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Greetings Peace Angels,   9/24/02

I am calling you this because of your commitment to Universal Peace as well
as your commitment to work with the Angels of Peace, for your commitment
makes us all one in the same. The Peace Angels group has just begun, but
already we have contacts in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore,
Germany, Ireland, France, U.K., South Africa, and the Slavic Republic.

I am going to send a series of three to four messages from the angels, and I
will begin with the first one very shortly. I want to personally thank all
of you who have signed up and who passed the introduction message on to
others. I have felt the quality of energy in your emails and I am terribly
excited to work with all of you. I feel your love, and you all have
inspired me!

I promise not to bombard anyone with emails through this list. I have come
to you to share a high quality of writing. I have much to share, but will
try to keep the messages short and to the point as much as possible.
Probably two to three pages at the most. Most of the work we do together
will be done silently and energetically as a group consciousness, and I
trust the power of the messages to do their work. The first messages will
be titled: The Voice, The Invitation, and The Angels of Peace. The
messages will elevate you to a new place of empowerment as Angelic
Ambassadors and Emissaries of Peace, through a world of group consciousness.

The very day that I sent out the introductory message entitled A Message
from Sarayon and the Angels of Peace! I was interviewed for the first time
on TV, for an hour on a local cable station. It was one of many amazing
synchronicities that came together like lightening! The show is called Isle
of Light, and will soon be aired locally and on the web. I will send out
info later about when it will air on the web. I was able to speak for an
hour about World Angel Day and the new group we are starting. Since sending
out this message, I have also been invited to talk about it on some upcoming
talk radio shows, so I expect this group will grow very quickly. The angels
are clearing the path!

The time is now to begin with these messages, and I will most likely resend
the series of messages after these shows air, because the group will be
increasing dramatically. Before I send the first message, I feel it is
appropriate to share a little about myself and the energy behind the
messages, so you know me personally. Many have asked for this so here it

My name is Sarayon, a name the angels have called me. Pronounced Sar (as in
car) ay (as in ray) on. Most people seem to have trouble pronouncing it
that have only read it, but since we are all going to be attuning to each
other, it is good to know the resonance of this name. I am also known as
Michael or Micha'el, in Hebrew.

Last night while I was contemplating what was appropriate to share about
myself and how to begin, I thought of all I am connected to, and my
awareness was drawn deep into the oceans, where a powerful presence
contacted me. My heart began to beat wildly, as the presence spoke to me,
for it was not just speaking to me but to all Humanity. You are on the
verge of yet another war, and you still know so little about who you are and
the world you live on. You have not asked whose world this is or what
purpose all the life on it serves. You do not yet know the secrets that lie
deep beneath the oceans.

I felt an awareness that was looking at the probabilities we are presently
faced with, knowing that it would only further distract us from remembering
who we are. At the bottom of the ocean lay the remnants of our past
destructions, and the whales and dolphins have kept the memory of our
history alive, waiting for the moment when we would be ready to remember.
They have kept the records for millions of years. Long ago they began to
work with me, to transfer the knowledge and guardianship of the planet, and
the living records, back to the Human Kingdom. They want to work with all
of us in this way.

I am 26 years old. I was born psychic/empathic with an expanded awareness
of history. As a child growing up I experienced leaping into the bodies of
other children, mostly in the U.S. I would go to sleep and wake up in their
bodies, knowing they were also aware of me. There were three in particular
that I came to know during many years of childhood. One day when I was
about seven years old, I had a long conversation with God. I had realized
that people on this world were asleep, and because of this there was much
suffering and illusion, so I asked to have direct contact with God and Jesus
and the Angels, because I wanted to know how to awaken everyone. I asked
for the keys that would bring us all together and make us whole again. I
believe the response was that if I was to learn how to awaken, I must first
fall asleep and learn to awaken myself.

I can now remember a day when the angels said goodbye. They said they would
close the door to the higher dimensions, and I would fall asleep and forget
just like everyone else, but they would always be there and one day I would
remember. As a teenager I knew that there was much I could not remember
from childhood, and I experienced the illusion of separation in this world.
A great knowledge was somehow lost, but I remained aware through dreams of
the probabilities that were unfolding in our future, and I struggled to
remember why I was here.

