis and duplication of more than just the one item due to that which it has been attached to, and that which has grown, and so on, and so on.  They could get more of the chain by virtue of sampling those in particular.  Do you see?
Q: Yes.  Thank you.
CH: You are most welcome.  And they are not harmful nor are their intentions.  They are quite loving and nurturing beings actually.

[Planet X]     (Nibiru  Keth)
Q: What can you tell us about Planet X that is passing next spring?
CH: Oh, the number one subject of your universe at this time.  [{laughter]  Would you like anything specific or would you like a generality from our point of view?
Q: Umm, well specifically I think, what should we do about it, if anything?
CH: Prepare within yourself to be able to listen to that which you must know and that which you need in any given moment that you may manifest it.  In other words, Dear One - let us put it to you another way that you would understand as an Earth Being.  And we are not saying that this is the case as we will give you the case in a moment.

But based on the energetics of fear behind your question, we feel motivated to give you this information.  As an Earth Being, if you knew the day and the time that you would be leaving and transitioning this place, how would you live your life?  In fear?  Or would you live it to its fullest in each and every moment?  Or would you give up and say "I'm done and it's over" and become totally inactivated?  You see, we are finding that there are many polarities of activities related to this subject.  And we do not mean to pick on you personally; however, we are making a point.  If you live and experience each moment to its fullest, then you are using what you have and all that you need.  Because that which has been is done, and that which is not yet is supposition.  Clearly.

Now, related to the planet that you have inquired about.  It is that there is a planet such as this that is coming into your solar system on its elliptic from a neighboring solar system.  This is a long elliptic that takes many, many, many, many years of your Earth time to repeat its cycle.  As well as the fact that it is delayed at times by other gravitational relationships that slow it down or speed it up.  As it comes into your solar system on its elliptic, there is, for a short time, created a bit of a slingshot effect, as it is broken free of one set of gravitational factors and headed towards others.  There is then another slowing down as it reaches the gravitational factors within your more local realm.

It is that, at this time, there is not a collision course set.  It is, at this time, there is not a course set with the atmosphere of your planet.  It will be close.  What the changes you can expect at this time are: a panic among the people because this will be largely viewable with the naked eye.  It will be in the direction behind your Moon, shall we say, and there will be many who will think it is the end of the world, as you humans are so fond of saying.

What real effects it will have are:  high winds, high winds, electromagnetic storms of a grand nature, extreme tide levels, extreme tide levels, heightened electromagnetic activity within your energetic structures and your physicalities, extreme weather ...one moment... and there is also the possibility of heightened seismic activities due to the gravitational natures.  As you see, the Earth with the inner core, the spinning of the planet on its own elliptic, actually creates a sort of a gyroscope action within the interior of the planet.  With the change in the gravitational relationships, there can occur a wobbling of this balancing gyroscope effect within your planet.  This can cause a pitch on the axis....can cause - hear our words.

But there are other interrelationships that will affect that which we are telling you based on each moment of the approach and the occurrence.  In many ways, that which is your Sun is causing you a lot of problems already.  In many ways, the emissions and the coronal mass ejections that are being emitted from your Sun, your light source within your local astronomical area, if those X flares occur during the primary time of the gravitational readjustments as this planet enters your area, it will change the entirety of the gravitational relationships between the bodies of the planets within your solar system, and all other things within your area, which would certainly heighten all of that which we have given you so far.

Will your planet be destroyed?  No!  Will life on your planet cease to exist?  No!  Will it look different?  Maybe...maybe.   But does not each day of your life look different in some way or another?  Are there not changes within and around you on a constant basis any more that cause you to check your reality or adjust your acceptance of your reality to one degree or another?  So it is that we ask you to examine within your own awareness that which you feel is necessary for you and to act accordingly.  But we tell you that all you truly need to be prepared, which is the word that we have heard so many times of late, is to be in your unconditional state of being as an integral part of the Universal process, doing your part, and communicating with the whole in the ways that have been described.  In such ways that you can change the effects and the outcome of the reality of those effects by virtue of the peace that you are creating in each of those moments.

