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Warning Disclaimer:
This information is under-stated.  Major stuff will Happen in Your Life!

Get a Session Now and Save Your Body, Mind & Soul much pain, time, work and money. 

We are very Gentle and low key but we carry a Big Light Saber with lots of Light.  ~ 
edi we are.
We may not always be nice, we are  going through our stuff too.

Rev Keth is
not a Florida licensed health care practitioner. He is an
Etheric Surgeon, Knights of the Solar Cross recognized and honored through out the Galactic Federation, but not by backward Medical Systems such as our own.

Jan is a US Licensed Health Care Professional.  MT(ASCP)


We Are Ordained Ministers   GOD / Goddess is our SOURCE and does the Activations & Healing...


DrLight is Officially Licensed #10-46317 to practice in Pasco County Florida and is a Registered Senior Higher Service Dog.
do not perform procedures considered dangerous, such as cutting, puncturing the skin or prescribing or recommending the non-use of prescription drugs.  We do not do anything which could cause an imminent risk of significant harm. We do Not do massage.

We don't do it,
GOD does it All.



I'm Ready ~ for my  Divine Tune-Up

Wake my butt up Now

Healthy Products
Alkaline Water
Air Ionizer / Purifiers


Astrology Reports
 make Great Gifts

Angelic Astrology Readings by Jan


Shegoi Mother of All Plants;  Herpes Health


Aloha !





AYIN REISH YUD:  Doorway to the Creator
 Modern Day Prophecy : LightNews  Index    

Energy Medicine, the Future in Medicine Here Now

Spiritual Awakening Energy Healing & Activation

Energy Healing Sessions

Advanced Ascension

   Light Body Work

Light Worker  Activation, Empowerment and Support

Get a Divine Tune-Up   Distant Spiritual Healing by Phone,
International Alternative Energy / Vibrational Healing for the Whole Family including Pets  Remotely!
Energy Therapy, Karmic Clearing, removing old dark spells, negative influences, patterns, PTSD and entities.


Winged Mercury Medical Energy Healing SymbolAscension,  Alignments,  DNA & LightBody Activations
Soul Medicine, Shamanic Healing, Life Coaching,
Healing Prayers  & Mental Emotional Physical Healing
Be Healthy from the Inside-Out. 
Your Life and Body are a Reflection of your
Consciousness, like a refection in a mirror.  Trying to change your physical
Life/Body is like trying to change the reflection in the mirror without changing
the origin of the reflection.   We help you actually change your Consciousness
thereby changing your Life and Body with No tonic side effects.  Save a bundle
on health care Now.  Be Pain free.  
Free Initial Consultation.
Divine Tune-Up Sessions are by Donation.   Get yours Today  727-842-6788


     Aloha ! 

Master Healers: Jan Carter, Keth Luke and DrLight:  Divine Tune-Up Team
House of Grace   Church of Self
Rev Keth  Dr Light  Jan  Divine Tune-Up Team
Master Healers, Carriers of the Sacred Flames, Divine Master
Key Activators, Oneness Blessing Giver, and Ministers with
Gifts of Holy Grace from GOD / Goddess for You Now. 
In Divine Partnership through Christ and his Friends.

 In the Service of the Divine...


       Facebook Jan Carter   Keth Luke  LinkedIn   DrLight Facebook 
Keth Luke  Twitter      DrLite Twitter  
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BioGenesis Pyamid Healing Energy Generator

GOD's Holy Gift of  Awakening - Healing  through us for you.

Our Mission is:  To Bring more of the Divine into your Life Now.

and to Create 'Heaven on Earth' and Mastery for you In Your Life.
    For the Most Benevolent Outcomes for You in your Life.

Read our Testimonials and see what Movement like this would look like in Your Life Today.


No Nukes or Drugs Alowed Inside!  Irish Humor

Advanced DNA ReCalibration   
& LightBody Activations, Light Code Activation
We help Align you with the Crystalline Grid, New Earth Overlay  Energy and the New Christ Energy of Pi...

It's No "Secret"  We work Remotely with Clients all over the World...
Australia, Africa, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Iraq,
Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Shi Lanka, South America,
Switzerland, USA, United Sates of Consciousness...  ,
Let us Empower You too... where ever you are...  God is everywhere...

Divine Tune-Up Sessions are by Donation.  
Get yours Today  727-842-6788

Merkaba, ASCENSION  ENERGY Healing SymbolFurther your  AwakeningActivation,
Healing , Freedom from Pain &  Ascension Process
Activating Codes of Light in your Body, DNA and it's underlying Energy
Systems.  Transponding the Frequency Keys of Activation and Awakening t
he God/Goddess abilities and parts of you,  Opening you to your Next Level
and the 5th dimension.
Remembering more of who You really are...