For years I dreamed of a future of nuclear war, and I was always preparing
myself for this coming disaster, until 1987 when something changed. The
dreams of that timeline stopped. I was in sixth grade when I realized that
something changed. I knew intuitively that somehow a decision was made that
had averted the nuclear war. I thought that perhaps a treaty had been
signed, or some agreement made. It was not until my senior year in 1993/94
when I began to reawaken and I first learned about the Harmonic Convergence.
This global meditation for Peace was what stopped the destruction. Now we
stand at a similar place in history, but we have an advantage that we did
not have in 1987. We have the Internet!

By the time I was 18, I was in the middle of a dramatic awakening, and
Spirit gifted me with the ability to travel out of the body. This brought
back my memories of what I could do as a child. I went to the dolphins and
whales and swam with them, often leaping into their bodies with them during
my out of body experiences. On one night in particular I traveled to visit
groups of psychic children all over the world to introduce myself as an
Emissary of Love, to assist them in any way I could. I began leaping into
the bodies of others in the collective awareness around the world, as well
as exploring the nonphysical realms around Earth, which is how I reconnected
with the Angels and Masters. Soon after I began my exploration, Jeshua
(Jesus Christ) was with me, guiding me on my mission, along with many other
Ascended Masters.

Last fall, the angels came to me with a powerful gift, which was given to a
massive group of people at the same time all over the planet. Shortly after
receiving this, James Twyman began sending the messages of the Psychic
Children who reported that they had now finished weaving a grid around the
planet that would allow anyone to step into the enlightened group
consciousness by simply choosing to, and by stating the prayer and mantra of
the Children, which is I am an Emissary of Love NOW! To me, this was the
confirmation of what was revealed when the angels came to me with the gift,
and it is this gift that I will explain in the first message.

I represent the Angels of Peace, the Whales and Dolphins, and the Psychic
I am in telepathic communication with vast bodies of intelligence
that are here to assist us with the transition into Love and Peace. I am
here to serve! For years I have worked with the psychic children, including
the unborn spirits that are now incarnating. They often visit with me so I
can assist them to become acclimatized to the currents of thought and
emotion in the modern world, and to deliver to me attunements to the new
frequencies they are bringing in. Some of them have even taken me out of
the body and into the wombs of their mothers to show me how their bodies are
being designed to hold higher blueprints of consciousness. My blessings to
all of the mothers of the world!

This email list shall be a portal for me to receive and transmit information
to assist us with personal and planetary transformation during this critical
period. Since taking the initiative in starting this group, the Whales and
Dolphins, Psychic Children and Angels have come closer to me, and I am
surrendering to serve all in this process. Some of the things I will share
I have known for some time, but have not known what to do with the
information, but I feel called by a powerful force to transmit this
information to the Collective!

Thank you for listening to this personal introduction to myself and the
messages. If there is anyone that can translate well into other languages
and is willing to create and expand an email list for people who speak other
languages, please contact me for instructions. This request is for people
who have contacts that speak another languages and would be willing to
invite others to that language group.

I will soon send the first message, entitled The Voice! In the mean time,
now that you all know me personally, if you are inspired you may want to
introduce me personally as a friend to your contacts. It is incredibly
effective when forwarding messages to share a personal introduction and
invitation to join the group. I just came back from a long walk, and a
prayer and meditation, and I feel utterly transformed by the inspiration the
angels are sharing with me.

Blessings and Thanks from the Angels of Peace!

Greetings Peace Angels!   Intro   Second Message

What I have to share with you in this first message should give you hope,
and help to crystallize the key insight of how we are to work together. This
first message is a little longer than I thought, but every word is
important for this project. Many of you have already seen the message I
sent out before even starting this group, about my 911 story, but for those
that didn't see this email, it is important to share this one piece.

In the days immediately after 911, I was sent by the angels to many places
in Europe to anchor a new divine blueprint and vision of unity for the
world. They first sent me to Berlin, saying that I had to leave immediately
to get in position, and they had to practically push and shove me to get me
on the train, because the only seat I could get was on a smoking car, BLAH!
and I would have rather stayed in Vienna. We were able to anchor a powerful
matrix of energy in Berlin though, and had lots of fun. The angels asked me
to go with them to some of the museums, which I thought was really funny,
because they had never done anything like that before, but soon we were off
to the next stop.

