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Online Channeling and Messages,  September 11, 2002  Arcturian Corridor Zenith Arcturian Corridor Completion

Greetings Everyone,
The shift of the Arcturian Corridor is in progress, and I am hearing a vast accounting from all of you as to your experiences with the energetics. Some of you are experiencing little to no difference on a conscious level while others of you are experiencing extreme energetic shifts within and around yourselves. The physical symptoms that we have previously spoken of have escalated but should begin to reside in the next few days. Some of you are experiencing great upper body pain at this time, particularly in the areas of the neck, chest and shoulders. Digestive issues continue as well. Some are  experiencing bouts of dizziness and or nausea. This will subside as your bodies catch up with the energetic changes.

 I wish to remind you that each of you will have an experience unique to yourselves. Your experiences should not be compared to those of others, as each of you is carrying a distinctive set of harmonics that is not like that of any other being. Remember also that you are receiving information and energies on all levels of your existence, some that you may be cognizant of, some that you may not. In any case, you are getting it!

I have been asked many times this week if this is the shift that everyone has been waiting for. No, it is not. This is a different type of shift that is preparing you genetically, energetically and consciously for those greater shifts to come.

The other most asked question this week has been about which time zone the Masters are referring for the exact times of these occurrences. I have asked for clarification and the Masters have said that they are giving the times as Eastern Standard Time. I had assumed that they were giving the time based upon my physical location which is not correct. I lived in EST for many, many years, and they continue to reference time in that way. I hope this clears up the matter!

Many of you have asked how to be prepared for the changes now and later. I say to each of you to find that space of existence in the moment, for when you have done this you are existing in unconditional love, that which is the
experience of being a part of the One. Balance yourself from within. If you have done that, you will know all that you need to know, and that which you need will come to you.    Be in peace.   Namastè     Meg

Online Channeling September 11, 2002 Arcturian Corridor Zenith  Arcturian Corridor Completion
Anshallah antui nahallah ahnadre. Greetings from that which is to you who are.

Dear Ones, that which is the Arcturian Corridor has begun the shift of
. It has folded upon itself as we have previously spoken, and is
currently fluctuating as a living, writhing figure eight, or infinity sign.
Those energies that are currently contained within are being magnified and in
some cases transformed to that of higher good. That which was called to
manifestation prior to the enfoldment is now in creation.

The corridor in its current fluctuation is moving among dimensions, there is
at this moment, a great electromagnetic effect among all dimensions both with
the movement of the Arcturian Corridor and as the alignment of all
dimensional doorways is occurring. These electromagnetics are that which are
signaling your genetic structures to the awakenings that are beginning to
occur within you.

It is that this is an awareness that is coming to your genetic structures
that will institute the beginnings of change within your own electromagnetic
interactions, triggering your central nervous system to act in a different
and more refined manner. It is that your consciousnesses will begin to work
from a standpoint of unification rather than the looping effect that most of
you have carried due to the evolutional changes that have affected your
processing of energy transference over time. You are beginning to process
these energies as it was in the Beginning, as light beings.   And so you are
evolving full circle to that which you truly are.

That which many of you are experiencing as the energetics influence you and
your environment is in the form of chaos from those around you or in your
. Tempers flaring, irrationality in occurrence, impatience… That
which is fear is being mongered by your media and those who profess to be
your leaders. Be aware of the illusions and do not allow yourselves to be
called to action based upon falsehoods of others. Use discernment as these
times have a potential to be volatile as many resist the natural flow of the
times and others attempt to create a less than natural reality for perceived gain.

The energetics that are incoming to you are magnified considerably while at
the same time, other energies that you are accustomed to receiving are
interrupted by the enfoldment of the Arcturian Corridor
. And so it is that
within your physicalities you are experiencing imbalances as your light
structure attempts to regain balance within.

You see Dear Ones, as the Star Gate is reinitialized, there are many changes taking place.

It is that you wish to know more of this Star Gate. This is the passageway
that has been used since the Beginning for those of all origins to travel
beyond the parallels passing from one dimension to another
. It is how that
which was considered to be to Gods of Ancient Egypt traversed there. It is
also how the original founders of the Mu civilization and others of the
original races came to be within your realm, coming as beings of light.