Empower, Heal and Activate the  'Master'  in you during these most accelerated times of  Awakening  Change  and Ascension. 

It's Time!  Remember your full Potential Christ Self - "Home is Where the Sacred Heart Is"
Deepen Your Mastery, Ascension and connection to
your Abilities, Divinity, HigherSelf, Truth, Health, Vitality, Wellness and Peace.   Now!

or 1-213-DrLight   Read and print our Brochure  and  Business Card  .pdf files.

GOD Source "All That Is"  is  Source of our Awakening-Healing Prayer Work.




We can usually Schedule you right away for your Tune-Up or Reading.

Healing Flame of the Holy SpiritGet a Divine Tune-Up: 
Advanced Awakening
Remote Energy Healing & Empowerment
Heal  Mental, Physical and Emotional Dis-ease
Deepen Inner  Knowing, Ascension, Peace, Power and Abilities... 
Be Free of addictions, pain, PTSD, old patterns implants and blocks... 
Be "Born Again" into Higher Consciousness...    Advanced Activations, Healing
and InSight with Your Transformative Process..  all by Phone...  
Get Direction, Coaching and Guidance through unique Sacred Heart Intuitive and Soul Based Angelic Astrology.

Come Ascend Home to GOD Source Now.   Accept your Gifts from God Now. 
We have available the Frequencies
of Healing (More than you can get from any machine) that can facilitate your Healing, Wholeness and Alignment
with the 5th Dimension.  You have been guided here or you would not be reading this page now...

Also Receive the Awakening
Oneness Deeksha Blessings through us in person or remotely all over the World to quiet your mind.

  Free Initial Consultation ~ Call now  1-727-842-6788  or  1-252-DrLight vm   
Our Divine Tune-Up Sessions are by Donation...

Remembering / Healing  from the Sacred Heart   for People and Pets   by Phone.

Visit our Divine Healing Tool Box :  For all the Awakening-Healing Modalities we Use

Keth Luke Divine Tiune-Up Energy Healing SessionCutting Edge Multi-Dimensional DNA / LightBody Activations,
Pain Relief  and  Distant Healing:

: the Holy Spirit, Grace, Christ, Prayer, Faith Healing, Sacred Fire,
Adamantine System, Quantum TouchDNA Activation, LightBody Activation, EFT, 
Etheric Surgery, Implant Removal, Spell Removal, Karmic Clearing,
Therapy, Awakened Oneness Blessing, Chakra Healing, Brain Repatterning, 
 Soul Retrieval,  Angelic Healing,  Exodus, Huna,  Quantum Scalar Wave Laser,
Belvaspata, BioGenesis Crystals, EMF, Mind-Body Medicine, Sound Healing, Light TherapySeichimShamballa, High-Test Reiki Healing, Whale & Dolphin Energy Healing, Magnetic Field Therapy, Chakra Healing, Meridian Balance, Aura Cleanse, Sexual Healing, Tantric Acupressure, Matrix and Soul BodyWork., Vibrational Medicine, Soul Medicine, Access Consciousness Bars, Sound Light Healing, Deeksha Blessings, PTSD Therapy... plus many more.  
Become the
Being you were meant to Be, Life Coaching. Akashic Record Abilities and Access, Light Code Activation, DNA Re-Calibration .

A whole Divine Team of Master Healers
for the price of ONE...

LightBody Work, Energy Integration for Veterans, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Indigo's and Walk-Ins. 

Medical Intuitive Sessions available too.
highly experienced Etheric Surgical Staff is the Best!  

You Tube Videos on Remote / Distant Energy Healing like we do for you.

Basics of Spiritual Energy Healing Techniques The Theory of Disease  long talk

Energy Healing Methods, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Prayer Healing   Study
The Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing    Quite Intense Energizing  Audio / Visual Experience  
not peaceful


Angelic Astrology  
 For the Time's of your Life.   Spiritual Astrology HealingAstrolabe Astrology  Tools

Professional Angelic Astrologer and Healer Jan Carter MT(ASCP)Astrology Readings 
by Angel  Jan Carter  
MT(ASCP)  and 
English Soul Astrologer  Margret Koolman  from London
Like the Wise Men you too can follow God's own Star Map to your Christ like Consciousness.  
Angelic Astrology Guidance into the inner workings of your Life, Relationships and it's Gifts and Cycles  by professional  Angelic Astrologer  Jan Carter.

