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 Beloved masters, for many of you, it is the beginning of a new year on Earth, however from our vantage point, it is the beginning of a new era and a new golden age. Many of you will protest, "but it does not seem like a new golden age." In the past, any new creation that was brought forth on the earthly plane took much effort, and often pain, struggle and strife. That is still the mode of creation in many parts of your world, however, it need not be so. We have told you that the Light is separating from the shadows and it is almost as if two worlds were superimposed, one over the other. One world is filled with varying degrees of fear, hate, judgment, greed and a desire to control and conquer the lands of the Earth, as well as a desire to dominate and subjugate the peoples of the Earth by whatever means thought necessary. The billions of beautiful young souls who are caught in the maelstrom of this ever-accelerating chaos are the ones who suffer the most. That world is swiftly deteriorating, as a blanket of all the negative thought forms descends upon those lands and magnify the vortexes of hate that have been created. Oh yes, there are vortexes of darkness, just as there are vortexes of Light, and the foretold Armageddon has surely arrived in those places.

The world of Light that is superimposed over the world of shadows is a world of hope, a world that amplifies all that is beautiful, harmonious, and which is filled with brotherly/sisterly love, peace, joy and abundance. A world where Spirit and humanity have joined forces once more, and where all are donning their spiritual armor as, symbolically, we march forth to show that, together, we are invincible. In this world, you are becoming proficient in using the universal laws of Creation as you bring forth greater and greater physical manifestations of what you desire in your corner of paradise. Miracles abound, both large and small, as you tap into your Divine Source and become a partner with your I AM Presence and angelic helpers. Your Light is becoming more radiant, and you are a positive force for good within your sphere of influence.

Of late, we have spoken much about the power of the pyramid. Let us give you another vision of how pyramid power is being used. Envision a pyramid with steps on each of the four sides which lead to the apex. At the base on two sides are all those dear souls who are caught in the web of deception and lower vibrational energy -- those who are struggling to control their world of negativity, in whatever way necessary; a reality which is swiftly falling apart. On the other two sides of the base of the pyramid are all those dear souls who are struggling to survive and to live the best way they know how. They are dominated by outside forces over which they seem to have no control. Therefore, in varying degrees, they are also caught up in the world of limitation, fear and negativity, but deep within there is a desire, which manifests as a deep discontent with life, to reconnect with their Creator and fulfill their chosen mission on Earth.

At the apex is a capstone of Light. There all of you come, at one time or another, the Warriors of Light/Peace, all those who have aligned with the Light and our Creator in the cosmic campaign to reestablish Paradise on Earth. As we join together in our great Pyramid of Light which forms the capstone, and send forth unconditional love to the Earth and all humanity, our combined love-force energy radiates down upon all who are the base of the pyramid and any level thereof. This gift is available to all who are willing to partake by opening their heart centers in order for the Love/Light of the Creator to flow within. The Light is always seeking the Light within the darkness. No matter how dim a Spark within someone may seem, it can be ignited and burst into flame. In doing so, this facilitates and speeds up the healing/balancing process so that anyone, regardless of who they are or what they have done, has the potential to rise quickly up the pyramid of ascension and into the Light. No one is excluded. With open arms, the Creator holds wide the door of redemption so that all may pass through. This is the rare gift that is being offered at this time -- a gift that is only offered at the end of an era and the beginning of a new age.

The pyramidal energies are a vital life force, both within the etheric planes of expression and on the physical planes. Therein dwells the manifested consciousness of the Creator, and an energy field which holds all the pure primal life force substance that will be needed to transform the Earth and all living life forms. You also have pyramidal forms of Light consciousness within your bodies which are activated as you balance the frequency patterns within and begin to build your vessels of Light. As this process accelerates, you will also activate the power matrix crystals throughout your bodies, the crystalline spheres of galactic consciousness at the crown, the ascension chakra at the base of the skull, and your I AM Seed Crystal within the third eye. How do you access these blessed gifts? By moving into harmony within and without -- into the STILL POINT of God-consciousness, whereby you function either in a mode of neutrality, or you radiate positive life-force energy out into the world.

You have often heard the saying, "Many are called, but few are chosen." You all are among those who were called forth or you would not be on Earth in a physical vessel at this momentous time. We will change that old phrase, for many are now being chosen. Who is doing the choosing?

You are. YOU CHOOSE YOURSELF. You must make the choice as to which world you will live in. You must make the choice as to where you reside on the Pyramid of Life. No one can choose for you. These are decisions each of you must make for yourselves, but when you choose the way of Light, we will take your hand and ease the path all the way to the shining capstone.

Allow us to recap some of the guidelines we have given you in the past. These are steps that must be taken, or levels of awareness that must be achieved if you are to attain self-mastery:

Your personality/ego must become attuned with your soul/higher self as you strive to realign your many levels of reality and become harmonious with your Christed-Self and I AM Presence.

It is proper to listen and learn from others, but no longer are you to blindly follow the teachings of others. You will seek to validate and live your own truth to the best of your ability after it has been authenticated via your heart monitor. Creator truth is always empowering, loving and for the highest good of all.

