April 2002 Astrology

                              By Mahala

The emotional energy of Pisces has been in effect  since mid-February.

First the planet Venus went through that sign, then the Sun, and now

Mercury is in Pisces until the full moon of March 28, 2002. Neptune rules

Pisces and that planet rules water, fog, ships, chemicals, drugs,

alcohol, addictions, abusive situations, diseases, infections, foresight,

flexibility, fountains, idealism, healing, magnets, mediumship, pineal

gland, rejuvenation, dancing, and cosmic consciousness.

This is the type of energy we have been dealing with since February.

During that time period many people were looking at their issues, going

within, and hibernating. In April we will be moving into the Aries

energy, which is fiery and active. Pisces is female emotional energy, and

Aries is male action energy. It's time to take action.

The planet Venus will move into Taurus on April 1, which means we will

start feeling the energy of  that sign. Taurus rules money, and with

Venus in this sign, it looks like money issues will start to improve. The

full moon of April 27 finds Venus making an aspect to Uranus, which is

the planet of change and surprises, so look for some unexpected energy

around money issues during that time period

Mars is also moving through the sign of Taurus.

It lines up with the Sun Alcyone at the time of the new moon on April 12.

I hear the Crystal Grid will be activated on April 13 at 1:00 PM PST.

It's definitely a good day for this activation. There will be four

planets in Taurus at that time - they are Mercury, Venus, Mars and the

moon. At that time Mars will also be making a ninety degree angle to

Uranus. This is a very powerful aspect and could also cause Earth


The meaning of the degree in Taurus, that will be activated on April

13, is one that means humanity has the capacity to rise in consciousness

and feelings above biological limitations
. Let's take advantage of this

degree and activate the crystal grid. Picture this grid as strings

connected like a spider web all over the world. Then picture the golden

light coming in from Alcyone and activating this grid on Earth
. Everyone

will be at the right place at the right time to act as conduits for this


The exact placement of Mars conjunct Alcyone is right over the Pacific

Northwest. This means the golden light from Alcyone will first activate

the violet grid located off Vancouver Island, B.C.- then the energy will

travel around the world. It's very important to activate this grid so

more people can wake up and become aware of what is transpiring around

them. Many people will be amazed by how much control there is in the

world. Once they wake up they will realize they are great beings of

light, and will choose freedom over being controlled.

On April 13, the planet Uranus will be on the degree of a butterfly

emerging from a chrysalis
. This means we have the capacity to utterly

transform the character of our consciousness by radically altering the

structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships we

enter into. This is another good reason to activate the grid. Uranus

first touches this particular degree in April and stays there until it

retrogrades in June. In February of 2003 it will reach this degree again,

so if you miss this opportunity to transform your consciousness you will

have another opportunity next year.

Uranus is the planet of change. It is electrical in nature and  rules

light, or enlightenment. It is considered the great awakener and is very

rebellious by nature. When it moved through the sign of Capricorn, it

transformed governments by revolutions. Capricorn rules governments, and

Uranus rules rebellion
. Look at the Berlin Wall - who would have ever

thought that wall would come down and that Russia would fall apart. Then

there were revolutions in the Balkan countries during that time period.

There was much violence, death, and starvation in many countries.

Uranus moved into Aquarius in April of 1995 for a few months. Then it

retrograded back into Capricorn, and in January of 1996 it went into

Aquarius to stay for seven years until 2003. This started the computer

revolution because that is one of the things Uranus rules. Look at how

the Internet has grown and expanded in the last couple of years. We are

now connected to a World Wide Web, and through this Web has come much

information. Uranus rules High Tech, and when Saturn was in Taurus (the

sign that rules money) making a ninety degree angle to Uranus, the bottom

dropped out of the NASDAQ market.

Soon Uranus will move into Pisces. In fact it will be in that sign by

March of 2003. This is when there will be a tremendous revolution in

.  Many will start  experiencing cosmic consciousness on a

regular basis.  Pisces is a water and emotional sign.  When Uranus moves

through this sign from 2003-2010, there will be many changes on Earth

concerning water. I think this will be the time to stay away from the

coastal areas because the ice sheets of the Arctic, and the Antarctic,

have already started to melt.