All about You...  and your Relationships...
Amazing  Personnel  Astrological Reports

Insightful Inexpensive emailed  Horoscopes, Astrology Charts, Reports:  Basic You,  What's going on now, Relationship, Kids, your Life's cycles, we will email them to you, get insight and read all about yourself and friends.

 Healing Astrology Guidance from the Sacred HeartGet
Angelic Soul Astrology Guidance
For the Times of your Life.
Follow God's Star Map to your  inner Christ.  Divine Guidance and Insight
into your Life, Gifts and Relationships...       Get your Horoscope,  Astrology Reading 
by  Angel  Jan Carter  or  Margret Koolman  from  London UK

Wise Men follow the Stars.  The Bible says So  and  You Can To...





For  Session
Donations     to pay for your Sessions 


BioGenesis Healing Crystal Wand
We will help you Bust through Illusions that have kept you stuck.
  Accept your Gifts from GOD Now.   "Knowledge / Wisdom overlaid with Love/Compassion and focused Intent/Action Creates the Power that holds the Keys to the universal storehouse of un-manifested potential, potential that is just waiting for you to mold it and create anything you can envision...   Light, Sound and Color are the Modalities of Healing, expanding and the integration of your Multi-Dimensional Selves"   Archangel Michael



DrLight2, Higher Service Dog



 Pet Healing    Safe, Effective and Save Money too

< DrLight2; Animal Healer, Therapy Dog, Higher Service Dog, Elder





Distant  Pet  Healing 
     Animal  Divine Tune-Up's

   Locally and Remotely by Phone
Get Behavioral and Healthy non-toxic Healthcare for your Pet. 
Do your Pet a favor and Save on your Pet Health Care Costs,
Call us first.    Healthy Healing and Reincarnation for your Pet.

 Pet and Animal Portraiture  
DrLight, Animal Healer & Higher Service Dog


We EnLiven Animals and
Pets all over the World
Free Consultation     1-727-842-6788






Live Healthy:  Air & Water


Caduseus Healing Medical Symbol
Athena, Water Alkalizer / IonizerHealthy  

Support your Health with the Pure Basics: 
your  Air 
and  Water
Minerals, Nutrition and Herbs. 
God~Goddess gave us all we need to be Healthy.   "
We offer You the Best we have found:

Jupiter   ~  Water Alkalizer / Ionizers   
Want the very Best value and most popular Ionizers in the World?    Drink your Anti-Oxidants.
Air Oasis  ~ Air Ionizer / Purifiers   Effective for mold, pets, kids, asthma American Made High Tech

Shegoi  / LarreaRx ~   Mother of All Healing Plants     Arthritis, Skin,  Herpes Health  and  Much More

Miracle Krystal Salt   ~   Life Giving Ionic Minerals and Healthy Salt

Young Living Essential Oils  ~ Potent Essential Oils, Herbal and Nutritional Products.

Systemic Enzyme Therapy  ~ A powerful body wide biocatalyst for healing, anti aging and health. 
Natural Anti-Inflammatory, Blood Cleansing, Anti Fibrosis, Immune System Modulating, Virus Fighting





   Prophecy  for ToDay


Energy: Alerts and Weather       The Good God News    Be the Change...  Our Journey Home...

 Free Prophecy for these End Times...  Remember,  Keep the Higher View,   Empower your Knowing and follow your Heart !    Big Time Changes are Afoot...  Question what you hear on the TV and Read in the News ...  What is Really True ?  WTF is Really Going On?   See the Bigger picture...


Light House picture by Keth  
Prophecy for Today  

"  What in Heaven is Going On?"
Your Spiritual CNN



Internet Ascension eOracle Index    Tomorrows Headlines Today!   A Path to Your Own Inner Guidance,  Ascension and knowing a Higher World View...

"It is Crucial that You understand how Essential You Are and that Time is of the Essence.    Know that this is the Most Important Lifetime You will ever experience on planet Earth and that your active participation is Vital to the Successful outcome of the Plan."
    Archangel Michael


Stepping Into the New Reality  NOW

Wade through the many questions and answers of Stepping Into the New Reality. Find out about staying in alignment with the new energies and staying safe, secure, and in the flow during the major fall of planetary transition.

Regularly updated messages to assist you in your Earth Angel / Light Worker Role, what you may be feeling and why, your roadmap and how it relates to the current energies, and how to stay sane and connected to your own special role ….

