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The Multidimensional Keys of Compassion Overview 

While the Accelerated DNA Recoding Process is the process used to achieve multidimensionality and eventual physical ascension, the Multidimensional Keys of Compassion are the tools we use to get there.  The Accelerated DNA Recoding Process can be likened to the blueprint for a house, but the tools needed to build the house, a hammer, nails, saw, etc., actually make it happen.

Used by higher dimensional civilizations that have attained the integration of the Light and the Dark, The Keys of Compassion are the result of many lifetimes, galactic wars and destroyed worlds spent learning to achieve heart-centered compassion.

The Keys of Compassion are higher dimensional mental/emotional processes that enable us to work our way to a level of non-judgment and then see the lessons and issues in our lives from that perspective.  Some people would call it the “God” level. At this level, we actually experience as well as understand everything that happens to us is of our own choosing.  We take full responsibility for every good and every painful event in our lives.  This level releases us from the helplessness and painful frustration of victim hood.  From this perspective, or point of being, we become free and empowered to create our reality as we choose.

The Keys of Compassion provide the techniques and awareness that move us beyond our 3rd dimensional state of reality. They provide us with techniques to clear every issue, learn every lesson and most importantly, achieve heart-centered ) as opposed to intellectual compassion) compassion for ourselves, and others.

The Formula of Compassion, the 1st Multidimensional Key of Compassion, is the foundation for the remainder of the Keys of Compassion.  Through this key, we are able to see and understand the lesson behind any challenge in our lives.  This includes past issues as well.  The Formula of Compassion enables us to clear and heal old wounds with family members, friends, business associates, the guy who hit our car, the woman who ran over our cat, etc.  It releases us from feeling victimized and experiencing the helpless rage associated with that state of being. Click here for the complete Formula of Compassion

The Compassion Key, the 2nd Multidimensional Key of Compassion provides the higher dimensional technique used for releasing adults and transmuting the anger, shame, guilt and blame associated with events concerning the adults in our past and present lives. It is an excellent tool for releasing childhood abuse issues and issues concerning bosses and other authority figures in our lives.

By taking you into the Interlife, the life between lives, and reliving the time when you created the contracts for lessons involving those individuals, requesting their participation in the contracts, and then seeing the lives that they would have to live to become the kind of person who could visit upon you the abuse needed to reflect back to you the way you abuse yourself, this tool sets you free from continually drawing these abusive situations into your life again and again. The Compassion Key enables you to break the pattern of abusive authority figures in your life.

The Soul/Ego/Self Partnership, 3rd Multidimensional Key of Compassion is an awareness tool that provides you with the understanding of the relationship you once had with your Soul (Higher Self) and Ego (Inner Child) and how that relationship was lost around the time you entered school. It shares how this relationship once functioned in your life and the benefits of that relationship. The Soul/Ego/Self Partnership is critical to achieving ascension because it confirms what many of us suspect—that we can have a relationship with our Soul and our Ego and that this relationship is a normal part of higher dimensional life and the Higher Realms.

The Open Door , 4th Multidimensional Key of Compassion provides the steps to reestablishing and maintaining the Soul/Ego/Self Partnership. With this relationship in tact and functioning we are able to clear any emotional block and quickly move forward towards our goal of ascension.

Gaining the cooperation of our Ego so that it doesn’t block us from integrating our fears and clearing our emotional blocks and creating new behaviors, is essential to ascension.  Without the Ego’s cooperation we are doomed to stay locked in behaviors that hold us back and keep us from achieving our goal of a multidimensional and physical ascension.

With clear, simple information on agreements, the secret of self-empowerment and the longevity of our Soul/Ego/Self Partnership, the Open Door enables us to continually clear the blocks from our path to ascension.

Hold on to Nothing and You’ll Have Everything , 5th Multidimensional Key of Compassion provides the awareness along with steps to release the fears that keep us holding on to people and things in our lives. Because we know that whatever we fear, we bring into our lives, being able to love something without attachment is crucial to healthy relationships and peaceful, happy lives.

Hold on to Nothing, shares many examples of how those fears of loss impact our lives and bring pain to us and those we love.  Hold on to Nothing is essential to achieving multidimensionality and ascension because it provides us with the steps to letting go and allowing our Souls and God to guide us. Only through the path shown to us by our Souls and God will we complete the journey of ascension.

Dancing with the Dark, the 6th Multidimensional Key of Compassion provides the steps and awareness needed to integrate the Dark, the other polarity and our greatest teacher. Dancing with the Dark shows us how to integrate our greatest fears so that we can achieve multidimensionality and our final goal of physical ascension. 

Based on personal experiences with the Dark, Dancing with the Dark is clear, simply written, outrageous, and enlightening. Learn to let go of your fear of our universal teacher, the Dark and reclaim your power in the process.

The Agreements Key, the 7th Multidimensional Key of Compassion provides the tool needed to create safe, enjoyable and satisfying relationships as well as heal the wounds that unbalance existing ones. More than just information about the necessity and benefit of agreements, this booklet is a complete set of instructions on how to construct and implement agreements in any form of relationship, along with the complete reasons for doing so. 

In The Agreements Key, Jonathan and Jelaila take you inside the world of relationships and show you the dynamics of how agreements work and how they empower you.  Chocked full of examples for a variety of relationships from marriage to the worksplace and parenting, this 7th Key will help you change your not only your relationships, but your entire life for the better. 

In service,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council

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