Message from Archangel Ariel

April 13, 2002

through Lois Hartwick

This is a channeling  related to the grid activation on April l3, 2002, and our group meditation dedicated toward that effort today.   Our group was then guided that Archangel Ariel wished to address us and offer his thoughts regarding this particular activation. I  thought this might prove helpful to the many who did the same.  L.H.
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In the name of the One Most High, I greet you in LIght.  For a long period of  time we, on the unseen realms, have been working with those of you on earth to uplift mankind.  Most of you are here today for the exact same  purpose.  You have learned through many lifetimes that the distresses and stresses that are present on the Earth plane are not necessarily those that need be continually created for mankind to exist.  In fact, the reverse may actually be true. 

 Your efforts here today are combined with hundreds and literally thousands more around the Earth.  And we are seeing a united grid has formed as a result. For those areas in which gaps might have been present, assistance has come forth in other realms for us to be able to unite each point as has long been predicted. 

On your planet there is a time that is known as the Earth of Crystal Activa- tion in which the very pinpoints in which you exist and many thousands more will be activated almost overnight as a result of this combined force and effort.  The Earth as you know, has crystal as a part of the component and structure of which it is a part.  It is the crystals that will be activated and holding a great deal of light, as well as yourselves.  In many cases, you have served as transmitters of this light into the Earth, so that not only is there this grid or network that you have visualized around your earth, but the same type of grid is forming, magically, in the Earth. 

As above, so below.

 There will be two grids that are forming.  And the one that is held within the Earth will be a crystallized structure that is connecting to many various points by virtue of light running through it.  It is very much as if you were looking at a stream of water and the dam has been opened and the stream of water is running in many different directions, connecting all the different points of the Earth as it spreads out for many, many miles.  In this case, the crystalline structures are going to be ignited on your plane, and it is almost as if this light will spark from one to the next to the next, so that a grid will be forming over the next four to seven days. 

This is an activating grid for the Earth plane in terms of movement, in terms of reducing stress, in terms of holding light, and also in terms of an upliftment that will be inherently possible as a result.  The two grid forces will polarize each other -- be magnets for each other.  Each attracting the other allowing within the two, a new component to exist.  A new magnetic field that has not previously been present on your plane. 

 Within this magnetic field comes opportunity.  An opportunity to reright the wrongs, let’s say, that you have felt, within your own lives.  When I talk about ‘wrongs’, I would like you to look at it with a much different eye than perhaps you have previously done.  ‘Wrongs’ being that you may not be able to turn around many of the objectives and the situations that your life has been so mired in for long periods of time.  Areas in which you feel stuck or trapped or unable to necessarily create the vision of a world that you have imagined previously.

The new magnetics will offer you many doorways to move through.  Much of what has blocked your path will start to shift and change because not only is a new vision possible, but the energy structure is much different than that which you have experienced on earth.  This higher reality--and I say a higher reality because the frequency is different between these two grid systems--allows for movement to take place in a much different manner than it has in the past.   

So many of you will find that there will a new sense of rebalancing your lives.  Some of you will feel particularly comfortable in this new energy, and some of you will begin to feel as if things have shifted quite dramatically and you are almost upside down in terms of what you have been used to and what you are presently in.  I think the more you have held light, the more comfortable it will feel for you.   

There are also many changes that will be arising or forthcoming as a result of this energetic field.  Imagine, please, that in your past you may having been swimming in water.  And after swimming two or three or ten miles, you start to feel very weary and tired because your body has lost enough energy in terms of balancing itself within the water format, and you are now treading water or working harder toward reaching shore.  In a newer energy field that is coming in, you are going to start feeling lighter and the effort to make the same swim, much easier.  

The transitions from the past moving into the future will be far greater and more easily done.  The opportunities open for grand new crystalline structures that you visualize and create.  For example, many of you imagine something in your lives that would be singularly important to you.  It might be a new puppy, it might be a new company, it might be peace and harmony within your home, it might be a new career.  Whatever.  There are many things you imagine; even a new pair of shoes.  In this instance, you will find that as you are imagining in your minds or visualizing those things  that you wish to create, that a crystalline structure of light pinpoints around the entire outline of what you are visualizing to take place, and actually create far more easily that reality to come forth into your lives. 