At the peak of this journey I was sent to the Vatican to hold the vision of
a unity of all the world's faiths. After doing this I had an extraordinary
vision of the pope crying, for he was realizing the oneness of all the
religions, and as I watched this I saw two Islamic brothers standing with
him, singing an Islamic prayer of peace. I looked and saw that their prayer
created a light that flowed out of their heads and into the heavens, and it
had a distinct color and wave-pattern. I then recognized the pattern and
began to look around the world, and everywhere I looked I saw this same
characteristic wave-pattern radiating into the heavens from individuals and
groups all around the planet during that time just after 911, and the angels
were coming to respond to our prayers. It was in that moment that I
realized that a prayer for peace looks the same no matter who is praying it,
regardless of their religion, and the angels respond in a special way to
this unique call for service. I realized that prayer had the power to unify
us, and people would soon see past religious differences and into the unity
created with prayer, which is part of every human's natural divine

When you pray, it is not just the angels who respond. They will take your
prayers and calls for peace to the people in the world who can do the most
to help manifest it, for we are all learning to respond to each other's
prayer signals. We are the answer to our own prayers! The angels have told
me this many times! This is how we will awaken as a civilization that
serves selflessly. The louder the call, the more of us will hear, and we
will all begin to respond to each other, for a call for peace represents the
good of all! Our leaders will learn when they can hear our prayers. So
imagine what I saw now, with these beams of light radiating into the heavens
from people and groups all over the world. Now what if we were all
directing that special call, that characteristic waveform, not to the
heavens, but to each other! For those who have never thought of prayer this
way before, know that your thoughts, intentions and prayers actually create
intelligent light! It is a telepathic living energy! We actually respond
to each other's prayers all the time without realizing that is what we are
doing. When we come into a person's life at just the right time to help
them, or they into ours, our prayerfields are the invisible side of the
process of synchronicity. When you ask for something or pray, you send out
a light, and those who listen may respond, and the angels are the go
between, helping to connect the need with the abundance, so that prayers get

So keep this vision in your mind, of all of these prayer fields from
individuals and groups across the planet going not into space, but as of
now, broadcasting back towards Humanity. A call that reaches every corner
of the globe! So now I must take you back to an earlier event in my own
life that ties into this. New Years Eve 1999. The clock has just struck
midnight in New York City, and in another hour it will be the year 2000 in
the central time zone, which is where I was at in Oklahoma, meditating for
world peace with three of my best friends. Sitting on the living room floor
with Bob, Gigi and Shelley,
holding hands in a circle, I guided a meditation calling in the highest
possible divine light onto the planet, and holding a vision of World Peace.
Unexpectedly in the middle of the meditation, a powerful force entered the
room. It was the Ascended Master Buddha. I had mostly been attuned to
Jeshua, so this was a unique surprise. I felt this incredible spiritual
presence fill me from within, and he asked me to share his words with the
group. I had never done anything like this before. Once after leading a
group of friends before in a global peace meditation, I was aware that the
angels were singing to us, and we could all feel the vibrations, but this
time it was different. A Master had something to say!

He said, I have come to you with the Crown of Peace, for you have each
committed yourself to helping us all achieve the goals of Peace. This gift
from the Masters will help each of you to always wear this vision in your
minds. I then described to the group what looked like a ring of light that
was being placed in each of our crown chakras. I could feel my crown chakra
more distinctly than ever before, and I felt a resonance of Peace in my
mind. Years later when I had the vision after 911, I came to a new
understanding of what this ring of light was actually for. It allowed me to
channel the collective resonance of all who are committed to Peace, and it
made it easy to beam that frequency from my own mind, as a prayerfield, in
any direction. On that night, our little group had graduated from praying
for peace, to making the call for peace, and holding a vision and field of
energy that anyone could tap into. In the last year, I have had a similar
experience of receiving rings of light placed in the crown chakra. Last
Spring I asked Spirit and the Masters and Angels, what gifts do you have to
share with the participants of
my next event, and my whole head began to vibrate, and three rings were
placed in the crown, and immediately the rings began to vibrate and
communicate with me about the collective prayerfield that they represented.
So the participants of the last spring conference I held were people that
had been called there to receive these gifts, for they were ready to accept
the responsibility of holding that prayer field for the world.
Synchronistically, all of the presenters had come together to share visions
and guidance that reflected the potential contained in these prayer fields.
At the end of the conference, the angels placed the rings of light over our
heads in a special meditation ceremony.