Operation of the Star Gate utilizes the energetics of the pyramid, which
represents the true trinity.  As we have spoken previously, one may travel
without usage of the merkaba, as you call it, by becoming that which is the
energy formed when the upright and inverted pyramids are joined.  That
interior energy is that which is the essence of all things, combined with the
consciousness of the experiencer in such a way that the energies within the
point of combination are that which is perfection.  What we tell you is that
to find your perfection of being is to find your essence of God Self, being
that which is creator of that which you intend.

Those energies that are combined as the upright pyramid, which is you as a
consciousness, and inverted pyramid, which is the Universal consciousness, in
their joining are of both positive and negative polarities, mirror images of
each other, each containing a perfection and wholeness of all energies and
frequencies in existence as well as an infinite spiral within each.  Contained
within is also a conjunction circles.  Within that conjunction is where the
perfection occurs.

In the joining of the two pyramid structures are you as your consciousness at
the top, the Universal consciousness as the base, and the combination of your
conscious  and that of the Universe within the middle. You as the One. That
which is the true trinity.      (There are also contained other of your sacred
geometrical figures as well. )

As you utilize your consciousness as the center energies of the conjoined
pyramids that form the merkaba, you become unhindered and operative as a
consciousness free of physical manifestation. You gain the ability to work as
the One rather than separate form it.

As the Star Gate is entered, the physicality becomes that which is light
particulates, allowing one to travel fully and completely no matter the
current manifestation. One enters the Star Gate and is transformed, traveling
beyond light speed, beyond the speed of conscious thought, reaching the
intended destination almost instantaneously.

Within each dimension there are portals for entry and exit of the Star Gate.
With the alignment of all dimensional openings, the passageways and portals
exist with a rare clarity. As the portal into the Gate is entered, it is a
brief feeling of entering a cosmic vacuum. When one exits the Star Gate, it
is as if one is shooting through a corkscrew shaped tube, and through a
fluted opening. In the instant that one travels through the gate, there is no
conscious thought, as the interior movement is faster that thought can occur
and in that moment, conscious has returned to the state of being as the One.
Having become that which was intended with the destination intended upon entry.

It is by utilization of this Gate that messengers have come to your planet,
your plane of existence, bringing technologies to your world, and the
Rememberings of the Ancient Ones. It is with those memories you are now
becoming reacquainted. That which is your origin as light beings. As one who
exists as light, one is unlimited in all ways.

 It is also within the utilization of this Star Gate through the Arcturian
Corridor that many have come to share in consciousness with some of you,
bringing gifts and skills that are then used toward healing and reeducation
toward your journeys home. Toward your Rememberings. Those who share in the
bodies of some who walk in your realities bring to those beings with which
they share, knowledge of the higher sciences beyond the quantum to the
extreme of knowing the very utilization of the Universal Construct for the
highest good of all beings everywhere.

In your humanness, you have forgotten what it is to be that of the One, but
have evolved away form that which is Truth in an illusion of individual
difference. It is that those who come to you through the corridor are
bringing to you that Remembering of your Truth in self.

As we observe your world, we are aware of the destruction that is occurring
upon and within your planet by the very beings it supports.   It is that in
addition, you as beings are destroying each other as well.  From a Universal
standpoint, this is unacceptable, as for each action there is a reaction.  For
each negative thought, movement or event that takes place within your realm,
affects all other realms Universally.  Each negativity expands the darkness.
And so that darkness begins to become the consciousness of needfulness and
emptiness, driving the forces of the entirety of the Universe farther and farther apart.

Ultimately this expansion will cause a collapse of the Universe as it is
known to you at this time, unless the consciousness is raised in such a way
that that which is light prevails.  Often you wonder how it is that you are
able to change your world, feeling insignificant in the whole picture.  We
tell you, Dear Ones, that each of you plays a vital role by virtue of your
very existence as an integral part of the harmonics of that which is light.

That which you believe is so.  Change your beliefs to that which is positive
and empowered, Dear Ones. It is that you can make a difference.

Become that which is the perfection that you are. The only thing that is
delaying this is your beliefs that you are not.

Be in peace. Be that which is love. Be each moment as a part of the One. That
which is, You Are.    We return to Light.       

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 Arcturian Corridor Zenith    Arcturian Corridor Completion

Rev Dr MEG with JAN & KETH in Clearwater FL

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