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The dawning of the Awakening of the enlightenment of Man

Online Channeling and Messages,  July 5, 2002

Greetings Everyone,

I have recently had the privilege to visit many cities and towns around the country and elsewhere. In these travels, I have realized that we are becoming a world of oneness. There is literally almost no city or town that does not have visitors from a variety of countries at any given time.  Even though there are language barriers most often, much can be said with a look, a gesture.  In this way is a beginning of Unity.  In this way we are able to begin spreading light to all people no matter what the language, no matter what the geographic location. In the Beginning we all spoke the language of light. It is time to remember that our differences are only on the surface and that all peoples are of the same source.

There has been much discussion of late about the coming changes of the earth, our consciousness, incoming planets, speculation of the arrival of prophecies.  I have heard some fear based questions as well as many wonderful comments and observations.  I wish to remind you that throughout time immemorial there have been changes and shifts upon our planet.  We have lived in ignorance of the impact of these changes until recent history.  These are not new occurrences, simply new in our minds, our lives.  Throughout these changes, life has continued to regenerate, the planet has survived and gone through many states of Genesis.  We have nothing to fear, as we are immortal beings.  We are of that which is light, and although our physical bodies are subject to share in the possibility of change, that which is our essence, our soul selves, will continue infinitely.

As you become deluged with information from various sources (this one included) take into yourself only that which resonates with you and Truth as you perceive it.  Do not feel obligated to accept all information at face value.  These are times when information is at a fullness of availability.   As with the others of other planes that have been mentioned, use discretion in that which you choose to accept into your reality.

There continue to be anomalies in our skies.  The color patches, rainbows, and even pyramids of color much like the ones illustrated in the "Keys of Enoch" as the capstones of the pyramids are being witnessed.  These are powerful times.  These are times when we have the opportunities to grow in and of ourselves, returning to the Rememberings of that which we are.  Look past the obvious, the illusion.  Look within yourselves toward the Knowings. We are given unlimited possibilities to return to a state of perfection in consciousness.  In such ways, there is no room for fear or negativity, only for that which is the unconditional love which is the result of being in and of the one.  Be in peace, be that which is love, that which is the One.  As you are all things, all things are you, as the Masters say.

Online Channeling July 5, 2002

Anshallah. Antui anta nui.    And of your innocence is born the reality of Truth or Illusion.   Greetings, Dear Ones.

Within that which is the book of light are the revelations eternal.  It is written that all beings on all planes share the opportunity to return full cycle to that from which they have derived.  It is also written that these opportunities are the choice of the one who experiences.  It is that when there are changes within the Universal levels, the construct within all things are, there are always shifts and changes of that which you see as reality.  As the Universe stretches, balances and expands, as it folds upon itself, overlapping that which is dimensional reality, you are carried with this process into new states of being-ness.

It is that which is perceived as one reality soon becomes that which is another height of awareness.  In as such as these shifts to the Universal realities create aspects within all things that are of different perspectives than those in which you previously existed.  It is that within the new realities your consciousnesses at first begin to experience an ever so subtle awareness that that which you perceived as the usual, normal understandings are not all that is.  It is that you begin to see those things other dimensional within your perceptions.

You begin to see those others who exist within the shadows of your realm, just beyond your sense of definiteness as they move in and about your world.  You begin to hear the voices of those who exist just beyond your third dimensional ears, hearing snippets of conversations, and the music of the eternal One.  The harmonies of the Angelic realms, even the pulsing rhythm of the living Universe.  You begin to feel the vibrations of the energies as they move within your realities, yourselves.  Nausea or dizziness comes and goes as your physicalities are not accustomed to the higher vibrations or the conflict of many new and different vibrational frequencies passing through you at once.  Your internal temperatures vary and your bodies are often slow to adjust, causing painfulness within your bodies that comes with high intensity and passes within small amounts of time.   Your digestive tracts are not performing in ways that are expedient and comfortable, and the foods that you once craved and enjoyed no longer work within your systems.  Your heads ache as your brains grow in order to accommodate that which is the growth of your brain matter as you begin to utilize those brainwave activities that have lain dormant for eons.  Your genetic structuring is re-instigating the patterning into that which becomes transmitters and receptors of Universal nature, of crystalline properties, and your children are being born with many of these changes already in effect.  Your perceptions are at once dulled and heightened, and your physical energies are waxing and waning at rapid intervals.

Many of you are visited by those of other planes who wish to assist in your transformations, assist in the transformation of that which is a shift in your reality of existence.  And yet, many of you do not recognize that you are changing on the very levels from which you are created.  Many of you have chosen to look outside of yourselves for the answers that you are searching for, and yet those answers reside within each of you.

Dear Ones, you are receiving the call of the One. That which in its timelessness has been since the Beginning.

As you and your planet have moved into the photon belt, that which is existing of that which your very essence is created, that which is your very base structure, that which is light, is stirring in Remembering of that which you are.  It is that the light particles which are the very particulates of your essence are awakening to the call of the One.  There lies within each of you an inherent recognition of that which you are.  As such, you are only beginning to understand the potential that you have as light beings.  And that Beings of light you are…

To see the shadows, to experience all that we have described above is nothing in comparison to the Gifts that each of you carries as light Beings.  You have the abilities to reach far beyond your current realities as multi-dimensional beings to exist in all planes simultaneously.  You have the abilities to reach far beyond your imaginations to that which is perfection in existence.

Those who came before you in that which was Mu, Lemuria, remembered.  They utilized these skills in the now which was then.  They traveled throughout the Universal structure, communicating with the source and all other things, using their light bodies.  There was no unknowing.  There were no impossibilities.  Those who came before you left no footprints as they moved, as they were of light.  They existed from the essence of the one, yet in a manifestation of light bodies that remained functional upon your plane.