Stepping into your Soul shoes!

Find out how to connect to your Soul purpose and step into your Soul shoes…a vital first step in evolving into a conscious Earth Angel.





  PhotoGraphy  By Keth Luke


SoundLight  Transformational PhotoGraphy  
by  Keth Luke   Master of Light   and  Jan Carter

Tampa Bay PhotoGraphy Services  from the Heart:  People & Pet Natural Portraits, Model Portfolios, Special Events PhotoGraphy, Boudoir, Glamour, Promotions, Advertising, Travel, Business, Musicians, Dance, Sports, Talent, Families, Weddings, Brochures, Horses, Nudes and the internet.  With more than 25 years of Professional PhotoGraphic Experience to Serve You... we will create Empowering Images for You...  In the Tampa Bay Florida Area, Louisville KY, Detroit and SE Michigan.    1-727-842-6788

Our Special Events Galleries   See the latest Events at

Tampa Bay, FL   Pet Portraits, Model Portfolio, Portrait, Wedding Photography

Louisville, KY   Pet, Portrait, Special Events and Wedding Photography






   Contact our Team


      Take the Dual out of your Duality

       Get a Divine Tune-Up  or  Angelic Astrology Reading   Now anywhere in the World
             Sometime Immediate Sessions are Available

Dance with Us  and  Come Home... Now

  From Tampa Bay one of the Lightning Capitals of the World...   Let's Plug you In... to your Higher  SOURCE  Power...   Now .    
Atlantis and Lemurian Powered by the Largest Planetary Vortex off our doorstep here in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jan Carter and Keth Luke Dancing for your Health and Wealth.Energy Medicine  Practitioners

Jan Carter
 Medical Technologist MT(ASCP), Angelic Astrologer, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Minister
Keth Luke
   D.D.  Master of Light,
Etheric Surgeon, Reiki Master Healer, Adamantine Master, SoundLight Healer, Health Coach,  Minister
DrLight2   Higher Service Dog, Therapy Dog, Surfi, Animal Healer, Reiki Master Healer,  Florida Licensed

   House of Grace      Awakening~Healing  Sanctuary
 5438 Tennessee Ave,   New Port Richey, FL 34652

 NW Tampa Bay area  on the  Gulf of Mexico  
Light for you from us in Florida the Sunshine State

  In the Service of the Divine...


Call us at   1-727-842-6788    1-252-DrLight  vm   (1-252-375-4448)

       Cell  1-727-835-8550  (Emergencies and while we're Traveling)

DrLight2, Higher Service Dog puppy, Healer
Our Skype id: 
email us to connect.

We can talk to you anywhere in the World free with Skype over the Internet.   
See for info and free download.  
Best to email us first as we are not on Skype allot.

In Divine Partnership through Christ and his friends.

<DrLight2: Higher Service, Therapy Dog, Love Dog, Puppy

World Time Clock to convert the time;

Call and Get your Session now
Sessions  by Phone
,  In person  and  Free Consultation


Awaken to your Full Potential  Light Being:    Remember who You Are !

Let Your Inner Victim Die an Easy Death !     See through the Illusions you Created.

Take the Duel out of Duality   ~   Move from Victim to Creator   ~   Dance with your  Divine !



DrLight and Our Divine Tune-Up Team     Remote Distant Healing

A  Divine Tune-Up  includes...All of the appropriate multi-dimensional multitude of Healing Modalities, you don't have to figure out which ones... What ever ones are needed will be included in your Divine Tune-Up Session!  God/Goddess does the Work...

Christ, our Healing partner, empowerer and example

DrLight, Senior Higher Service DogGodess Hathor with Love,  from Egypt

Dolphin  Energy Healing Parners and Divine Tune-Up Team Members



Divine Tune-Up Team, college


In Divine Partnership through Christ and his Friends.

We are generally available for Sessions from 8:30 am till Midnight  Eastern US Time.  
To check Time Zones
, visit:  or

 For Information & Remote Healing Sessions    

  Astrology, Horoscopes & Readings      Astro Jan @ Awakening - Healing. com 

  LightNews Letter:  Keth @ Awakening - Healing. com   Subject: Your Question






House of Grace  Green Cross of Light House of Grace ~ Holistic Healing Sanctuary,  Church of Self,  
  Patron Saint Luke    
In Divine Partnership through Christ and his friends.


