"The Animals Support Earth"    What Are Animals  by Maitreya

through  Lee Carroll    New Orleans 2002

Kryon:  "We've mentioned before that certain Animals are here completely for the Human experience.  Not only do they teach you about the way Earth works, but some are actually designed to give you Unconditional Love (DOG=GOD Keth)They also teach you communication.

Animals don't have karma in the same way a Human Being does.  Instead, they have Purpose.  It's difficult to explain, but they're here to serve the planet and to balance it for you.  they incarnate, but they have only one purpose, and that is to support the Planet so that You might be enhanced.  the ones you call pets, which you love dearly, incarnate back to you personally if you will allow it.  As you can imagine, there are many kinds of service that these creatures offer, and the ones you believe are "sent," indeed are."

The Natural Order of the Universe    Messages through Kosol   FAQ

Do animals have Souls too?
Kosol: Animals do have souls, and everything else that a human being has.  They are the guardians of men kind, and men kind are their guardians as well.  They are very ancient in nature, just like men, there is no difference.  Both are guardians of the star and planet.   Both men and animals have culture, habits, educations, love, compassion, free will, team work, ranks, cooperation, and are, as well, multidimensional and universal in existence.  In light, love, and wisdom now, animals are superior to humans in many fashions, because they are born with memory of many past lives activated (multidimensional), and their educational level is from the universe itself.  So they are born enlightened, with clairvoyance and high IQ already activated.   They talk telepathically to the earth and the earth to them.  They are sworn by the universal law to take care of humans, aliens, and planets as well.  They are our universal guardian family as well.          http://_allaboutlife.homestead.com/FAQ.html    Thomas  Message #4 & Twyman

Anyways, here's an excerpt from a Kirael book you might find interesting! It might seem a bit 'far out' for those not used to 'new age' concepts - so just take it or leave it, for whatever it's worth, to you!
              Cheers,  Anni :ļ)
"Q:  There are those who believe that humans are closely connected to the worlds of dolphins and whales.  Would you comment on that, please? 
I often speak of these beings as your elder brothers and sisters because, like humans, whales and dolphins are known to shed salt tears.  At a given point in their evolution, whales and dolphins learned to live both in and out of the water.  Their legacy for humans is the grid system of magnetic energy patterns that surrounds the Earth both in and out of the water.  It is a legacy because the whales and dolphins have made this information accessible to humans in the etheric records.  To this day, whales and dolphins still navigate around the world using these gridlines.

In the early stages of this incarnation, humans utilized their sixth sense for traveling, much like the dolphins and whales.  Most likely, the dolphins were the ones that taught ancient explorers how to use this vibrational grid system to navigate by.

Current day humans use approximately 10% of their brain to function whereas dolphins, as well as whales, use 100%.  Only when dolphins sleep do they shut down approximately 50% of their massive thought systems.  The other 50% directs energy to parts of its anatomy to rejuvenate.  In the new matrix after the Shift, humans will regenerate body vibrations in a similar manner.

The whales, the record keepers of all time, are currently working with other systems of life to prepare for the Shift.  They are coordinating the atmospheric conditions that humans will need for operating their light bodies in the Fourth Dimension.  Without the information that the whales hold of Mother Earth, the Shift will not take place.  Thus, given the vital role that whales play in the Shift, it makes sense to become more active in their protection.  It is true that the whales  themselves could make greater attempts to protect themselves.  However, Creator law allows  whales, like humans, to have free will to choose their own destiny."

"Kirael: Volume II.  The Genesis Matrix"  Fred Sterling.
Lightways Publishing.  Honolulu. 2001

Also see The Importance of Cetaceans an excerpt from the Mathew Book  "Revelations For A New Era," and Thomas Psychic Children Message Whales & Dolphin & Our Future with James Twyman

Vol. 1, Issue 54 October 08, 2002   DrWeil.com  Weekly Wellness Bulletin


Pet owners have fewer illnesses than others - and recover faster when they do get sick -- have lower blood pressure, are less likely to be depressed, and have higher self-esteem than people who don't have pets.

New research now suggests that the company of pets can help combat stress. Faced with a stressful task pet owners didn't respond as strongly to stress as those whose animals were absent but had a friend or spouse present.

A study from the State University of New York at Buffalo showed that among married couples with normal blood pressure, participants given mental arithmetic tests showed only a seven point increase in blood pressure when their pets were with them compared with 35 point increases when a friend or spouse was present. Without any company, blood pressure jumped about 25 points.