Those who came later, those of the Atlantean reality, the A Lan Ta, understood the light being-ness to a lesser degree.  They operated within the healing chambers, the chambers of the Knowing, and even the chambers of reproduction, all of the chambers utilizing the crystalline energies.  They existed within a more solid form.  There became within their being a conflict of power and the beginnings of ego structure that ultimately led to their destruction.   Li an, one who believed that the power resided within the crystalline generators and the organization of the crystals for the emission and transmission of the energies led a handful of others to the destruction of the civilization.  Those who survived carried the sacred ancient knowledge throughout the lands and into the memories of those who came after them for preservation, into the ancient ways of the pre-Egyptians, into the ancient ways of the Polynesians, the New Zealand tribes and other native peoples across the planet.  Many of those who carried the knowledge of the Beginnings were believed to be gods.   That which they could do was of the substance of godliness.

This is evidenced upon temple walls, initiation chambers, sacred caves, in petroglyphs and pictographs throughout the lands as well in ancient scripts, all of which are yet to be discovered.

<<<There will be found a trinity of cylinders in a mountainous part of the dessert where once it was dry, it has become damp.  Each of the trinity of cylinders contains a series of writings by scribes whose lives were ended lest they disclose the secrets of these doctrines.  These writings have been sealed in a crevice with a flat rock of approximately three cubits square and mortared with concrete formulated with red and yellow clay.   These cylinders were created especially to hold that which is the doctrine of Truth.   They were purified and sanctified by those who would preserve that which has been handed down through the ages.   Each cylinder is sealed with heavy wax that has been combined with myrrh and jasmine.   A seal in the form of the language of light has been affixed.   When this is found, there will be no more questions, no more untruths as to that which is.   It is that which is the story of man and light, and how each are one and the same.   It is that which are the lessons to returning in light both in consciousness and body.   That which is the long held secret of Ascension at will.>>>

The collective whole of this evidence gives you the confirmation that there are things to be remembered that you have forgotten.   That there were others before you who understood and yet others from other planes and places of life and of living who came for short times to give that which was needed.   These memories have been carried throughout time as the Mysteries.   Certainly we say to you that which you perceive as mysteries are that which is Truth.

There are those who have come and continue to come to tell you that which is actuality.   It is that when Truth is translated into words,  that which is Truth no longer fits  the perception of evolved realities that developed as the sense of individuality began to become the perspective of Truth
.   In light, there is no need, no use for words because all things simply are and are known.   Metatron, Jesus, Enoch and others before you have brought to you that which is the timeless knowing.   Each has come to the culture of the now in that moment of then.   Each in words and actions of example to show that which is.

In many ways these truths have been recognized, and yet, there have been misinterpretations  due to insertions of emotionality, of mentality in the thinking processes, that have caused misunderstandings in the messages in fullness.  Misinterpretations of that which is based upon cognitive thinking, emotionality and the chemical reactions within the physicality that accompany this process are all contributive to misperceptions of that Truth which is and resides within each of you.   That which could have been taken in and recognized as the ways of Truth has been related to the Masters as unattainable by living human beings.   And so many of you have been taught to live to die for immortality.   And in that living, you have been given to exist by rules of those who have created the truth from the basic One into that which serves only the few for control or manipulation of the many in the name of Truth.

This then is the dawning of the Awakening of the enlightenment of Man.  It is the  time of which was written that each of you has the opportunity to come back into your own.  To rejoin that which is the One-ness of being.  It is not that you must sacrifice that which is yourself to become that which you already are, but rather to gain in all ways by reconnecting to that which already is.    Within your consciousness is your connection to all things light, all things eternal.  It is not to find by necessity to leave that which you have chosen in form, but to understand the integration of this form in wholeness with the Universal processes from within your own consciousness.

And so it is that you are given choices.  You have the choice to accept or reject that which is given you
.  You are given the choice of allowing yourself to remain ignorant of that which is the Truth within.  You are given the choice to embrace all that is, all that you are.  You are given the choice to return to the powerful beings that you are in both form and formlessness.  You are given the choice to exist with an empty heart unfulfilled except for the comfort that you provide yourselves by living externally.   You are given the choice of living to be rather than being to live.  It is your choice to make.  Always.  Yours and no others.

It is that ultimately, you are that which you are.   It is how you choose to experience that which you have already chosen to be in this time that determines the fullness of your experiences.  Which reality will you choose in this, your experience?  Will you choose that of the physical experience alone?  Will you choose to integrate your light being-ness and your physicality for a fullness of experience?  Will you choose at all, or will you remain in denial of that which is?  Choices, Dear Ones.  You always have choices.

Set your selves aside from that which you believe yourselves to be, if only for a moment.   Imagine that you have just stepped outside of yourself to stand next to your body.   As you step aside from yourselves, imagine that you are now a clear and open channel of the One.  What does the One have to say to you in this moment?  What do you hear, see, feel?

Each of you will have at first perceptions that are based upon your five physical senses, or from a genuine sense of knowingness.  Do not expect that of your experience to be the same as others you encounter.   Each of you will be revealed of that which is in the way you may best perceive at first.   Pay attention to that which you are perceiving, even if at first it is a subtlety.   Listen to what you are knowing.   It is all there waiting for you to remember.   Reach out from within and touch the One with your own Oneness.  This is the beginning of a reality you have barely  envisioned.   This is the Beginning of a new Beginning as it was in the Beginning and will always be….

In the circle of Life, in the circle of Light, all things return to that which they are in the process of being that which they have always been.  Be in peace.  Be only love.

We return to light.

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