 The best way to explain this would be like coloring between the dots.  It gives you a guideline, and it makes a reality come forth.  These will be crystalline structures.  You will be working more with crystalline energy than you have in the past.  Recognizing that it holds light, it reflects light, and emanates a great deal of energy that can be put forth for you and the Earth plane in terms of transforming more easily situations that have previously not moved. 

How many of you have, at one time or another, purchased a crystal or utilized one to assist you energetically, vibrationally to make a change?  You also recognize the same is true with many of the plants and many of the earthbound minerals and presences that are here.  Each of them will be activated by this crystalline structure that is coming through and magna- tized and matched by this higher light grid.  So one will be reflecting the other and heightening the other -- like having a floor and a ceiling in a room, essentially, except that it is open so you are seeing through and there is great movement, but there are points that match on both levels. 

Opportunities will begin to come forth in your lives as never before.  Of course you must realize and recognize them as such, but I think most of you will, and the transformations now can be great.  For many of you have not been uplifted in your lives as you wished to be, and although you have worked at a number of practices for a long period of time, you are finding there are still places on the Earth where energy is stuck and not everything evolves as easily as you would like.  In this time you will see changes come forth.

We, on the higher realms, the angelic realms, have been watching and working with many of you, in your sleep at night, in your dreams, in your levels of awareness to awaken you to what is possible to higher realties and better situations for you in your lives, not only as people who have come here to actualize and to master many situations, but to heal the aspects of your heart that have long been held back by a more limiting structure vibrationally.  The third dimensional plane has certainly enormous opportunities for you to understand limitation.  But it is the reality that many of you remember in terms of co-creationship what is possible.  And it is this point that you have been attempting to hold for so many years, reaching higher levels of frustration, perhaps, for this has not been possible, or easily possible for many of you.   

If you look at the situation in the world, you will recognize that even though you have created much, there are areas where enormous difficulties still lie with respect to creating higher vibrational outcomes.  Peace, surely being one.

So let us then consider within the overall complex today where we are, together.  We, on the angelic realms, will be working very clearly with this grid, as we have been over time.  But now utilizing it with many other forces to keep a higher activation and frequency moving into your plane and being met by the other grid that is below it.  The crystalline structures will hold this high frequency.   

Many of you are now dispelling aspects within your physical beings that are unable to hold these higher frequencies.  You are feeling this in a physical way.  It may provide for some of you, momentarily, difficult situations.  From your perspective, it may be longer than a moment...  But from ours, we see you moving through this rapidly now.  Utilizing processes to cleanse and to clear will greatly assist you in this transformative process. 

 You will also begin to understand that you are linking in and connecting to other realms and frequencies that may not have been as clear for you previously.  Some of you may hear the devas more easily, or the mineral kingdom, or the plant kingdom or the animals or perhaps you will hear us more easily, or combinations of those working with you within the light from many different directions and star systems as well.  Things will become clearer.  More will start to feel interconnected.  Upliftment is, once again, possible.   

We are connected with those children that are bringing forth messages now.  We are connected with many who will be working toward uplifting your plane.  The messages about creating and living a frequency of love are no different than what we are saying.  This higher frequency will be present on your plane.  Each of you will have an opportunity to move into this now as a result of today.  You may feel, at this very moment, you are far away from this, but I can assure you, this is not the case.   

Loving aspects of your lives will start to come to the forefront now.  Perhaps it will be in your mannerisms or things you say.  Perhaps it will be the energy that you are carrying more clearly in your heart.  Begin to feel surrounded by this energy each and every day.   