Going into your Pyramid of Light is the swiftest and surest way to tap into the Divine Source of Creation. Envision billions of tiny crystalline pyramids of Light filled with Divine energy/consciousness of the highest vibrations, descending, surrounding and filling you as you bring forth new thought forms, ideas and inspiration. Tap into and use the dynamic force of the Universal Mind and release yourself from the confines of the Earth and the limitations of the mass consciousness beliefs.

Learn the laws of universal creation/manifestation. Learn to distinguish between the desires of Spirit and ego desire. Ego desires, wants and needs have emotional foundations whereby one looks outside one's self for something, someone or some event to fulfill an inner craving. The ego is never satisfied and continually looks for something or someone new to satisfy the cravings, which often become addictions. When you are in harmony with Spirit, all your physical desires/needs are waiting for you to claim them...expect and demand that it be so. However, you must be an active partner and take the physical action necessary to bring your dreams to fruition. You must activate and draw to you the positive vibrations needed to manifest your visions in physical form.

The Earth plane is a world stimulated by action and reaction. In a world of polarity and duality, the forces of opposition have been your best teachers. Negative experiences bring into consciousness your own truth via valid experiences. It is time to put aside indecision...feel, sense with your heart and inner-knowing what is correct or incorrect action or thoughts. As you learn and gain wisdom from an occurrence or an interaction with another person, no longer will you have to experience the cause/effect syndrome of your actions (otherwise known as Karma).

It is vital that you understand the true meaning of life and death. The guise you have assumed in this lifetime is just a minuscule facet of who you are, what you have been, and what you will be in the future. The passage or death of the physical vessel is only a transition into another state of Being.

Be bold in your endeavors to change the old belief patterns regarding death. Release the souls of your loved ones with love, and do not bind them to Earth planes with your grief. Yes, you will miss them, and you will experience a time of grieving, but know that they will always be with you in Spirit. By sending them your loving energy, you will assist those who have transcended to move quickly into the realms of Love/Light. Beloveds, they do not go to an amorphous place, but to a wondrous world more real than the one in which you reside, where they can live in joy, be of service, learn and experience all the things they have desired, but could not attain on the Earth plane. And, if you so desire, at some future time, you may communicate with them, but you must clear the path for telepathic communication with those who reside in the unseen realms. Many are choosing to leave your planet during these times of great turmoil. Know that they are, or will be, in a place of great joy, where peace and harmony reigns supreme, and they will assist you in many wondrous ways from their heightened state of Being.

You must learn patience and understand that time as you know it is rapidly changing. Build your visions in harmony with Spirit and then know that all will manifest in the proper time. When you align with Spirit, all will manifest with perfect timing and under the right conditions. You must have patience with those around you, and strive to see the best in all people and all things, thereby magnifying the positive energy and repelling the negativity around you. You will rise above the mundane world and return to balance and harmony within. Your radiance will expand exponentially and you will radiate Love/Light from your Solar Power Center. It becomes a natural state of Being and you begin to view the world and events from a higher vantage point -- that of a master. You have experienced many cycles of poverty and wealth, in all areas of expression, which will eventually lead you to the conclusion that true wealth is regaining the wisdom of your soul/higher self, and in reunion with the Creator. The treasure chest which holds your Divine Birthright will open wide as you bring all into harmony once more.

Your sensitivities are increasing and your needs/desires are changing. You are becoming a person of peace and you value your solitude. You will feel uncomfortable and no longer desire to be in social situations of lower vibrations. You must experience aloneness in order to discover who you truly are. You are unique and must learn to act from an intuitive level, not an emotional level. This must start within as you begin to withdraw your energy streams from others, and cut the cords or energy streams that others have attached to you via your solar plexus -- blessing them as they follow their own path and you follow yours. You will be at peace in any situation when your beliefs are based on truth. You will know that you have moved into harmony with Self when you have no reactions of an emotional nature to the seemingly negative events in your life.

You will transcend your astrological influences as you integrate the positive energies of all twelve astrological signs, and during your nightly sojourns, you will visit the Seven Spheres of God-Consciousness to assist you with the integration of the positive energies, all the virtues and attributes of the Seven Rays, thereby balancing and activating all the major and minor chakras within the physical body. The five higher Rays of galactic-consciousness are also being integrated within and are actively transmuting, activating and redefining your DNA, and accelerating the process of building your vessel of Light.

Many of you have begun, or are ready to begin your true mission, whatever that may be, but remember the ultimate goal is to be a conveyor of Love/Light. You must live your truth, as you learn to walk your truth and fly your vision. You must claim and acknowledge every facet of your Being as you strive for harmony and unity consciousness.

Beloveds, we know there will be some pain, discomfort and fear as you move through these accelerated processes, and as all the changes take place in your world. Know that, together, we will overcome all adversity. Our mission is to open the way for any dear soul who expresses a desire to return to harmony. Know that each of you do and will make a difference. Dear ones, when you doubt, need inspiration or strength, come to your Pyramid of Light and we will give you courage, lift you up and inspire you. When you feel lonely or unloved, move into your heart center and we will be waiting there to fill you with the radiant love of all Creation. I AM Archangel Michael.

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