And what do you think these rings of light look like in the crown chakra? A
HALO perhaps!? You are all ready to take responsibility, and embody this
frequency to your fullest capacity. Many of you have already received such
an activation. You know this because of your knowledge of prayer. You wear
this Halo Ring of Light over your heads, and you share in a collective
vision and frequency, and find strength in the sharing. If you are not sure
if you have received such a gift, then you may ask for it now in meditation.
Ask and you shall receive! I am sharing this gift, for I believe everyone
that receives this message is ready to join the call. Our whole world is
surrounded by countless angels and divine beings who are sending us Peace
and holding Peace. When I travel out of the body I can see countless angels
as far as I can see around the world, their gaze focused upon the Earth.
Through this attunement, we shall start to receive what they are sending,
and carry that vibration on into the field of human lives and events. We
don't need to ask the heavens for Peace. Don't you think all of those
prayers I saw on 911 were responded to? We must be able to receive the
frequency of Peace, and beam it back out to others to generate the same
field of energy that fills the higher spiritual realms, so that our world
aligns with the higher worlds. We will be the Angels of Peace, responding
to the help signals of those who are still sending their beams out to the
Heavens! Until they make the choice to join us and the angels, and enter a
new level and experience of prayer! So ask for this in meditation, or before
you go to sleep. I am calling forth this activation for the group to
receive, and if you ask the Angels of Peace for this gift, it shall be
given. If you know you have already received this, then ask for the Angels
of Peace to attune you to the presence of all those who are joining this
list, for this will be a powerful group to work with. Now for the real meat
of the story!

Last December, I was visiting my mother's house in Oklahoma where I grew up.
I had lay down to go to sleep when a powerful group of angels entered the
room. The whole room seemed filled with a glowing white mist and the angels
were wearing white robes. The whole room seemed to disappear and I was
lying there before an angelic council. They began to speak to me and said,
"Enough human beings have awakened around the world that you can now be
formed into a collective higher mind for Humanity. Each one of you will now
play a much larger role in awakening the others." I could feel all of the
people around the world who were beginning to embody Humanity's higher mind
and resonate with each other as one. It was a whole new level of
intelligence coming to the planet. The angels then reached into my mind and
called forth my language banks, and centers of communication. I could see
this part of my mind holographically as it was expanded into the room for
them to work on. They brought forth a vast set
of light symbols. It was a living language of light. The Divine Language!
Then they programmed this divine language into my language banks, while
explaining that over the next year, they would be working to activate two
specific areas of the brain that were related to telepathy, which had been
previously dormant. They said that this same divine language and activation
was being given to countless people throughout the world, so we could all be
able to have the same understanding of each other through one mind! No
matter what language a person spoke, those who had awakened would all share
a common language that is fully functional telepathically, for it was being
gifted straight into our minds by the angels. When we listen for the
thoughts and not the words, we will begin to speak the clear language to
each other!

I was excited to say the least, but that was just the beginning. A few
weeks later I was in my bedroom back in Boulder, Colorado when something
happened. I saw a bright flash of light, like it was right in my mind, and
in front of my face, and as the flash happened it caused some of these light
symbols in my mind to vibrate in a specific order and way, which
communicated a living resonance, and immediately my English language banks
made the translation of the expression: I AM AWAKE! It was the first
communication from the collective mind! The angels must have completed
installing the divine language into all of those who had awakened, and we
were all resonating our first expression as this new level
of mind. It reminded me of a story of the Master Buddha. He had just come
down from the forest into the village for the first time after being
enlightened, and he was glowing with such a higher vibration that people
asked, Are you a spirit?! Are you a god?! The Master simply replied, I AM