I would like to quote from Zecharia Sitchin's book The 12th Planet . He

says: " One endeavor to unravel the puzzle of the Deluge, then, focuses

on Earth's climatic changes, and in particular the abrupt collapse of the

ice age some 13,000 years ago. What could have caused a sudden climatic

change of such magnitude? Of the many theories advanced by the

scientists, we are intrigued by the one suggested by Dr. John T. Hollin

of the University of Maine. He contended that the Antarctic ice sheet

periodically breaks loose and slips into the sea, creating an abrupt and

enormous tidal wave!

This hypothesis-accepted and elaborated upon by others-suggests that as

the ice sheet grew thicker and thicker, it not only trapped more of

Earth's heat beneath the ice sheet but also created (by pressure and

friction) a slushy, slippery layer at its bottom. Acting as a lubricant

between the thick ice sheet above and the solid Earth below, this slushy

layer sooner or later caused the ice sheet to slide into the surrounding


Hollin calculated that if only half the present ice sheet of Antarctica

(which is, on the average, more than a mile in thickness) were to slip

into the southern seas, an immense tidal wave would follow and raise the

sea level all over the world.  How could the Nefilim predict when the

Deluge would burst out of Antarctica? The Mesopotamian texts relate it to

the periodic passage of the Twelfth planet
.  Both Mesopotamian and

biblical texts described how the Earth shook when the Celestial planet

passed in Earth's vicinity. Could it be that the Nefilim, observing the

climatic changes and the instability of the Antarctic ice sheet, realized

that the next passing would trigger the impending catastrophe." End of


The ice sheets started melting in 1995. Does that mean the twelfth

planet will pass by Earth soon?
Several people on the Internet seem to

think so. In the mean-time we have other things to think about. At the

March full moon, the moon's node will be on 20 degrees Gemini. This is

the degree of the planet Mars in the United States chart. Our president's

Uranus is on 19 degrees Gemini, along with his node at 20 degrees. This

is a military degree, and if activated upon, may end in disaster. In

other words, this means he should not start a war.

The Mars/Uranus aspect will be affecting Iraq and the other countries

surrounding the Persian Gulf in April, so there will be more action in

those countries. The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, which is a fiery,

violent energy, so we will be feeling that energy all month.

At the March full moon the planet Jupiter will be conjunct Jupiter in

the USA chart. This means we should be starting a new money cycle or an

upturn in the economy. Time will tell how that works out. In George

Bush's chart, Jupiter will be conjunct his Sun shortly. This planet is

the largest one in our solar system and brings with it much power. He

will be feeling that power for a few months. Jupiter also rules religious

leaders and beliefs.

On June 10 there will be a solar eclipse on 19 degrees Gemini. This

eclipse will be very powerful because of the fact that it activates the

United States Mars, and also affects the planets in George Bush's chart.

Also, during that same time period, the planet Saturn will be opposing

Pluto. This is the aspect that started the terrorist war in the first


Pluto is considered the God of the underworld. It is also the great

transformer. Since February Pluto has been activating black hole energy.

Picture a black hole as a vortex. A tornado manifests like a vortex, and

you all know how powerful that energy can be. This energy can also be

used to pull any remaining negativity out of your consciousness, or in

other words - transform it into light.

  Back to April. The full moon of April is a double-edged sword. We have

the culmination of the Wesak Festival, which is a yearly celebration of

light, and we have Mars conjunct Saturn opposing Pluto by sign. Mars and

Saturn together rule police action, or control issues like a police

state, and dealing with dark energy. Then we have the aspect of a

Mercury/ Uranus square, which means accidents or communication problems.

This April full moon is exactly over Israel. There will be comets

passing by Earth in April, which will stir up energy because of their

magnetic force.  Astrology works by the magnetic energy moving between

planets when they make certain angles. This in turn affects us according

to the placement of those planets in our chart.  Astrology is God's law in


The next few months will continue to be very intense. It's nice to be

aware of what is going on, although we don't have to be part of the

drama. Most of us came here to help the Earth through her change. By

manifesting peace and love within our own being, we can act as channels

for that energy. Once you have reached a state of peacefulness, others

will follow.  Remember, there is a world of light overshadowing the world

of darkness. Who knows what may happen if enough reach for that world of

light. Let's reach for the light - and lets be ready to activate the

Crystal Grid on April 13, 2002.

I send you my blessings for a happy Easter.


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