Or, if you wish to contribute trauma and fear, then it is so that that is what you will get - guaranteed!  [laughter]   Have we given enough information on this subject or would you like more?
Q: Regarding the electromagnetic disturbances that could accompany the planet's arrival, is there a correlation between our DNA shifts that are taking place to prepare us physically for this?
CH: No.  That which we are stating is more as if you have taken an atmosphere around one planet that is charged positively and as it comes into other relationships within your planetary systems, there is a static electricity created that causes emissions.  It is also that, in that static electrical type of occurrence, if there should be a coronal mass ejection in the moment of that static, then that static has been magnified exponentially as it is compressed and then released by the coronal mass ejection.  Do you see?
Q: Yes.  Regarding the planet's probable entering into our solar system, why are certain people and why not all of mankind aware of this probability?
CH: Is all of mankind ever aware of anything at once?  [laughter]
Q: Not to my knowledge.
Q: Much less want to be.
CH: Each of you is here experiencing your own level of your own journey and that which you need on this particular journey, each operating at different levels of understanding and existence in truthfulness and awareness and so on.  It is impossible for all of you as humans to do anything all at once together, based upon that small fact alone, not to mention the rest of the factors that are contributive to that.  And with that, you have the ego factors and the emotional factors, and then following that there are the chemical reactions that are created within the physicalities, these causing certain reactions depending upon the moment and the situation.  Much of this is contributing to the polarities that you are beginning to see.  You are beginning to see an extreme separation of points of view.  There is very little middle ground, and it will get even wider from one aspect to the other as time is speeding up and consciousnesses are changing wholly and rapidly. [end of first side of tape].

[Being in the Moment]
CH: As you exist, all types of energy you expend move through the null zones of the Universal Construct communicating with the particulates which are harmonic and light in nature.  As this occurs, each particulate may roll or shift its order, changing the entire relationship it had with every other particulate in the Universe because it is a constant communication between all of them.  So every thought, every emotion, every idea, every energetic, incoming or output, changes that which the Universe is in any given moment.  Completely.  It is an infinite choreography, a living organism.  And so it is that if you are in this moment, this the only reality there is at this time in your perception as a whole, then you know what is happening in the Universe in that moment, and the infinite changes that have occurred are now that which you know.

And so, when you step out of the moment, for one or for many, your perceptions have lost the entirety of the experiences of each moment and the knowing that would have come with it, until you jump back into a moment and re-group.  And so it in, in a way, that the infinite X-factors exist because it is impossible for you to imagine how many contributive factors there are in the communication process of the Universal structure and the constancy of the rearrangement of the  particulates, which, by the way, is also the same as manifestation, alchemy, the learning process, the healing process, and the process of Being at all.

Are there further questions?

[Crystalline Beings]
Q: Would you mind expounding on the crystalline beings that are developing - what changes we might expect to see them go through as they restructure internally?
CH: It is a nearly immediate restructuring.  It is in occurrence when the frequency that the being is operating within raises to a certain point; there becomes a shift other-dimensionally - a connection is re-made.  That which one is in this time and has been in another time are re-assembled, shall we say; they are re-aligned in such a way that the energetics are manifesting in this plane also.  Even though they are visible in the other plane, they are manifesting here as gifts, communications, and so on.  Do you see?  In that what may occur in that time is a heightened sensitivity, number one, to the crystals of the Earth, to the energetics of others - a heightened sensitivity.  Perhaps a need to stay away from large groups of beings or areas where there is large emissions of energetics, particularly electrical.  You may find that they become confused and doubt their sanity, for lack of a better word, because there is so much coming into their consciousness that they cannot begin to process and sort it out because it is coming in too fast.  And so they doubt that which they are - reassure them that this is a normal process, and that it will equalize if they remember to breathe - if they remember to breathe and allow it to simply Be.  Because when people get fearful or otherwise, they compact.   They compact their energetics; they don't breathe; their energetics don't move.  Therefore they are not processing that which is coming to them in a way that it is easy for them.  The crystalline energies are alive, we tell you.  They are very fine and they are very fast sweeping and moving constantly.  If a being on this level compacts themself and they are carrying the crystalline energies, they could overload past the point as these become greater within your environment.  You see?
Q: Yes.  Thank you.

[DNA Shifts]
Q: Regarding the DNA shifts, I understand from what I've read that there are approximately 64 opportunities for expression, and that commonly we use ...
CH: Expression of what, Dear One?
Q: Of who we are.
CH: You have unlimited opportunities to express yourself.  But continue, please.
Q: What can we expect in these DNA shifts?  Obviously heightened awareness, seeing, hearing, obviously becoming more crystalline - any other physical manifestations?
CH: We have described those moments ago, have we not? 
Q: Yes - some.
CH: We have given that which is given at this time.  What we tell you is that you must do your part in the process - the processing of the changes.  That determines the outcome of any other noticeable differences that you may find.  You see, for each of you it will be somewhat different, based upon your experience during the process and what you have done with it.  And so to give you too much information and give you expectations would actually interfere with that which could be occurring for you, of you, and with you, if you had that information.  There are some times that too much information is not good either.  Do you see?
Q: Yes, thank you.