This is the most exciting news that I can think of to share in this moment.
For so long I have waited and believed that Humanity would awaken. I prayed
and meditated for the world for what seems like ages, and now to see this
and to be able to share it. The Awakened Ones have now formed into a
Collective Mind, and the resonance of this one mind is growing rapidly,
gently integrating more and more people into it. And it is time for us to
all to now play a much larger role in awakening the others. The Angels of
Peace will show us how to do that, and that is what these messages are all
about! The Voice I speak of is the Voice of our Collective Mind and Heart!
We are now witnessing the fulfillment of the ancient prophesies, that one
day all nations shall be gathered together, and we shall speak a clear
Now, when the collective calls for something, we have the ability to hear,
understand, and answer the call, for the divine language is making it
possible for us all to hear, understand and interact with the prayer fields
of Humanity in a new and conscious way. Because of the power of this new
level of mind, and the tool of the Internet, we can become a single voice
speaking to the sleeping masses to wake them up!
As if to confirm all of this, I got a call shortly after hearing the voice,
from my friend Ami. Before I could even tell her what had happened with the
activation, and the first communication from the collective mind, she began
to talk excitedly about how she felt we were all going to be able to speak a
clear language. I KNEW IT!! SHE KNEW IT!! The angels had been with her
as well. I told her about what happened, and she agreed that we were
becoming aware of the same thing! I have written a great deal more on this
one subject, but I will keep this short. Ami was not aware like I was of
seeing the activation when it happened, but the clear knowing was there, for
she is in tune with the awareness inside of her. When you really think
about this activation, you may come to a deeper understanding of what you
have been feeling over the last year. When I felt Ami, I felt an awakeness
there that I recognized within myself. We felt the same!

This is some of the most exciting news on the planet! All of the awakened
need to know about this part of the shift. I believe that this information
will inspire hope, because this is what we have prayed for and waited for so
long. We are closer now than ever before to achieving total Critical Mass!
We now have the tools to do it! If a person has not yet joined this level
of awareness, then simply reading this message will activate their
potential. Ask the angels to be attuned to the divine language and it will
be done!
Please share the good news with as many as you can, in as many ways as you
can. Print this out and read it to your spiritual groups. We have reached
a level of group consciousness where no one has to struggle to awaken like
so many of us did anymore! They can simply join the resonance of the
collective heart and collective mind, and become informed about who we are!
Shortly after I heard the voice last December of 2001, the messages of the
psychic children began circulating around the Internet, saying they had
finished weaving the grid of group consciousness around the planet. I knew
it was another confirmation! This is only the beginning! And that was
almost a year ago. Think of where we are now. This is the moment of Truth!
Not 2007, not 2012, but right now is the critical moment when we must come
together to create peace and stop the destruction. I cannot stress this
enough!!! If you could see what I see in the potential future, you would
share this message with as many as possible. I know many of you know what we
are faced with, and I am so grateful for all of the help. Now is the time
for Vigilance! If enough people act now, we could create Peace on this
Earth in a matter of months, even weeks, and I am going to do everything in
my power to support that happening right NOW!! In the next message entitled,
The Invitation, the Angels of Peace will give some specific instructions on
working with the insight I have shared, and going deeper into the
transformation. I am vibrating with such love and
hope that so many around the world are hearing these messages, and what I am
about to share makes my whole being vibrate with Joy, and my body is on the
verge of tears! It is very important for the success of what we are going to
do that we have representatives in this group from as many countries as
possible. Please reach out to contacts in other countries that you think
would resonate and share with them an invitation to the group. Even if we
only had a few thousand people in the group globally, I would want it to
touch every major city if possible. This is part of the gridwork that will
be explained in
the next message. I apologize for the length of this message, but once you
have the whole set of messages, you will see why everything I shared was

Blessings and Thanks from the Angels of Peace!

