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Channeling August 26, 2002   Arcturian Corridor will be shifting 9/9/02

Anshallah, entanti antua noanti lehla mahallantelah. Greetings from the outer
realms where there is light and truth in the knowing of it.

Dear Ones, it is that as we have previously spoken, the Arcturian Corridor
will be shifting dramatically on September 9th of this year
.  It has been
freely open since 3-3 at 3:33 pm and now, as the energies intensify, it will
be doing that which we refer to as a cosmic "flip flop".  It is as if this
area of the Universe is shifting consciousness, rebalancing, clarifying, and
intensifying.  If you were able to see this event, it would appear as if the
Arcturian Corridor will twist and fold upon itself, creating a figure eight,
or infinity symbol.  It is that the energies contained within the Corridor in
those moments will be briefly paused, intensifying dramatically.  Over the
twenty-seven days following, particularly on the 17th of September, there
will be a balancing within the corridor as it will literally shift
dimensions.  As this transpires, in the exact moment of this occurrence, There
will be a brief but powerful alignment of all the dimensional realms.  This
means that all of the dimensional doorways will be in perfect alignment.

With this perfect alignment, comes the opening of a Star Gate that has been
in place beyond eons and opens only with the dimensional alignments
. This
star gate is recognized within your DNA structure, as you are encoded for
this moment in time. This star gate contains within it the harmonic resonance
of that which is and has been since the Beginning. This is a cosmic wake up
call! It will instigate within your genetic structuring your remembering and
abilities for interdimensional communications and travel.

With this occurrence, there is a refinement within each of you that will
allow for your acceptance and realization of that which you must know for
your journeys home.  This information will bring to you clarity beyond any you
have imagined, if you are open consciously for the translation from pure
energetics to thought energetics.

In the moment that the star gate is opened, every pyramid that has been built
to the harmonic proportions of those aspects Universal will resonate with the
energies that are coming forth.  There will virtually be communication from
one sacred site to another throughout your planet.

Some may hear a low humming type resonance within. There is carried with the
lower resonance a higher overtone that completes the harmonic chording for
the awakening of the energies of the pyramids and the precursor of the
calling in of the energetic capstones..

As the encoding in your genetic structure becomes aware of the star gate
and your placement relative to this opening, and once the alignment
is exacted, there will be a huge and powerful influx of energetics that will
literally affect all dimensions at once.  All dimensions will resonate in sync
with harmonic perfection.

This will cause in various ways, sudden insights, massive polarization among
and in your world, the possibility of severe seismic activities and
weather.  There will be a concentrated occurrence of solar flare activities
that will affect certain orbiting satellite stations, interrupting the signals.

On a galactic level, there will be a heightened activity of movement and
gravitational adjustments of the heavenly bodies as they move toward their
own sets of balance in the alignment of the dimensions as all things great
and small will be affected.  At the same time, there will be an outward
clearing from your dimension which will allow for the incoming energetics to
enter and all else we have mentioned above  to be received.

The magnetic center of your planet will also shift by approximately three
degrees to adjust to the intergalactic gravitational changes.  This will not
affect your biological structures in a serious way, but will change your
sense of inner balance.   As these adjustments fall into place, with the
dimensional doorways perfectly aligned  your inner selves will become aligned
in a similar fashion.

As this alignment occurs within and without, as above, so below, you will
become perfectly attuned for reception of that which you have awaited in the
.  It is to, in those moments, open one's self up toward that which
you have requested, that which you require for higher knowing in your
journeys, and so it will be.   This is an opportunity that is rare Universally,
and may be utilized as a cosmic leap in your evolution toward returning to
your light being-ness.

You see, Dear Ones, that in the twenty-seven days that the Arcturian Corridor
carries the containment, escalation and magnification of the energies it is
holding in those moments, your vibrational rates will increase exponentially.
As this occurs, the shift that is taking place within your genetic
structuring will create a huge leap in your evolutionary processes.  It is
that you will be from then forward working in a vibrational state that is
unfamiliar to you.  Manifestation will become immediate.   Use caution in your
thoughts and words, as that which you send out to the Universe will come back
to you exactly as you have expressed.

Your physicalities will move through a period of clarification.  This is a
time when your physicalities will play catch up to the energetic changes that
have been taking place within you for the past two years.  Your physicalities
may move through a brief but intense period of adjustment
that may cause
sensations of joint and or muscle pain.   This will pass within a few days
generally speaking. You may find as well that your central nervous systems
are reacting in strange ways.   Some of you may experience twitching of
extremities or muscles, some of you will feel as if you have become attached
to an electrical outlet and are becoming overcharged.   You see, as the
energies move through their progressions, they are what you would call
electromagnetic.   Your nervous systems are also electromagnetic.  They will
simply be responding to the environmental changes.   In such a way, the
chemical reactions within your physicalities in conjunction with the
energetics will create a clarification within you that will instigate the
genetic changes we have spoken of moments ago.

You are taking great strides in the upcoming moments toward returning to your
true states of being.

Once the Arcturian Corridor has realigned itself it will be operating with an
intensity of clarity that is of the Beginning and of the Light of the Source. 
This has not occurred since shortly after the Beginning of All That Is.  You are
being given an opportunity toward clarification of your own during this
upcoming time.   We say to you that you must sanctify, purify yourselves toward
acceptance of that which is offered on all levels during that time.  Set aside
your sense of self importance and operate instead as the I AM.
   Yourselves as
part of the process of the whole, for the whole and within the whole.  Listen
to that which may come to you.  You have to opportunities to experience wide
Awakenings during these times.

Come to these moments in Joy, as you ARE that Which Is. Know that on all
levels in all Dimensions, others are moving toward this Unification as well.

It is a perfect moment in Universal existence.  Rejoice in your part of this
most natural phenomenon.  With the upcoming alignment, all things Become One
in a moment of perfection when harmonics of Being have no discord, and the
particulates in conjunction with the perfection of harmonics re-order toward
higher vibrational Being-ness.   Celebrate that which you are, and that which
you are about to become.
We return to Light.    Namastè

August 26, 2002
Greetings Dear Ones,
We are about to have a fantastic shift beginning on September 9th.  The
Channeling speaks of this in detail.  I know that many of you are experiencing
physical symptoms leading up to this such as vague headaches, intestinal
disturbance and acute neck and back pain. Hang in there. After the shift
begins, these things should settle down for you.
Until next time and always, be in Peace, be only Love,
Namastè     Meg

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