[How to Help the Earth]
Q: Assuming that the Earth is also absorbing all of this, is there any way we can help her, or what is the best way to help her?
CH: One moment...First of all, begin to respect her, for she is taken largely for granted and is running out of resources.  As for the rest, as with all other things, that which you put out as reality becomes that which is reality.  And so it is that you can create an easier transition for that which is your planet by virtue of that which you put out, so to speak.  Do you understand that which we tell you?
Q: Yes.  Thank you.

Is the Moon a Vessel?]
Q: One of the questions is so off the wall, but it has come to my consciousness that there is a possibility that the Moon is not a planet at all, but a vessel or a vehicle.
CH: It is not so.
Q: Okay.  Thank you.

[Safe Areas]
Q: Several months ago, you stated that the period that we're in was a safe area, and so I'm asking does it continue to be that safe space?
CH: It does continue to be a safe space generally speaking.  However, it does not mean that high winds will not affect your area to some degree, particularly because of the many shallow-rooted trees that are in existence within this geographical area.   And there, with the extreme weather patterns that you may expect, you may also expect some flash flooding, some changing in direction of, for instance, stream beds as they will wash as the waters are rushing in a flood pattern, so to speak.  But, then again, there will be much cleansing of the area due to the extreme weather patterns as well.  And the changes in the long run will be beneficial to the environment per se.  For the most part, you are in good condition.
Q: Now this week there have been several bizarre weather conditions.  In one space there is just a little bit of rain, a little bit of wind, and perhaps two miles away there is severe wind, rain, etc., etc., with trees  uprooting.  Is this just sort of a weather pattern or is this connected to what you've been speaking about?
CH: That which we are speaking of specifically will occur at a later time.  However, your question may be also answered in this way:  it is all connected. [laughter]

[Dual Realities]
Q: This week I've been experiencing - actually it's been going on for about three weeks - more than usual the fact that I seem to be bumping into a dual reality.
CH: There are in occurrence at this time dimensional overlaps.  There are several in occurrence at most given moments.  The dual realities that you are experiencing is yourself operating in more than one dimension at once and you are becoming conscious of this and not able yet to sort out the difference. Do you see?
Q: Well, it's pretty funny - for the most part.  Thank you.
CH: You are most welcome.  And do not be concerned if you see more than one of yourself. [laughter].
Q: Actually that happened this week.
CH: We understand.
Q: I think the vehicle saw herself this week...
CH: It was not this week - it was some time ago.  Are there further questions?
Q: Thank you for visiting with us.
CH: You are most welcome.  We are joyous to meet each of you and while we realize that we bring you much and varied information, we remind you again that each of you is a part of All Things, All Things Being You.  Therefore you are whole and perfect just as you are in any given moment.  Be in peace.  Be that which is Love - that state of being - and you will know all things that you need.  We return to light.  Namaste.

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JULY     2002  Awakening-Healing News  Letter Index

       The Sacred Magnetic Heart  AHS  Dr Francisco Rosero 
Awakening of the Enlightenment of Man   We return to light,  Rev Dr Meg Blackburn, 7/5
 UFO Assessment  Bob Dean,  International UFO Congress (IUFOC)  NV 3/02
Your Indigo Child   Dr Joy Dunkin of Water Wisdom
New Light Messages   Forwarded by Turtle Woman...  4/21/02
Maitreya at the door  through Benjamin Creme,  Share International Magazine 7/02
Mission HALO (Humanity's Angelic Love Opening)  August 17, 2002. 8pm local time
The Quantum Awakening 
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan   Vol 41   June   
A New Reality  ET's on the doorstepSheldan Nidle Update  PAO 7/02
Heaven in Control  A Time of Restructuring,  Sheldan Nidle Update  PAO 7/09
Dimensional Awakening  
We return to light,  Rev Dr Meg Blackburn  7/11
Putting Out the Welcome Mat for GOD  Archangel Michael,   Ronna Herman 7/02
Hopi Elder Speaks   Tell the people that this is the Hour
I AM THE OPEN DOOR FOR DIVINE GOVERNMENT   Patricia Diane Cota-Robles  7/02
Emotional Intuition
Creating Reality or Drama,  the Group, Steve Rother, Beacons of Light
News of Nibiru?   Nibiruan Council  Devin/Jelaila 7/02
       Animals Support Earth   Kryon  &  Healing with Animals
Messages From The Animal Kingdom   Toraya Ayres 

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