www.AngelDay.com U.S event
www.worldangelday.com Global Site

Second Message  Intro   First Message

Greetings Peace Angels,

Whenever a group of people chooses a reality together it creates a grid.
Their agreement is a form of resonance that creates a possibility of
agreement and resonance for all other beings. In the face of a potential
war and great disaster, many people around the world have chosen peace
instead, and claimed this as a possibility for all beings. This is how the
Peace Grid came to be. It is literally a global doorway into a probable
world that all may enter, where there is global everlasting Peace! So how
do we get people to share this world with us? Enough people must become
aware that they have a choice to make, and that everlasting peace is one of
the choices. The choice will be obvious when people realize their power. It
is already becoming very clear that war is mostly a product of special
economic interests, and not what the majority of people really want. I
started becoming aware of the peace grid at dinner with a group of people
just a couple of weeks ago. One person was predicting war, great
destruction, and horrible loss of life in the very near future, but everyone
else at the table was more optimistic. The energy of the fear vision
present at the table that night helped me to notice a grid of energy that
connected the rest of us together, and I saw and felt how we all leaned on
the support of that grid within each other, so we would not be swayed by
fear. What was also apparent was that the strength that we were leaning on
must have been coming from more than just that little group at the table. We
were only part of the grid.

The Angels of Peace came to me and said that they were coming now to protect
the Peace Grid, and they shared with me a prayer process to help us cocreate
with them and the grid. Long ago, I experienced a shift in the way I pray
that they want me to tell you about. At some point in my life, years ago, I
was beginning to discover the power of prayer. I found that when I prayed
prayers that represented the well being of Humanity and the Earth, I
attracted much more attention and energy to myself. So I got really
inspired. I would go out into a field at night near my house, and I would
pray every night, sometimes for hours. I was very aware that I was sending
a bright beam of light into the higher dimensions, and
after praying for everything I could possibly think of for the world, I
would look up to see countless angels all over the sky who had come to hear
my prayer. So I began to pray more and more all the time. I would wake up
and pray. I would pray on the way to work. I prayed over every meal
thanking the Earth, Spirit, and all who had grown and prepared the food, as
well as always praying that everyone in the world would have food as I do. I
would get home from work and go straight to the field to begin my nightly
prayers. I would repeat short prayers over and over, like: Please remove
all separation from my awareness! For the greater service of Humanity! or,
I surrender to God, I surrender to God, or I am perfectly aligned with God!
I am perfectly aligned with God! over and over again. I would ask for
things like this over and over, moving deeper into a state of communion with
the Eternal Spirit. I would pray for the healing of the Earth, with my
hands upon the Earth. I started to live in a constant state of prayer!

So one night everything shifted. I was in the field and I simply became
attuned. I had a new insight about how to direct my prayers. With my heart
and soul vibrating with Love, I began to call to all the humans that were
asleep. I imagined that I was a voice whispering in their ears, and I began
to talk to all humans telepathically, calling them to awaken and join the
newly arising field of consciousness that had begun to connect our hearts
together. What gave me the idea is that I started feeling the presence of
others around the world who could hear my prayers, and they sent their
greetings saying Welcome, we are with you, and you are part of us. Brother,
we share the same prayers! The angels have told me that I actually helped
to awaken a lot of people when I started talking to them telepathically when
I started to pray in this way over the last five years. What I found is that
whenever I would speak a message that was aligned with
the prayers of this global group, my voice and thoughts seemed to have an
added resonance, and I felt that I was representing others in my
consciousness. I began to speak with the voice of the awakened, to the
souls of the sleeping. I began to go out at night and stand at the top of a
set of stairs overlooking the field, and I stood as if I was standing before
the audience of the world. I began to call on those who pray to be with me,
and to speak out loud and telepathically to all who could hear our messages,
and invite them to join the collective heart. It is time to awaken dear
ones, for we have work to do, I would say. Let Love guide you, and may
angels brighten your day. Now imagine 100s of 1000s of people all over the
world, praying in this way with a single message, in every possible
language, with multitudes of angels amplifying our collective voice, to open
a massive doorway into a collective future that we can all simply step into.

