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Online Channeling September 25, 2002  Arcturian Corridor Zenith  Arcturian Corridor Shift

Anshallah antui nahallah a dron de nahitu. And in the Spirit of Light we
bring you messages from that which is…

Greetings Dear Ones. It is that there is much happening in your World and all
others as the Arcturian Corridor begins the completion of its current shift.

It is that the chaos within the Corridor is beginning to balance and refine
as it was in the Beginning, where that which is light is operating at the
finest of vibration as the fluctuations begin to equalize.

That which is the dimensional alignment that we have spoken of, has become,
and those of light are within your realm, bringing you instruction and high
frequency downloads of information that will spur your rememberings. You are
receiving enlightenment on all levels or your being
. In such a way, even
though you may remain unaware on a conscious plane, you have received that
which you need for further growth toward the ultimate shift in consciousness
that is coming to all. You now have instructions as light beings toward your
return home.

You will find that that which you previously accepted in your reality is no
longer acceptable. Behaviors, relationships, foods, situations
. You will find
that you will no longer accept that which is untruth, rather seeing past the
illusions toward wholeness of experience and knowing.

As this occurs, you are beginning to see changes within yourselves. You are
seeing changes around yourselves as well. That which is occurring within you
is also a refinement. It is that as your genetic structures have now been
rebooted, so to speak, your electromagnetic energies have taken on a
heightened form.  You exist now with the sign of infinity over your heart,
which is where your essence is connected to that which is yourself in this

This is a balancing of yourselves in all worlds, all dimensions, as your
experiences concurrent with this one in the here and now are working together
as One Light as your soul progresses in its journey. You are now operating on
a higher format as light beings toward your return home. You are receiving
the benefit of all of your experiences at once, that you may progress past
Karmic circumstances in this lifetime as you have in no other. It may often
feel as a fast and furious chain of events, as if you are on a cosmic roller
coaster, and all that is holding you in is the momentum. Experience the ride
fully, Dear Ones, as it is the ride of all your lifetimes.

It is that with this enhancement you are more in touch with the Universal
. You are, shall we say, operating with a certain smoothness that you
did not previously possess. In such a way, you are pulsating within the
Universal rhythm. You are participating on your finest levels within the
living organism which is All That Is. You are truly that which is, all
things, all things, being you.

As this occurs within you, you are noticing that there is extreme
polarization around you, as the balance of all things seeks its midpoint
In as much as this is occurring, there are extreme opposites occurring in the
behaviors of those around you, as conflict, untruths, opposition of beliefs
and behaviors.  At the same time, with your new operating systems, you are
able to see past the illusions of these things, to the truth in Being-ness.
You are able to discern that which is the illusion and that which is Truth.
In doing so, your paths and passages become clear.

In this process, many of you are being faced with choices and changes within
your journeys
.  Many of you are at this time experiencing a dark night of the
soul, where all that you have known is changing faster than you feel that you
are able to perceive.  Your partners, your homes, your work, all that is
familiar to you is changing. It is that those changes are relieving you of
that which you no longer need on your journeys.

That which has had negative influences in your paths is leaving you. Those
who have weighted you in your journeys are leaving you.
The layers of
negative influences are peeling away at an accelerated pace. This can be a
painful process, yet ultimately one to celebrate, as you are being given
light-ness.  As you become unencumbered, you are then free to soar to heights
from within that you had previously not experienced. You are learning again
how to fly.

As you move through this process, you will attract those of like mind, those
of like energy that will bring you toward further understanding
.  Once you
have shed your negativities, many of you are finding your twin flames, your
soul mates as you have given yourself the freedom from within to accept that
you are whole and perfect and deserving of that love which you have been
seeking for a lifetime. Those beings who are coming to you in that which is
Love will enhance your experience of the One. We say to you to allow yourself
to be carried by the rivers of experience toward that of flight of self. That
which is the freedom of you. Yourself as a loving being of Light.

You see, Dear Ones, many of you have difficulty with validation of Self. At
many times during your formative years, and along the passageways within your
personal journeys, you have accepted the belief that you are less than
others, that you are less deserving of others. This is far from Truth, for
you are whole and perfect just as you are.

Even further, you are created from that which is the source of all things,
reflecting that source as an eternal mirror of perfection. In such a way, you
can be no less that perfect
.  It is only your rational self that would
convince you otherwise. Do not accept yourselves as less than this. Judgment
of yourself or others has no place in reality. That which is Judgment is
unique to the human condition.

As such, to even compare that which is your experience with that of any other
is untruth, for each of you is creating that experience which you need for
the journey of yourself as a soul being and that which you are able to
perceive within that journey.

And so we say to you, Dear Ones, that the gifts that you have sought from all
Creation are at your feet. That which you have desired is available to you
You have asked. You are rising in consciousness, and with these heights comes
you freedom to be that which you are.   Perfect in every way.

And so, with the settling of the Arcturian Corridor as it has shifted,
bringing to you gifts of the now as it was in the Beginning, and during the
refinement of those energies that have become you, remember that you are
beings eternal. That each moment is one of perfection. That you have within
and before you the gifts of the ages, nothing less. The Truth of all things
is within you and around you. It is in all things and it is all things. You
are, at this moment, in harmonic resonance with all that is. Be in joy. Be as
light. You are that which is.

We return to light.
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I wish you wondrous journeys, and remind you to take the time to notice even the smallest miracles around you. They are everywhere!!!!   With Light and Blessings,  Namastè,   Meg

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