The researchers concluded that their results were further evidence of the health benefits of having a pet.

Be well,   From the DrWeil.com team

Healing With Animals  from Natural Awakenings Magazine, FL October 2001  p.10

Devoted friendship is not all that Animals contribute to our lives.  In the last two decades, scientists have discovered that the bond we form with pets can make an enormous difference to our health-sometimes the difference between life and death.  Here are some of their findings:

A 1999 study showed that a pet's calming influence is better at controlling high blood pressure than the common anti-hypertension drug lisinopril.  Research done in 1992 in Australia revealed that pet owners are less likely than people without pets to develop heart disease.  And a 1980 study at Brooklyn College found that pet owners who have heart attacks live longer than coronary attack victims without pets.

Studies at the University of California at Davis and at UCLA revealed that pet owners of all ages went to their doctors less often, had more fun and felt more secure than those who had no pets.

Nursing homes in New York, Missouri and Texas reported that when they brought animals and plants into their environments, patient death rates dropped by an amazing 40 percent, and the need for medication decreased from $3.80 to $1.80 per patient per day.

A variety of research shows that children who have pets learn compassions and responsibility, think more independently, have more self-esteem, have better coping skills, are more sensitive to other people and have less stress, aggression and sadness than do kids without pets.

A Miami study found that the presence of animals in inner-city classrooms dramatically lowered truancy rates and increased children's test scores.

Separate studies show that children with autism and with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder improve when they have contact with pets.

Czech scientists who have studied the effects of isolation on people say that the presence of animals is so essential to human well-being that they should be included in long-term manned space flights.  According to the scientists, this would buffer the crews against social and emotional tensions and even enhance their creativity.

Beneficial Bats
Shy, gentle and largely misunderstood, bats are threatened worldwide.  "People tend to fear what they don't understand," says Bob Benson of Bat Conservation International.  "The reality is that bats are among the most beneficial of all endangered species."  A single brown bat nabs 1,200 mosquitoes and crop-damaging insects every hour, plus assists in plant pollination and seed dispersal.
Contact BCI at 800-538-BATS or visit  www.Batcon.com

Animals in the NOW:

Through the eyes of the animals you can learn the NOW. An animal is in the NOW with every footstep. Itís not fretting about where its next meal is coming from, or whether itís going to be cold, dry, wet, warm, or hot. Itís totally involved in the moment, in that next footstep, what is around it, what it senses, hears and feels. It determines its existence at and by the moment and at that time. Its choices are reflected totally by the impressions that are all around them.   

Humans are so involved with the future and the past; that the present is most often times a sliver of the actual event. What takes place in your NOW is multi-dimensional, is multi-folded time, and you create it more so by emphasizing and dwelling on the past and preparing for the future. You would do well to be more like the animal and exist moment to moment, step by step in the NOW. It would shatter and bust open most truths that you are living under, the falseness, expectations and judgments you are living under, that you are determining your existence by.   

The animal determines that if it is hungry-it eats, if it is thirsty-it drinks, if it is tired-it sleeps. Not by what it will be a day, week, or month later. Its physical body may not even be in existence at that time. It totally exists in THIS moment.     

Exist in this moment: what do you feel, sense, and hear at this moment? What needs to be accomplished at this moment! All will unfold for itself as it should and as is appropriate. If you exist at this moment in divine right order for your highest best good, which would be everyoneís and everythingís highest and best good, then the future and the past will take care of itself.   

You must have a real, not the illusive, past, or untruth; you must have a real assessment of what the NOW is, and what you need in the NOW. It is all very simple, but many make it all so complicated. You have lived in the illusion and the untruths for so long that even living in the NOW diverts you to an uncomfortable difficult path (not being responsible/accepting responsibility, or being able to manage time).

There are many, many that living in the NOW is pure torture, and only by living in the past or future can there be an illusion of pleasantness and comfort. The NOW supplies way too much pain and suffering. To those dear ones: use your discomfort, your pain and suffering of the NOW to search the illusions. Search the insults of the past and how they are determining your future. Use those triggers to overcome your barriers. They are there for a reason. They are there for you to overcome and learn from, to change and ascend. Donít view them as pain and suffering, view them as another lesson to learn, a great adventure.     Roger

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