Each one of us who have made the choice of Peace is like a point in the
Peace Grid
. All you have to say to stand in this grid is: I Choose Peace,
and I Claim This for All Beings! Now what we shall do is strengthen this
grid, expand it across the globe, and as we are collectively holding open
the doorway into the Path of Universal Peace, we will speak with one voice
to sleeping Humanity and show them the door! It sounds pretty far out, but
this is the way we have done this on other worlds before. For so long we
have been praying for Peace, and the angels have always been here holding
this frequency of Peace. The angels told me recently RECEIVE PEACE! This
is the key! A bubble of Peace surrounds our world. We live inside a bubble
where there is an illusion that distracts us from the infinite Peace that
fills the infinite space around the bubble. This bubble is gradually
shrinking, being anchored by those who are reaching out and claiming it,
pulling it down and allowing it to center itself within our beings. Peace
is a universal frequency. We don't have to create the Peace that will
transform our world, we just have to receive it, accept it, share it, wear
. So remember the vision in the last message where instead of all of us
beaming our prayers of peace to the heavens, we began to receive the Peace
of the Angels, and joined the call, shifting the direction of prayer to be
like a beacon radiating toward every human being. With countless people
doing this, it would bring that bubble that surrounds the world down and
anchor it at the level of masses of people who have a voice more present in
human reality than the angels. The angels hold this sphere of Peace around
the planet, and our Peace Grid is the beginning of bringing that sphere down
into the world to create part of Heaven on Earth. When we receive Peace, we
receive the sphere; when we invite others to receive, we are joining the
voice of the angels from the heavens, calling to all to join the eternal

As this field of energy radiating from the angels and all humans who can
receive it and broadcast it, forms a sphere around the planet
, wherever the
field converges on a human being who receives it, the field forms a ring of
light in the aura. This is the Halo that I spoke of in the last message. It
is a symbol of the unity of this prayer field. The pattern and vibration of
a circle is important, because this pattern is reflected throughout all
Creation, from the highest level to the lowest, from the largest to the
smallest. The circle is one of the most powerful forms that can connect us
to the presence of the Creator, and all of the Angels. So when you hold the
vision of Peace, hold the vision of a circle in your mind, and ask for
Archangel Michael and the Angels of Peace to protect this circle of Peace
that you are holding for Humanity so that it can continue to grow in
vibration to touch every human heart and mind. So if we are to raise our
voices and speak as one to awaken the rest of Humanity to the possibility of
Peace, what shall we all say? We need to have a message. I believe the
angels shared that with me. We represent the
Grid of Peace, the angels have asked us to receive Peace, we collectively
hold open a global doorway that represents a possibility of Peace for all to
choose, so the message is simple: CHOOSE PEACE NOW! As I was connecting
with the angels in the shower the morning after they came to me, I was
filling up with their energy and opening myself to receive what they were
suggesting I do.

Sarayon: How do we communicate this grid of possibility to others?

Peace Angels: Choose Peace Now! This message, which we will help you
amplify, contains the holographic reflection of the entire Peace Grid and
the Family of Humans and Angels who hold it, and it contains the choice,
which is the doorway one may step through into the presence of Peace.

As I heard this, I began to speak the message, Choose Peace Now! Choose
Peace Now! And an extraordinary thing happened. I felt the voices of the
angels joining in with mine to demonstrating what they wanted to do, and it
caused a tremendous surge of energy through my entire body and chakra
system. I could feel them amplifying my prayerfield tremendously. It was
like when I would pray prayers in the field that many people resonated with.
By tapping into the collective prayer field I felt more energy and my voice
even seemed to have more of a vibrational resonance, only this was much more
powerful than any of the prayers in the field! With the angels behind this
one message, my voice both physically and telepathically seemed to have more
resonance than ever before. I know this is one of the answers to my
prayers. For years I have prayed to the angels, asking for them to give me
the key prayers that would make us all whole again, and now it is finally
time for them to deliver this information. CHOOSE PEACE NOW! It is both a
plea and an imperative. But mostly it is an Invitation! That is where we
should center our focus, on inviting others to join us in the field! As I
stood out on a hill last night contemplating
this message, I practiced repeating it and broadcasting it out, to feel the
resonance behind it, and I became aware of the children of the world. I
felt a place deep inside of millions of young children crying for Peace. So
many of them can see the future, and they love us all. They don't want us
to go to war ever again. Inside of all of us, there is a little 4 year old
asking our mommy and daddy, why do people go to war? Why to people want to
hurt each other? It is time to let that child inside all of us come forward
and join in this prayer, until it reaches every human being and we all
become like little children again.