ONEness   is All There Is

All are One, All Paths lead to God/Goddess
The House of Grace
is in Sunny New Port Richey
FL 34652, North Tampa Bay area, along Florida's upper nature Gulf Coast, in the United States of Consciousness,

On the sunny banks of the Pithlachascotee River, only a mile from the Ocean.  Here we have a close and direct connection to our Planet's  largest and most powerful Vortex  close by in the Gulf of Mexico.  We moved here from our Healing Sanctuary in Maui Hawaii and also connect with the Four Directions,  our Mother Maui's Healing Lemurian Heart and  Goddess Pele Energy,  as well as our ancient Peru friends Pachamama and Wiracocha (Earth Mother / Father God/Goddess).


  In Lakech 

- I Am Another Yourself,






Wisdom of the Ages


Astrology Illustration, Planets of the Solar System

ise Men follow the Stars".    The Bible





Say "No" to Drugs        (Not so) Common Sense,  the Government



A large part of Christ's Mission was Healing,  we follow in his footsteps...
GOD will heal us and restore us"
  Malachi 4:2,

"Ye are the lights of the world... Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."    Matthew 5:14   
"Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me,  the works that I do shall he do also; and Greater Works than these Shall He Do;   John 14:12,   Jesus the Christ


We work in Divine Partnership through Christ and his friends.




Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only Light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only Love can do that.  Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness,  in a descending spiral of destruction.   The chain reaction of evil must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.     Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.




SRI BHAGAVAN, Receive a Oneness Deeksha BlessingSri AmmaBhagavan Says....

"Letting go of the need to surrender.
Letting go of the forgiveness.
Letting go of the acceptance.
Letting go of the love.

To let go again requires Grace
Let us begin this New Year by seeking Grace to let go."





Dr Wayne Dyer, autor speaker,  photo by Keth Luke

You Only Think You Have a Problem. 
- Dr Wayne Dyer

Photo by Keth



Marianne Williamson, teacher, author, speaker, minister of Keth's

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us."  
   Marianne Williamson,     Marianne was one of Keth's Ministers  at  Renaissance Unity...






What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters to what lies Within us.    - Ralph Waldo Emerson



Thomas Edison, inventor
"The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
    All " Thomas Edison

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

I am proud of the fact that I never invented weapons to kill.

I know this world is ruled by infinite intelligence. Everything that surrounds us- everything that exists - proves that there are infinite laws behind it. There can be no denying this fact. It is mathematical in its precision.

Religion is all bunk.

Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Your worth consists in what you are and not in what you have.

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.           All " Thomas Edison




Dalai Lama, Spiritual Teacher, Leader
"My simple practice is to Love and Respect others and to be Honest."
~ H. H. The 14th Dalai Lama

"The period of greatest gain in Knowledge and Experience is the most difficult period in one's life."
H. H. The 14th Dalai Lama

"A person of Conviction is not always well received,  be a person of Conviction anyway.   A Saint (person of conviction) looks like a mad man in a crazy world;  be a person of Conviction."
   - H. H. The 14th Dalai Lama





Mother Teresa,  wonderful Spiritual Leader and example


I know God promises not to give me more than I can handle.  I just wish he didn't trust me so much. -  Mother Teresa

God does not ask your Ability..........only your Availability.




The Moment of Quantum Awakening     
Ken Carey   
 Great time of Awakening Article.







Awakening, Empowerment and Wellness for the Whole Family

Energy Merkabah Ascension Symbol of Awakening
Come Home...


 with a  Divine Tune-Up

      Remote Distant Healing

   Energy Medicine


    DNA Activation - Remote Spiritual Energy Healing - Spiritual Astrology Healing -
LightBody Activation   Certified Spiritual Healing - Distant Spiritual Healing\
 Pain Relief  Personnel Astrology Reports & Horoscopes  Astrology Readings  Soul Medicine

Aura Cleanse and Balance, Chakra Healing, Meridian Balance, Become a Money Magnet