Voices that you are hearing, intentionally, will be us and those connected with us in the point and time.  The next four months will be significant in establishing and coordinating these energies.  You may feel, at times, very distracted.  You may wish to create a whole new reality for your life, suddenly finding that what has been present for you for a long period of time is no longer suitable or you wish to no longer be there. 

Heed these intuitions and feelings and move into a greater and more heightened light.  You are able to hold it now.  There is no one here incapable of creating a higher reality for themselves. 

The angelics, of which there are millions, exist and surround the Earth plane now to coordinate the light activities between the two grids.  If you are experiencing any level of difficulty as you move into the next several days or weeks or months, call on us to assist you to clear through or trans- form whatever it is that may be occurring.  

We are Ambassadors of Light and we generate those transitional frequencies that are necessary to aid any and all who call on our assistance.  Relegated to the past will be those who have come forth to prevent or limit the experience that you could have here.  This frequency will bypass those efforts entirely.  Never before has this level of opportunity been present on earth.  You will find the new dynamic of change exhilarating.   

The messages from the children which tell you to pretend allow you to create the reality you are pretending to have.  When you can develop within yourself that relationship in which you ‘pretend’ your world looks like this or like this, or whatever it is that you are pretending, the frequency is here for that to become reality. 

You are holders of the light, but now activated on your plane are the two grid systems that equally hold light and you are balanced between them.  Your responsibilities will lessen with respect to this planetary oversight or overseers, and you will be working in tandem with other aspects equally holding light.  It is a presentation and a time not yet equaled.   

Some of you will find situations occurring you did not expect for you have created them far more easily than you have in the past.  Be mindful of your thoughts and what you are doing or you may find some things come forth that you did not bargain for.   

It is a powerful time in which your very systems within your bodies becomes activated differently.  DNA cells are being fired up.  Movement becomes not only possible, but predictable, from our perspective.  If you have forgotten to move away from certain areas or issues that are no longer serving you, they will quickly come up.  Observe them and find ways within your heart to let them go, knowing they are not part of your dynamic now. 

Coordinating worldwide activities has been a hardship, because we, on many levels, have worked in varying degrees with those of you on the Earth plane because of your levels of consciousness.  So one person might be very aware and asking for help and assistance and allowing for transformation to take place, while next door, another is not.  There have been enormous discrepancies with respect to the amount of frequency that is brought forth onto your plane.  These two grids are going to stabilize this.  For some it will be far more difficult, as they have not anticipated this higher frequency and much that they must now do to maintain their balance.

For others, who have been preparing for this for lifetimes, such as yourselves, you will find a new creationship--a new relationship with your earth and those among you is now possible. 

It is the revelation of spring and the revelation of light and the transformation of a time ahead.  You will still see difficult situations happening in your world.  Perhaps there will be places in your world where more fighting erupts, more difficulity comes forth.  It will not be able to stand over time any longer.  It is almost as if the areas of darkness start bubbling up because they can no longer stand in this frequency.  The chaos and activity will move into levels of awareness where the many are putting their foot down saying ‘this cannot exist much longer’.  

In the forthcoming months and years ahead, the process of undermining humanity will cease.  It has long been a held vision that peace and prosperity may prevail on your earth.  A holding grid will stabilize all of you working toward that effort.  That effort, of course, comes first within yourself.  Your ideas and your visions and your efforts will be put to good use.  Remember to dream, remember to visualize and hold onto your heart. 

I bless each and every one, who has come here today, and the interconnecting links reaching so far around your planet, for there is, indeed, joy in the heavens today. 

God bless each and every one.  We will meet again. 


 Please note  the above information was given to our group specifically, with in-formation relating, in some instances, to our collective experiences in the area where we live.  In conjunction with this--well before we had any awareness of grid activation--we were given several dates this year of significance for us.  The first was April l5-2l in which we were to focus on purification, noting we might find old energies, thoughts, grief, etc. being released.    Now, months later, that advice seems to be in direct alignment with the energies coming forth. 

This message may be sent to others in its totality.  For exerpts or publication, or comments, please contact  Lois Hartwick, email:  Blessings.

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