The whales and dolphins, with their spherical awareness and sound healing
capabilities are going to mirror this message and this grid of peace from
the oceans, as the angels do it from the Heavens, and we shall join together
in one voice to invite the rest of Humanity, and especially those who are
behind the interests of war to CHOOSE PEACE NOW! We must invite our
brothers and sisters to join us. They do not have to awaken fully to do
this. All they have to do is make a choice, and their higherselves will
work with each of them to begin integrating into this grid of Peace. This is
the first step! This is the foundation that is being laid, so that other
higher grids of possibility that are very sensitive can have the
opportunity to anchor and flourish in an environment of Peace. So do you
see the shift that we are going to create? We have been calling for
assistance from the heavens, calling for Peace, and now the angels are
saying, we have all the assistance we need and they are transmitting the
universal frequency of Peace. We must step up into their level of prayer by
receiving Peace and reversing the flow of our prayerfields to complete the
circuit, so that the knowledge of what we are now receiving from the angels
begins to appear as a shining light of possibility inside every human being.
We must stand in the doorway into that first level of Heaven with the
Angels, even as we are here on this Earth, and we must speak to our brothers
and sisters with the voices of the angels and be the angels on this Earth,
showing Humanity the way back home. The angels will share with us the key
prayers that are aligned with the collective soul desires of the world, and
that reflect the highest possibility of resonance in the collective
consciousness. They will give us exact instructions on how to create the
strongest prayerfield, beginning with CHOOSE PEACE NOW!

Let this message be our mantra until we all share a single sphere of Peace,
mirroring the essence of countless divine beings who are with us in this
time of need. When you begin to broadcast this message, you will call to
yourself the presence of the entire Peace Grid, the Angels of Peace, and the
collective voice of the Dolphins, Whales, Children, Ascended Masters, and
all of people around the world who are going to be joining this prayerfield
as this message spreads. This is as simple as prayer gets, and as powerful!
As you begin to speak the message inside yourself, allow all of the
collective feelings around
Peace to arise with you. You will hear those that cry for Peace in your own
voice. You will feel them and you may cry the collective tears. You will
hear and feel the presence of those who are shouting CHOOSE PEACE NOW! as a
demand for Humanity to wake up. You will hear and feel in your own voice,
the joyous laughter of those who feel a light heartedness in sharing how
simple it all really is through this message. You will feel the awesome
strength in your heart, and you will hear in your voice the confidence of
countless people and angels as we speak the words, calling to all beings,
with the awareness that we are all doing this together. Call upon the Angels
of Peace, and go to a sacred place where you can stand
as if you are standing before the audience of the entire world, and speak
this message telepathically and/or out loud to all human beings. Each time
you say the words, pause and allow the resonance of the angels and the
collective prayerfield of those who pray, to flow through you, putting a
tremendous force behind the words. You may now speak for millions of people
that have chosen this, for we are one. Experience that you are the voice of
millions, and feel the collective presence of your brothers and sisters
within you as you say the words. The words are a message to introduce the
doorway to the collective future of Peace; the doorway that we are all
holding open now with our intentions. But the doorway itself is energetic,
and will carry forth the frequency of the angels who will ride your human
frequency to all who can hear the call! They will build the grid around
anyone who hears the call and makes the choice, and our Voice will be heard!
It doesn't matter what language this message is given in, for as I shared,
this prayerfield behind this message looks the same no matter who is praying
it. Let us all become one Voice and One Resonance! And feel free to let
your heart speak once you have opened the doorway with this one message, for
the child in you will be called forth to share its knowledge with the world
on this frequency. I will speak more about this in the next message. I
could continue writing endlessly with the inspiration of the Angels, but I
will break here and allow this to sink in. The next message will take us
into a deeper contact with the Angels themselves, and our Ambassadorship,
and will give a vision of the next phase of this work for the Peace Grid. I
think you can see now why I have asked for as much help as possible in
spreading these messages I am sending and building this list. We must have
enough people to create a resonance loud enough for all to hear. Now is the

Blessings and Thanks from the Angels of Peace!
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