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Arcturian Corridor Completion  Arcturian Corridor Shift
Anshallah, antui. Greetins in that which is Light.

Online Channeling,  September 18, 2002  

It is that the shift of the Arcturian Corridor is in movement.

The dimensional alignment is in occurrence. That which is the momentum of the
building of the energies contained within this corridor is reaching a zenith
at which time there will me a mammoth release of energetics at an extreme
speed and rate of frequency.

Many of you are experiencing a new set of anomalies as your physicalities and
energetic selves work to equalize with the new energies
. Many of you are
feeling unsettled, or fatigued. Some of you are light sensitive at this time.
Many of you are feeling somewhat disoriented, or as if you are walking
between the worlds. It is that you are. Much of that which has been the
neuromuscular pain has subsided. Many of you are also experiencing high
sensitivity to others and your environments, finding yourselves with less
patience than usual. All of this will pass in the next two weeks.

At the same time, there are many weather events taking place that are causing
sever mudslides, tropical storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around
your planet.

The Stargate is opening. And as this is in occurrence, we tell you once
again, that the sacred sites around your planet will commune in harmony one
to the other. This is to signal the dimensional shift of the corridor, and in
doing so, bringing communication to all those who have come before you that
the stargate is once again open.

It is that as the energetics are coming to and through you, now is the time
that your genetic structures are beginning to awaken with all new
possibilities of communication not only within your physicalities, but
Universally. In doing so, you are receiving that which is the clarification
to your holographic identities, that which is your multi-dimensional selves.
In such ways you are now coming open to that which we have spoken, that which
is your self as light beings toward your rememberings of that self which has
existed since the Beginning. That self which is and of the Source.

That which has been your evolutionary process as human beings has brought you
away from that which are your Rememberings. Your thinking selves have
overcome that which were your inherent memories. With this shift, you are now
directly connected to the same energies that you existed within at the
Beginning as you were a part of that Source of all things.

What this means to you, Dear Ones, is that you are now able to function much
easier, even in human form, as cosmic beings, able to travel and communicate
inter-dimensionally through use of your consciousness. It is in this way that
you are able to shed the physicality and move throughout space and time (for
there is truly neither except that which you have invented) as that
consciousness. In doing so, you are now capable of receiving the different
levels of initiation that will bring you back to that which is your light

These initiations, as you are able to reach the inter-dimensional realities,
the Many Mansions, will be given as both ceremonial rite by Masters of each
level of the mysteries, and as experiences that you must ascertain and
understand from within as to that which you have received. It is that there
are many tools that you may work with within the other dimensions. It is that
there are manifestations holographically that you are able to utilize toward
your learning processes, healing rites and even travel through the Akashic
records. In doing so, you will then begin to comprehend that which is Truth
in its pure form. Not that which you have been given from others within your
realm as interpretations meant for control or personal gain. That which you
are given on Universal levels, when working within that which is light is
incapable of error. It is that which is and has always been. It is that which
is retained within the light as we have spoken previously, at the
Rememberings eternal. You are initialized toward this reality.

Dear Ones, it is that you have moved so far from your realities in Truth that
you have forgotten that which you know. It is that you are receiving these
changes within now at a faster and faster rate. You are changing your
realities faster than you are able to absorb the changes. Were you to receive
all that is, at once, your thinking minds would not be able to process that
which is beyond the illusion. As many of you know, simple experiences can
cause you to question yourselves. Imagine if you had all that is in one
lesson! It would not compute within your human minds! And so it is, that you
are receiving that which is the attunements at a steady pace, allowing you to
integrate that which you are receiving on a steady basis.

And so it is that you wish to know how to access this part of yourselves.
That part of you which is your Light Being-ness. It is quite simple actually,
Dear Ones. It is that you must set yourselves aside from your physicalities,
your ego selves, and your thinking selves.  Imagine that you as a
consciousness have stepped aside from your physicalities, and that you are
now standing next to yourself.  You have just achieved your first lesson in
multi-dimensionality, as you are now existing in two places, yet conscious of

If you work with this exercise, and set aside all expectations, you will find
that you will begin to clarify within your conscious awareness to the degree
that you begin to become comfortable in this way of being-ness.  Your
consciousness will then become freer and freer to begin exploring the vast
and unlimited Universe without that which is your physicality holding you
back, as it operates within an entirely different and lower set of
vibrational frequencies than your consciousness.

You must remember to make an agreement with yourself to always return from
your journeys
.  It is that you are learning to exist consciously in any and
all dimensions simultaneously, but at the same time, you have lessons and
journeys that you must experience in this, your third dimensional selves as
We say to you Dear ones, that we honor your work toward a higher
consciousness at this time. We are aware that many of you have been quite
dedicated through this time and occurrence toward centering yourselves in
balance. In doing so, you are creating a vibrational shift within your world.
It is that less than 24 of your hours before the heightening of the shift of
the Arcturian Corridor, your consciousness vibrations, combined with the
energetics of the events within and around the corridor, caused a moment of
harmonic convergence within the Universal grid that has contributed to
raising the vibrational rates and frequencies through all dimensions as the
dimensional openings have been  in alignment.

This harmonic convergence occurred at every lipole, or eighth sector of the
grid. In such a way, each of those axiom points has, in a Universal moment,
alighted in harmony, working as an entirety of communication throughout all
realities, all dimensions, bringing that which is the message of higher
conscious, of that which is peace within all realms.

As a result of the harmonic convergence, you will begin to see the
polarizations that we have mentioned previously. These polarities are evident
within your media, for example, as there are deceptions, power struggles and
so on that are playing out in front of you.  At the same time, many are seeing
through the illusions, and the deceptions are going unaccepted.  In your
immediate circles, you are experiencing conflicts and disagreements, yet
finding the abilities to once again ascertain that which is the truth of the
situation more as an observer than a participant within the drama around you.

Online Channeling and Messages

September 18, 2002

Greetings everyone. It has been quite a week!
 The energy shifts have been powerful as the Arcturian Corridor seeks to
reestablish its balance. Many have reported vivid and even prophetic dreams,
seeing light in shafts or fields, many have experienced colors in their
vision, while others are reporting pressure in their heads. Other experiences
include clumsiness, headaches, slight dizziness or disorientation at times,
incoming clarity and information, chaos in surroundings, such as conflict and
disagreeable behaviors from those less conscious, and I would also like to
note as an observation that the raising in consciousness toward the shift
this week has led toward positive change in world events. Great work

There was a harmonic convergence at about 8 am EST on Monday. Here, it was 5
am. The Masters awoke me three times. The first two times, I was not hearing
what they wanted me to hear. I asked them what they wanted, and they just
stood there in from of me, silent yet beckoning. They were obviously trying
to get my attention! The third time, they told me that there was a harmonic
convergence taking place, and took me out into the Universe to show me that
the connection points in the Universal grid were lighting up like Christmas
every eight sectors. They called these connection points the lipoles. It was
a sight to behold. As I witnessed the unification of the grid, I experienced
a feeling of balance and clarity not only throughout myself, but all things.
It was fantastic to feel and see the particulates realigning toward Oneness
and the fields of particulates balancing themselves in such a way!

I have been overwhelmed with so many requests for back issues of this
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Arcturian Corridor Completion   Arcturian Corridor Shift