Moon Symbol of the Goddess

Our Site Key Words, Offerings  and  Healing Techniques
Spiritual Awakening & Ascension, Life Empowerment, Certified Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Astrology Readings, Remote Reiki Energy Healing, Prophecy, ChannelingDistant Energy Healing, Prophecy Today, Multidimensional Spiritual Healing, DNA Advancement, Adamantine System,  Sound Light Healing, Art PhotoGraphy, Distance Healing, Alternative Health Wellness, Energy Healer,  Spiritual Energy Work, Distant Animal Healing, Remote Pet Healing, Dog Healing, Alternative Vibrational Healing, DNA Activation, LightBody Activation Work, Astrology Horoscope Readings, Light Worker Activation, Lightworker Empowerment and Support,  Wellness Center, Spiritual Insight, Astrology Direction Insight, Energy Healing by Phone, Readings by Phone, Computer Doctor, Air Purifier Ionizer, Pure Ionized Air, Etheric Surgeon, Spiritual Relationship Astrology Reports, Soul Astrology, Angelic Astrology Guidance, Modern Day Prophecy, Ascension Assistance, Secret Law of Attraction,
Quantum Healing, Faith Healing, Prayer Healing, Pain Relief, Soul Medicine, Energy Therapy, Emotional Release, Cellular Memory Release, Brain Repatterning, Harmony, Health Coaching, Freedom from Addictions, Spirit Release, Spell Removal, Prosperity Enhancement, Soul Retrieval.  Wholistic Health, Energy Medicine, Soul Medicine, Vibrational Medicine, Vibrational Healing, PTSD Therapy, Shamanic Healing,
Transformational PhotoGraphy, Tampa Bay Wedding Photography, Tampa Bay Model Portfolio PhotoGraphy, 
Become a Money Magnet...

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    For Sessions or information contact us at:  1-727-842-6788  9AM till Midnight  Eastern US time.

    Energy Exchange     Pay for Sessions, Services and Products Here                                  

Contributions and Credit Card Payments are Welcomed through PayPal or by Phone 1-727-842-6788,   Paypal is a secure way to handle credit card payments.   Skype: drlight  Free calls Worldwide, even Video Calls, email us so we can be on when you want to talk ( to download the Skype communication software)..  (Click to "Make a Donation" button below to pay for our Products and Services).

Light for you from us in  Florida  the Sunshine State


 For our Services,  Healthy Products: Special Pricing,  LightNews Contributions  and  Love Offerings.  Thank you!   We Love and Bless You  Also Please contribute to our Traveling House of Grace Church Motor Home Fund...and our Sacred Land Trust to save our  Sacred Natural Lands... We are asking for the Contribution for or of a reliable, quality Traveling Motor Home for our Church, home and office:   good for secure long distance travel... prefer a newer efficient Diesel, 34-40' with lots of storage, for long distance economy and reliability (i.e. Revolution, American Dream or Tradition, Country Coach, Mountain Aire,..   

Today is a day of Celebration.   Your Generosity has become your Abundance, for in Giving Love you have Received Love. 

No Refunds,   Please only get our work if you are truly Committed to receiving it and Empowering your Life and Health...

Say "No" to Drugs


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Mayan 13-Moon Calendar Tool   Find the 13-Moon day for any regular calendar day.


 Disclaimer: We are Not Florida licensed health care practitioners.  We Are Ordained Ministers and Certified Spiritual Healers...   God /Goddess is our Source and does the Healing!    Jan Carter MT(ASCP)  is a Nationally Certified Health Care Professional,  Medical Technologist  MT(ASCP).   The House of Grace does not train people to obtain any health care licenses.  We help them Awaken and Be Healthy.  The House of Grace does not recommend that its practitioners or Any other Practioners perform procedures considered dangerous.  The House of Grace does not recommend that its practitioners suggest or discourage the use of prescription drugs or supplements.   The House of Grace philosophy and practices are not meant to replace professional medical care and/or medication...  The House of Grace is not a nonprofit.  We are a Catalyst for people to Remember who they are, Be Empowered and come into Harmony with all Life.   


DrLight2   Higher Service Dog  , making faceRefunds / Non-Payments

There are No Refunds given. Please only get our work if you are truly Committed to receiving it and Empowering your Life and Health...

 You are paying for your commitment to have your Intensions and our time spent with you before, during your Sessions and in the Many Sessions we include you in after and in-between your package Sessions.   GOD/Goddess does the Healing...  

PRODUCT REFUNDS:  Only given for Returned unused, unopened Products.  There is a 15% return fee as well as whatever the credit card fees and other shipping and associated fees, are all subtracted from any money refunded.   Used or opened products are Not returnable.

Note:  If Sessions are not paid for as promised or the money is returned the Session Energy and Results will be Re-scinded, Voided and Removed.   As well, you may incur Karmic Results you bring to yourself with your own Out Integrity, which has nothing to do with us.    All the work is really between God/Goddess and You...




"The Lamb and the Lion" Jesus Painting by Artist Glenda Green


In Divine Partnership through Christ and his friends.

       We are in the Service of the Divine...






Genesis BoiAmplifier


Wand of Genesis

       Our Blessings and Prayers to You      

      This is the day that God has made and it is Good